The Midnight Owl Chapter c11

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: Yan Liang Yu 颜凉雨
The Midnight Owl
Meeting an old friend in a distant land is one of the four great blessings in life.

Qian Ai quickly put down the chain, opened the door, hugged the old classmates one by one for tens of seconds on average with sincerity.

Xu Wang was almost strangled and he managed to come loosen. He looked up and down on Qian Ai. And then he was so amazed at Qian AI's big hulk, who was nearly 1.9 meters tall. He said: “I remember that you always stood in the first row in high school. You were the cute character. Your style has changed so much."

"You just say that I am fat!" Qian Ai laughed brightly,saying: "At that time, I had a good appetite, but I kept filling out and didn't grow. Afterwards, I started to grow very fast when I  was at college. I pedaled with legs every night and almost didn't sleep well all night!" As he said this, he led people into the room, saying: "Don't stand in the doorway. Come in, come in.”

When Xu Wang entered the room, he found that there was no one else inside. There was a mobile phone on the top of a self stick, and there were several local delicacies on the table in front of the mobile phone, which burst into  fragrance and was really tempting.

After closing the door, Qian Ai quickly ran to the front of the mobile phone to make an explanation: "That is it today. Ha, it is too rare to meet my old classmates during travelling to  outside areas. There is little excuse for not entertaining them. Let’s continue eating tomorrow.”

Xu Wang finally understood what the old classmate was doing, and exchanged a short glance with Wu Sheng.

Wu Sheng grasped this immediately: "The good food online anchor."

Watching Qian AI quickly cut off the live broadcast, Xu Wang felt so guilty and said: "Is that Ok? Will you be canceled by your fans?”

"Oh, you were in the know." Qian Ai tossed the quilt aside and slumped down on the bed. "The premise of being canceled by fans must be having the fans. Like me, I'm not afraid of that. Ha Ha."

His eyes narrowed when smiling, which looked like the appearance with a form rounded in those days.

"But after all, it's still Wu Sheng who had it in him" said Qian AI, looking at Wu Sheng as if he was making the confirmation again,saying:"I've been like this. Can you recognize me at first glance?"

Wu Sheng shrugged his shoulders naturally: "otherwise, I wouldn’t be the monitor."

"Monitor, you haven't changed at all," said Qian Ai with his eyes gleaming with a relish that it couldn’t be expressed in few words.

Wu Sheng agreed on that and said: "So I don’t blame for us not recognizing you. But it's hard to understand why you don’t recognize us."

Qian AI had great wrong and said: "At midnight, two men knocked on the door in the distant land without anyone familiar and all I knew was that I was warned. I am not in the frame of mind what do you guys look like.In case that we hated each other, I will bleed innocent blood. "

"You don't have to be so cautious," Xu Wang was speechless and said: "With your great body, no one dares touching you."

"Look after yourself when you’re away from home." Qian Ai sighs with affected seriousness. After finishing speaking, he found that he had been so dull-witted and he asked last with his eyes full of doubts wavering between Wu Sheng and Xu Wang, "Are you two on a trip  together? "

Xu Wang lost for words. Just now, he just had casual little comment and who knew that there would be a sequel of the reunion of old classmates when he just wanted to accuse someone of disturbing the residents!

“ Well, there are more than us. And my aunt's younger son" Xu Wang was at wit’s end and had no option but to take the piss, saying:" He is just on vacation and wants to come out to play. But his parents are so busy, so I volunteered to take him out."

"What school has holidays in November..." Qian Ai muttered, but didn't pursue it any longer. Because another question was more intriguing, saying: "Since you take your brother out to play, what’s the purpose of taking our monitor to travel in group with you?"

"When we met in Beijing, he happened to want to come out and have a trip. So we travel in group." When you told a lie, you needed prepare a hundred lies to back it up. More than that, he received them with warmth, but he was talking nonsense. Xu Wang was almost apologetic about it.

Qian Ai had not any doubts. Looking at him and Wu Sheng, his eyes were with both emotion and envy, saying: "You two were inseparable at that time. I don’t expect that you you are such a tight group for such a long time. It's really great ."

"Whether it is a tight group or nor," Wu Sheng sighed with a trace of grief in his eyes and said: "is seen from which way you look at it ..."

