The Villain’s Contract Lover Chapter c37

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 萌堂
The Villain's Contract Lover - Ch 037
Title: The Villain's Contract LoverTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 37 - An Abrupt Turn of Event (Both her and her fox belong to me.) (2)

In addition, Chang XiaoYa reposted this article with her real account, adding below that, Adopting this type of method in order to gain popularity is unacceptable. As actors, we should lead by example and boycott against behaviors like that.

As such, what was the matter of just Jiang YueXians fans had become a pressing matter for all actors/actresses. Those who looked down on Xu WanZhi and those who wanted to leech off of Jiang YueXians popularity all started to repost Chang XiaoYas post.

[XiaoYa is right. We should boycott behaviors like that.]

[I back XiaoYa as well. We want to improve the work environment of the entertainment circle.]

[I hope everybody can speak through their work and redirect their effort spent on marketing to acting.]

Other than these obvious attacks, there was no shortage of fake white lotuses who wrote in Weibo: [Wasnt JiangJiang looking for the little foxy lately? Perhaps Xu WanZhi knows something about it. We should hold off attacking her just yet.]

The wordings made it sound like she was standing up for Xu WanZhi, but the subtext was that Xu WanZhi was wheeling Jiang YueXian in with matters regarding the fox. As such, the atmosphere in the comment area got even worse:

[Xu WanZhi must have lured Jiang YueXian into the car using his weakness for the fox.]

[JiangJiang couldnt avoid her fast enough. The reason that he hadnt had his bodyguard throw her out of the car must be because she had told him she knew something about the fox!]

[That Xu WanZhi is so despicable. You better watch your steps!]

[OMG. There really is no limit to her shamelessness, is there? She never fails to surprise me with how low she could stoop.]

[Cant she go scam someone else instead? What did she have against JiangJiang? Why was she targeting him all the time?]

The filming hasnt started yet. Xu WanZhi, sitting in the break area, calmly looked away from all sorts of abusive languages toward her.

Inside the studio, all of the other actors and the crew members looked at her differently than before. Some of them even stood around in groups of twos and threes, whispering to each other, only to pretend nothing was going on and looked at their scripts when Xu WanZhi looked over at them.

All the effort that she had put into Blossoming Us seemed to have been undone.

Xu WanZhi didnt care. She snickered softly and focused on her own work.

Not too far away, Chang XiaoYa had just finished talking with the props team and walked over with her head held up high.

It has been hot and dry as of late and nobody was in their best of temperament. I just wanted to express my thoughts on Weibo and didnt expect the fans to misunderstood my meaning, thus leading to all those horrible comments about you and making you the target of them all. Just dont pay too much attention to them, okay, WanZhi?

Her voice was neither too loud nor too soft. Just enough for everyone at the studio to hear. All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the studio became peculiar all over again everybody reflexively looked over at them, hoping for first hand melon-eating.

Xu WanZhi merely smiled a little and sat up straight in her chair. She retorted, XiaoYa, just for the sake of making your point, youve been following me around with your phone day and night. You are a good actress, but you chose to do the work of a paparazzi. If that didnt bother you, why should I let it bother me?

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