Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapter c1

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 龙女夜白
Chapter 1 - Overbearing Female President (1)
The vicious female is in a jail, and the male and female protagonist's love will find a way. They kissed fiercely ...(TN: love will find a way means people who are in love will overcome any obstacles in order to be together.)Tao Ran exited the Jinjiang interface. The ending made her panic. As a veteran reader, Tao Ran can be said to have read countless books. From the year she graduated from elementary school, she began to read Mary Sue novels. Later, she was addicted to X point writing and couldn't extricate herself, then to the pure love novel. It is not modest to say that as long as it is a Chinese novel, there is no type that she has not seen.Years later, she joined the work, and her preferences returned to that year's Mary Sue novels. It is said that there is a reincarnation, and she doesn't feel interested. However, a cycle has passed, and the content of the novel is still the original taste.The male lead always regards the perfect female partner as nothing, and he blindly chases the female lead with various shortcomings. Tao Ran actually has no opinion on this, after all, 'one's man meat is another man's poison'. But why is the beauty and charm of the heavenly proud women not impossible for the male lead?(TN: 'one's man meat is another man's poison' means everyone has their own preferences)

For example, in this novel, the female partner is a beauty with all the money and status, but just because she saw the male lead in the crowd, she love him so much that she couldn't help herself. Later, the male lead fell in love with the little white female lead, and the female partner tried every means to persecute the female lead, and finally successfully tossed herself into prison.(TN: just assume the female partner as villainess or something)It is a matter of course to go to jail for breaking the law. What Tao Ran does not understand is why is it necessary for a female partner to have a male lead? According to her condition, there is no high-quality man, but she hanged herself on the male lead's tree. Well, even if you want to fight over the male lead with the female lead, go seduce him. They don't just start with the male lead but persecuted the female lead in every way, and didn't know what went into their minds.Tao Ran couldn't understand this kind of thinking. She said that if she was the female partner, no matter how good the male lead was, she will ignore him."Tao Ran, let's go to eat together."A colleague pulled Tao Ran out of her inner world. Tao Ran saw that he was off work. She smiled: "Let's go another day, I want to rest early today.""Well, see you tomorrow." The colleague walked away in high heels.Life is so bland, Tao Ran was going to turn off the computer and go home. The phone rang suddenly, and she took it out and saw a few green letters on the screen."Do you want to understand the meaning of life, do you want to be alive?"At that moment, Tao Ran felt indescribable, and then she clicked No without hesitation. The screen turned on again as soon as it went dark, still a few big green letters."Want to change the fate of the vicious female partner?"Tao Ran's mood became more complicated. Sure enough, there are more opportunities for people who read novels, and more opportunities for people who read genuine novels. She was a little excited, and then she clicked No, and the screen went dark again.Young people in today's society are too impulsive. A calm woman like herself should be extinct, right?"Oh."The screen lit up again, Tao Ran looked at the gloomy green letters on it, and thought that the virus had been persistent this year."Don't you really think about it?"Tao Ran didn't think about it and didn't press No. She pressed the shutdown button directly. Then her eyes went dark, and she lost consciousness.After waking up, she was bound by a system called Xiaomei. Xiaomei's appearance is a panda with a leaf above her head. It tells Tao Ran with her cute voice that her task is to save the vicious female partner and protect the lives and property of the people."Congratulations, you became the selected person. Are you ready? We are going to start.""Wait." Tao Ran said: "I want to know why did you bind me, when your system is binding the host don't you need the consent of the host? "The little eyes in Panda's dark circles blinked a few times, and innocently said," You agreed. "" I don't. "Tao Ran stretched out a finger and said,"The first sentence appeared on the phone, and I pressed No. Then the second sentence appeared, and I still pressed No. Then the third question I directly shutdown, and I never agreed from beginning to end. "" No, You agreed. "Panda Xiaomei hugged her plump body and said," Our procedure is that shutting down means agreeing by default. "" ... ""A robber, a robber system!" Tao Ran rushed over to pull the panda's fur. "I'm going home. I just paid the down payment. The house hasn't been renovated yet ..."Panda Xiaomei said helplessly: "I'm a system, not a real panda, what's the use of pulling my fur? Everyone is an adult, what can't you calm down and sit down and talk together? I am your system, I will try to help you as much as possible "Tao Ran let go of Xiaomei's fur and sat in front of it. " I want to go home. "" You can go home, but not now. "Panda Xiaomei took out a stack of thick paper out of nowhere, turned over: "Since you have agreed to the system's invitation, that is, signed a contract with the system. If you do not complete the task, it is a breach of contract, and the penalty is very expensive."Tao Ran thought for a while, and asked, "How much is it? "Panda Xiaomei turned the stack of paper to the last page and showed it to Tao Ran." The penalty is 99999999998. Does the host choose to pay? "" ... "" Why not just an integer, since they can afford so much money, is it two dollars behind? It simply terms of the despot, you lied to me to sign such an unequal treaty without my knowledge...... "Tao Ran is still frantic, panda Xiaomei said:" If you have completed all the tasks, the system will deposit the same amount of RMB into your real account... "" Okay. "Tao Ran kindly grasped the panda Xiaomei's paw, " What do you want me to do, though, to reform the vicious female partner to protect the lives and property of the people, right? No problem at all, let's go. "As a well-informed system, Xiaomei, this was the first time she met such a brazen person."Okay, let's go."A snowflake shape appeared in front of Tao Ran's eyes, and the sound of electric current was all over her ears. She has already thought about it. After she becomes a vicious female partner, she will not look at the male lead anymore. She wants to live happily as a vicious female partner.The snowflake in front disappeared, and Tao Ran gradually saw the scene in front of her. At the moment she was in a small space, surrounded by walls, her butt was sitting on a ring, precisely saying, she was in the toilet.She put on her pants and opened the door, and a man appeared in front of her.This man looks handsome, but is not the type Tao Ran likes, so she calmly said, "Sir, this is a women's toilet, what are you doing here?"The man stared at Tao Ran for a few seconds and scolded her. Then he pushed the door into the toilet. Tao Rang looked disgusted and said: "Who is this? Breaking into a women's toilet in the right and self-confident?" (TN: it means bold and confident with justice on one's side)