When Xu Wang heard this, he didn't know what Wu Sheng was going to say. He didn’t have a clue. So he asked questions to interrupt him and seize the initiative, saying: "Ai Qian, what about you? Why do you come here?"

When Qian AI was asked, he was shocked for a while and then immediately took the mobile phone to shake,saying: "I am just moving into the new industry. My account name is “Lao Qian Eat China Good Food” and I should mark my word and live it out."

"Eat all over China?" Xu Wang heard the seriousness in his words, "Are you really ready to take this as your career?"

Qian Ai nodded solemnly: "Keep on eating as long as you live."

Xu Wang chuckled and said, "Well, it's matching one of your characters at that time."

"One of?" Qian AI asked, "And what are the others?"

Xu Wang said, "Love money."

Qian Ai finally seized the opportunity to protest against him, saying: " Properties are attractive only when they are hidden. You always talk about them like this. It seems that I have no connotation!"

"The hidden property is also a property, OK? It isn’t as if it doesn’t exist." Xu Wang punctured his self deception, but when the old classmates mentioned it, he always indulged him for a moment, saying, "What do I call you later? Qian AI? It sounds so remote... "

“I call you Lao Qian, "Qian AI grinned and said" That's what my fans call me. It's familiar and friendly. "

"... OK. " How had he become a fan of the other side? Xu Wang thought that he needed to sort it out.

When the old classmates met each other, they could talk with each other all the time. Despite they were so happy to be together, time was running out. Seeing that 11:30 had passed, Xu Wang couldn’t fake it up anymore, he took  "younger brother" for reason again and got up to leave.

Fortunately, Qian Ai was not meant to detain them .

Back in the room, Kuang Jinxin was still sleeping. Xu Wang nodded admiringly, then pulled the quilt forward and called kindly, "Dear brother, get up -"

The confused boy Kuang Jinxin got up and  that Wu Sheng had confirmed the distance between the hotel and the coordinate point: "Less than two kilometers apart, we can go all the way to the north after entering."

Xu Wang, who has been rearmed with his down jacket, looked out of the window and really hoped that there wouldn’t be another bear here.

At last, Kuang Jinxin was wide awake and quickly got dressed. He turned out three bags of fish fillets from the backpack, put one in his own pocket, and handed the other two bags to Xu Wang and Wu Sheng: "In case that we meet it again, we will tear them up and throw them into the sky as a fish tornado!"

Xu Wang and Wu Sheng pushed the fillets into their pockets. The former was about to speak while the latter put it bluntly,saying: "Let's keep them for ourselves."

It was 23:59:00.

After talking about in every conversation, all the three partners looked at the time on their mobile phones and waited till twelve o’clock.

"Dong Dong -"

The knock at the door without warning came and nothing was more frightened than the owl's cry.

The three people were trembling with fear  and three people were so scared that they were all excited. They were afraid like being guilty of being a thief, which were blended into the  pounding heart.

"Dong Dong -"

"Are all the children here -"

It was the aunt’s voice of the reception deskfront who had received them in the daytime.

Xu Wang was the first to know it. He immediately ran to the door, pretended to be half asleep and answered lazily: "Yes, we are all asleep. What's wrong ?"

"Don't fool me. Someone upstairs call the reception deskfront and say that you are so noisy that they can’t sleep!"

Xu Wang had the feelings of impotence. Although they were chatting half an hour ago, the sound insulation existing in name of this hotel was the main culprit!

“ Cluck Cluck”

It was twelve o’clock at night.

The cry of owl came from a distinct distance and it was so mournful and cold like the call of the world of spirits.

There's purple light coming from behind the back. Xu Wang didn’t need to look back and Xu Wang also knew that the "entrance" was open. This made him feel flustered for a moment.Immediately he was trying to find an excuse for dealing with the complaint. However, he didn’t expect that he became more anxious and flustered.

The aunt outside the door didn't know the what happened inside the door, but she knew that it was suddenly quiet inside. Usually, this kind of quietness was either "in the wrong" or "feeling guilty". She immediately became vigilant: "Hey, I said, you kids don't sleep in the middle of the night. Are you guys doing anything bad bad in the house?"

"How is it possible?" Xu Wang could not care about the wording any more, and poured his heart out with a way of sounding so sincere, saying. "We guarantee not to say a word and never disturb others!"

