This Evil One Is From the Immortal Realm Chapter c64

Publisher: readnovel Authors: 小酱包
Chapter 64 Quiet little tail
Back in his own room, Ye Xuan Chen rubbed his hair in irritation. Finished. He didn’t leave a good impression but instead, made Ling Tian hate him! (╥_╥)

But seriously….

Seeing Ling Tian’s flustered appearance, Ye Xuan Chen really wanted to laugh, but at the thought of Ling Tian’s murderous eyes, he couldn’t laugh…

So at this time, Ye Xuan Chen felt two kinds of complex moods interweaving in his heart, just like a fried dough twist, twisting into a ball.

After Ling Tian took a shower, he threw his clothes into the trash can, went to the dining table again and picked the milk and sandwich Ye Xuan Chen had bitten into, ready to throw it into the bin.

Thinking of Ye Xuan Chen’s expression of ‘eating sh**’ just now, Ling Tian frowned. Was it really hard to eat?

So thinking this way, Ling Tian took the knife at the side, cut a small piece of sandwich that Ye Xuan Chen hadn’t touched and put it in his mouth…

It tasted good and didn’t have the unpleasant taste he had imagined.

Ling Tian suddenly thought of something, his face turning black and without any hesitation, threw the plate and sandwich together into the trash.


So his purpose of getting close to him, was to play with him?

Ye Xuan Chen, lay on the sofa all morning like a dead fish and just when he was about to fall asleep in confusion, the doorbell rang.

Ye Xuan Chen jumped up from the sofa like a carp, rushing to open the door with several sword like steps. When he saw the housekeeper holding insulated lunch boxes at the door, Ye Xuan Chen frowned with disappointment: ” Why are you here?”

As he spoke, he looked at the closed door of the apartment beside his.

“Young master, have you had lunch yet?” The housekeeper asked.

Ye Xuan Chen touched his nose and shook his head: “No.”

The housekeeper had an expression that said I knew it. He went to the table, opened the two insulated lunch boxes and said to Ye Xuan Chen: “Young master, I called, but your phone seemed to have been turned off. I was worried you hadn’t eaten, so I brought this for you.”

As he was talking, he set the table.

Ye Xuan Chen didn’t have breakfast in the morning, so he was a bit hungry at the moment. He sat down, took the chopsticks in the housekeeper’s hand and started to eat.


This feeling of hunger, he had really not felt it for a long time. Previously in the Immortal Realm, although they also had to eat, most of the food there contained great spiritual power. They didn’t eat due to hunger, but for cultivation.

But now, although he had successfully attracted spiritual energy into his body, it was still a long way from the threshold of cultivation, which was also far from the level of abstaining from food, so if he didn’t eat, the feeling of hunger in his belly would be enough to summon clouds and produce rain…

The housekeeper persuaded Ye Xuan Chen again to come home, but Ye Xuan Chen was determined. In the end, he had no choice but to check the apartment again to see what was missing. He wrote them down one by one and called people over quickly to purchase them.

The next day, Ye Xuan Chen still shamelessly followed behind Ling Tian for the morning run, but this time, Ling Tian ignored him completely, not even sparing him an extra squint.

Ye Xuan Chen had already prepared for this. He didn’t talk to Ling Tian from time to time like he had done yesterday, choosing to be a quiet little tail.


When Ye Xuan Chen arrived for morning class, he met Nie Xiao Jiu.

It was still early, and except for them in the classroom, there was the one recognized nerd in their class who had immersed himself in learning.

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