The Villainess Female Supporting Character Raising Her Bun Chapter c35

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 霸蛋总裁
Villainess FSC Raising Her Bun - Ch 035
Title: The Villainess Female Supporting Character Raising Her BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 35 - Starting School (2)

Walking out of the street, Chen Nian raised his selfie stick and smiled at the camera. It looks like our trip today for tasty food is not going very well. The booth owner was not here yet. I will look for a place to have a seat first.

Chen Nian went over to a milk tea shop nearby and ordered a fruit tea. Hed look over to the booth every once so often. He waited all the way until past 9 PM, but the booth at the end of the corner never opened up.

Finishing the last sip of his drink, Chen Nian resigned and said, It looked like that man didnt lie to me after all. The barbeque booth was really out of business.


Was Cheng Huan really out of business? Of course not.

She just took the day off.

Partly because she had been working too hard lately being gone all the time; partly because XingXing was starting kindergarten.

This world was slightly different from Chi Yings previous one. For example, the school district went by where you live, but it didnt matter whether you own or rent. Either way you could attend the schools nearby.

This was the reason that Cheng Huan had picked this area. Schools from kindergarten to senior high school in this area were all pretty outstanding!

XingXing was going to start school the next day and he was very excited.

Cheng Huan had been busy lately and XingXing had become much more familiar with Xiao Jin next door. He heard from big sister Xiao Jin that kindergartens have a lot of toys and a lot of kids. And he will be taught how to sing. Once he has learned the songs, he can sing to his mom and get rewards.

Big sister Xiao Jin told him that her mother took her to the amusement park and that amusement parks were fun.

XingXing had never been to an amusement park before and he yearned for what she had told him. He wished his mom would take him to the amusement park too.

The thought of his mother taking him out, spending all day playing with him, and buying him ice-cream made XingXing very happy.

He giggled and rolled into Cheng Huans arms. Mom, after I started school, I will sing to you.

Cheng Huan was half asleep. She hadnt gotten much rest in the past two weeks. Now that she was laying down in bed, all she wanted to do was to sleep. She mumbled an Alright when she heard him.

Ill also draw for you!


I can cook for you and make money. XingXing rubbed his head on Cheng Huan and carried on, I will be a big kid after I start school. I can do many things!

His nonstop chattering was keeping her from sleep. Cheng Huan frowned, pulled the child into her arms, and said, Time for bed.

Okay, mom.


XingXing had great plans. He was going to learn this and that and show his mother.

But once he had actually arrived at the kindergarten, everything he had planned on was but a lost cause.

On the first day of school, it was lively outside of the kindergarten. Other kids that were being dropped off by their parents didnt want to part with their parents. They all rolled on the ground, bawled, and wanted to go home.

XingXing, affected by the mood around him, also felt sad. He had his arms around Cheng Huans neck and did not want to get down.

Alright, we are here. XingXing needs to listen to the teachers, alright? Mommy will come pick you up in the evening. Cheng Huan bent over and was about to put him down. The little kiddo, on the other hand, acted like he was glued onto her and refused to get onto the ground.

A little kiddo was rolling on the ground next to them, his face tear streaked. Two adults were trying to coax  him. When the coaxing had no effect after a while, the father yanked the kid up, smacked him a couple times on his bottom, and threatened him, Stop crying!

All of a sudden, the kid was crying even louder

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