It was obvious that the Auntie didn’t believe him and knocked at the door again,saying:: "Open the door!"

This was a private hotel. From the perspective of posture, Xu Wang strongly suspected that she was exactly the hostess outside the door. But didn’t mention the hostess, it's no use even though the boss came.They would be sucked away in a few seconds. But one of them needed to open the door. Wait for a moment. When Xu Wang suddenly found himself trapped in a misunderstanding. Why couldn’t people know that they had entered the "Owl"? Just because they couldn’t call the police, it didn’t mean that people who saw them being sucked in couldn’t call the police!

Changed a way of thinking and he was just   suddenly enlightened. Xu Wang was to open the door without a word.

Unexpectedly, when his hand just raised and did not touch the door, the headache started,  which was a fierce pang of pain like being  exploded!

He had never experienced such a pain deep in bones and he immediately squatted down due to the pain with his hands holding his head. He really wanted to die!

"Xu Wang!" Suddenly Wu Sheng’s face darkened. He immediately squatted down to check on. However, he had just bent his legs, and he even didn’t lean down.Suddenly, there was a strong wind blowing on his head and he was involved in the purple whirlpool together with Xu Wang, who was squatting, and Kuang Jinxin, who was standing!

The screen of the mobile phone falling on the ground,  the time was clearly seen - 00:02:00.

They were in a whirling mist for a while, the three of them finally landed.

The headache disappeared, leaving only a little discomfort, but the dizziness brought nauseating sensation.

Suddenly, his body was pulled up, and then came Wu Sheng's voice with disgust and concern: "What's the matter with you?"

"Headache." Xu wang hadn’t came around from the pain in the weak and pitiful voice.

Wu Sheng thought of the picture of pain and squatting down because of the pain before he they were forced to drag in it. He immediately realized and said: "Do you want the auntie of the front  reception desk to see us being sucked in?"

Xu Wang nodded and his eyes flashed with frustration of "falling short of success.

"It's useless. Since owls can stop Sun Jiang and Xiao Kuang from calling the police, they can also stop you from opening the door..." Wu Sheng said. He suddenly squinting his eyes slightly and then his tone became more subtle. "But we suddenly disappeared. There was no response in the room. Even though she was across the door, she would find it wrong. I don't know if the owl has the ability to solve this problem."

If Xu Wang listened and looked carefully, he would find that Wu Sheng at the moment looked exactly the same as when he met difficult questions in high school. The more difficult the problem was, the more energetic Wu Sheng would be. Xu Wang couldn’t understand the excitement at all that Wu Sheng was born to like to chew hard on the difficult problems.

However, Xu Wang didn't pay attention to student Wu at this time. All his attention were on his arms and it showed that the “defending defending against being kept in trap”and “combat Cao Chong weighs an elephant”  were still in the item “ pencil case”.

His originally excited heart slowly fell back, but he still had some doubts. According to Kuang Jinxin and Sun Jiang, they tried to call the police, that is, to reveal the secret of the owl, so they had a headache. Then they went into the owl again, and the pencil case was empty. Just now he had the idea of confessing with Qian Ai, and he also had a headache. Why  the things were still there?

Before he figured out why it was, he heard Kuang Jinxin shouting: "Brother Xu, Brother Wu, here, it is so strange. "

Xu Wang and Wu Sheng instinctively looked around, but they distracted rooted to the ground as Kuang Jinxin.

There was transparent floor glass, dense steel compact and solid steel structure dome. People here were in a hurry and there were rows of working check-in counters. There weren’t snow fields and black bears and this was a normal airport.. The air conditioning temperature was suitable and the stewardess smiled like flowers.

Xu Wang rubbed his eyes over and over again, and finally had to believe that he was not wrong. Therefore, he could only ask his teammates blankly, "Are we four in the owl or Uh? Four of us? "

Xu Wang realized something wrong immediately. He counted them silently in his heart. Wu Sheng, Kuang Jinxin, Qian Ai, and me. Yes, it was four, but it’s not the same four people.

"Lao Qian!" Xu Wang finally found out that it's not right. It's mainly that Qian Ai was standing beside Kuang Jinxin. In that position, the post and even the expression on his face were too natural. It's like "a big white rabbit" mixed with "big white rabbits" in harmony.

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