The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c9

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 009
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 9 - Give Me Her WeChat Info (1)

Chi Ying lived in a 3-story mansion, the place where the original owner grew up in. The place had been remodeled after the original owner was pregnant.

As soon as Chi Ying got home, she casually threw on a cardigan and softly pushed open the door.

By this hour, Jing Zheng had already gone to bed with Chi Cheng.

Jing Zheng was getting on in age and no longer slept deeply. She woke up from the sound of the door. Seeing that Chi Ying was home, she waved at her and gestured to her to talk in the hallway.

Chi Ying waited by the door.

Jing Zheng walked out, frowned, and said in a severe and worried voice, Ying, what happened to you?

Chi Ying shook her head and answered in a feigned cheerful tone, I am fine.

Jing Zheng called her out, Your brother said someone tried to hurt you?

But he saved me just in time, said Chi Ying, avoiding the seriousness of the matter, and smiled with her eyes curled.

That's because I just happened to know the location of the banquet and told him in time.

Ah, so that was what happened. Thanks, Mom.

Just be more careful in the future. No drinking and call home if you need anything, said Jing Zheng lovingly. Go and spend some time with ChengCheng now.

Mm, okay. Chi Ying nodded as Jing Zheng went back to the room next door, pillow in hand.

Chi Ying sent a text to Yue Zhuo to let him know that she had arrived home safely. Then, she showered, changed in a short sleeve nightgown, and lay down next to Chi Cheng.

Chi Chengs entire body was wrapped up in the blanket and even his breath smiled milky.

As though he had sensed the presence of his mother, he rolled over in his sleep and flopped his little leg onto her waist.

A little while later, he even buried his head into her chest. His fine hair filled with the scent of kids shampoo.

Chi Ying watched his sleeping face quietly for a while.

Chi Chengs eyelashes were very long. They were fluttering and casted a shallow shadow under the dim nightlight.

His brows and eyes were profound, his nose small but tall, his lips were thin

He was the kind of child that she liked the most in her previous life, but he also looked a lot like Lu JingYan.

Chi Ying paused a little bit from her own sudden thought and recalled the bronzed business card.

She didnt know why Lu JingYan invited her to Oushi. Perhaps, he had some vague memories of her.

She didnt think shed go.

Signing a contract might expose the existence of Chi Cheng, and Chi Cheng was what she wanted to protect the most. He was still so young.

Chi Ying kissed Chi Cheng on his cheek, and the kiddo made a soft little noise. He wrapped his little arm around her as well.

She has a family in this world.

That softened her heart, and at the same time, it strengthened her.


Ever since Chi Ying was taken away by the bodyguards, Yue Zhou couldnt help but get curious about her background.

Her last name was Chi, that wasnt a common last name. Perhaps she was a member of the Chis in the clock and watch industry? But he had never heard that the Chis has such a beautiful daughter.

Then he thought to himself, a bodyguard cost more than a regular worker, so not just any prestigious families could afford them.

Ugh. Yue Zhuo scratched his hand, baffled, and finally forced himself to stop thinking about it. Anyways, Chi Ying asked him to not share the bit that she has bodyguards, all he needed to do was to follow her request.

After receiving her text, Yue Zhuo made a post to his friends circle.

[The performance school lived up to its reputation of having attractive [email protected] not telling you guys her WeChat ID]

Along with it, there was a picture with both himself and Chi Ying.

In the picture, the girl was standing a little distance from him with a conserved smile.

She didnt, however, look distant because she made a peace sign with her hand. Her black hair fell down to her shoulder, making her seem pure and cute.

As Yue Zhuo looked at the increasing number of likes and comments, his ego was stroked and his vanity was satisfied.

His head got bigger and bigger. All of a sudden, he clicked into Lu JingYans chat rashly.

Yue Zhuo and Lu JingYan had been good friends for years. He was probably on the top of Lu JingYans good friends list, but he normally would not disturb Lu JingYan unless he had something important to talk about.

It was all because Lu JingYan was a very busy person. Yue Zhuo himself didnt want to be the heir of a family business. He just wanted to live his cozy life happily.

For example, he really wanted to know what had happened in the bathroom earlier to give Young Master Cheng such a disheveled look. He had issues with Cheng Huan for a while now and only invited him because it was the proper thing to do.

Yue Zhuo stared at the chat box for quite a while, thinking how best to approach the subject without having the iced-face CEO grumbled loudly to him.

As he was thinking and thinking, all of a sudden the words Lu JingYan turned into typing.

Yue Zhuo was shocked by it.

A few seconds later, his phone vibrated. Give me Chi Yings WeChat info.

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