"Uh, host your dear Xiaomei reminds you, it is better to accept the memory of the original owner first."So Tao Ran began to accept the memory of the original owner, this one is ridiculous. What is the reason? Because this is really a men's toilet.Tao Ran's world is the world of her last novel. The male lead in this novel is Bai Shaohui, the female lead is Cui Xiao, and the vicious female partner is Long Qiu who is the CEO of Xinghui Entertainment, the country's largest entertainment company.Long Qiu met Bai Shaohui at a banquet and fell in love with him at first sight. But Bai Shaohui fell in love with Cui Xiao, a female artist from Xinghui Entertainment, and also invested a lot of money in Xinghui in order to win Cui Xiao. Long Qiu was jealous of resentment and asked the company's male artist Tao Ran to seduce Cui Xiao. As a result, Tao Ran really fell in love with Cui Xiao. In order to protect Cui Xiao from the anger of Long Qiu, he was pushed down and killed by Long Qiu, then Long Qiu ended up in jail.Unlike Tao Ran's imagination, instead of crossing into the vicious female partner Long Qiu, she was a cannon fodder named Tao Ran."System." Tao Ran looked at the good-looking young man in the mirror, and almost cried, "I don't want to be a man.""The host is strong, you are the best. Think of that 99999999998, you can do what you can. "Tao Ran leaned on the wall and sighed," Okay, I'll try my best. But you have to tell me, how can I influence Long Qiu as a cannon fodder? ""It's like this. The vicious female partners are only blackened because they fall in love with the male lead, so in theory, as long as they don't like the male lead anymore, they won't be blackened.""I see." Tao Ran made up her mind. She opened the faucet and washed her face, telling herself that she must hold on, all for money."Wow ..." There was the sound of toilet flushing. That man before came out and looked at Tao Ran who was washing his face, his expression was a little subtle: "Are you here for Xinghui's interview?"Tao Ran turned around, revealing the smile he thought was the most handsome "Yes, you too?""Yes." The person said: "You ... washed all the makeup on your face, are you going to the interview without makeup?""..." Tao Ran maintained this smile, "Yes, I think I'm so handsome already, and it means a littleto make up. It's not fair to other interviewers.""..."Yes, today is the day Tao Ran came to Xinghui's interview, after that, he successfully signed Xinghui with excellent acting skills and appearance. Then he was optimistic about Long Qiu, and his first act was to produce the male number one. Female No. 1 is Cui Xiao. Tao Ran's real task is to seduce Cui Xiao to destroy her and Bai Shaohui's relationship.Outside the interview hall, handsome men and beautiful women lined up, everyone was well-dressed and exquisitely dressed. People like Tao Ran who are so beautiful and whose hairruined because of water are really special. As soon as he appeared, he attracted the attention of many people.

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