The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c8

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 008
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 8 - Pardon me, Young Master Yue. They are my personal bodyguards. (2)

Only the ones that Lu JingYan has an appreciation for or someone he had the intention to work with or get to know better would be able to get one of his business cards.

Two years ago, a kid in the middle of the street was spotted to have a corner of Lu JingYans business card sticking out of his wallet. A picture of his was posted by a passerby, and it immediately made the top trending searches.

Thats when everybody realized that one could also use that business card for the purpose of showing off among ones social circle.

A year later, that kid that nobody knew about appeared on the list of top wealthy people in the South, turning from a ragged boy to one in a suit. It wasnt difficult to find out that he was the owner of a prominent internet company.

From the outside looking in, having Lu JingYans business card was a recognition of ones ability.

As far as a novice was concerned, they might not be able to obtain a S-class or A-class contract, but it would be more than enough for them to join Oushi.

Yue Zhuo had met the students from the performing school during the banquet, and he certainly remembered this pretty girl who looked like a ray of sunshine.

Then, Young Master Cheng, Boss Lu, female college student. A Hollywood production was now playing in his head.

Yue Zhuo felt a headache coming on. He shook his head a little and decided against trying to figure out what had happened. He walked in front of Chi Ying and waved at her, Hi, Chi Ying, I am Yue Zhuo.

Young Master Yue. After what had just happened, Chi Ying was vigilant. She paused in her steps and looked at him cautiously.

Yue Zhuo wasnt sure if he should find that funny or sad. I am not a bad guy.

Chi Ying,

Even Yue Zhuo felt that saying that just made him sound like a bad guy. He added, Song QingFeng is my instant master. He taught me how to direct, and we have a very close relationship.

Having said that, he showed her pictures and chat records on his phone and stressed again, I am really not a bad guy.

Chi Ying tentatively believed him and asked, Young Master Yue, what can I do for you?

Yue Zhuo couldnt help but cuss to himself. The girl in front of him who was too overly pretty gave him a perplexed look. Her voice was soft and tender and reached straight to someones heart. No wonder Young Master Cheng and Boss Luo fought over her.

Yue Zhuo might be ostentatious, but hes a gentleman. He said, gentlemanly, I was asked to take you back to school.

Chi Ying shook her hands right away. I cant trouble you for that.

The banquet is already over. Its not safe for you to go back alone.

Um but I dont live on campus. I need to go home, and my house is quite far from here. I can take public transportation all the way home.

I have time. Even if you live in Manhattan, I can take you back. As he was saying that, Yue Zhuo looked at his watch. Plus, look at the time. Theres no more buses already.

As he was very persistent about it, Chi Ying decided against turning him down. Thank you, then.

Yue Zhuo walked out of the banquet hall with Chi Ying. On their way out, Chi Ying looked at her cellphone.

. Call in progress.

She had finally remembered that she called the counselor for help earlier during her desperate moment.

But, she didnt successfully dial the counselor. Looking at her phone, it was her brother that she had called

Did that mean he had heard everything that had just transpired?

Chi Ying felt goosebumps on her scalp. Worried, she resumed the call.

Chi Yus angry voice came over from the other end. It was so loud that it could crack the screen on the phone. Ying! Can you hear me? Where are you right now?!

Yue Zhuo was startled and moved further away from her awkwardly.

Seeing that Yue Zhuo had tried to walk further away in order to not overhear her conversation, Chi Ying quickly turned the volume down.

I am alright. She was being dodgy. Nothing happened.

Chi Yus worry would not just go away from the few words from Chi Ying. He could still hear what just happened to his sister in his ears.

He was breathing harder now. Where are you? And who was that man? What happened to you?

I really am alright now, said Chi Ying, comforting him. Im sorry. I didnt mean to make you worry. I will be home shortly.

Remembering that Yue Zhuo was still next to her, she quickly hung up the phone.

Yue Zhuo looked over at her curiously. Your boyfriend?

No, said Chi Ying as she shook her head.

She wanted to say its my brother. Then, she remembered that her family seemed to not want her to publicly say that Chi Yu was her brother. Chi Yu was quite a well-known guy, and Yue Zhuo might recognize his voice, so she finally decided against saying it.

Yue Zhuo did not pry any further. He just casually said, Let me take you home.

When the elevator stopped on the first floor, Chi Ying was immediately stopped by a few unfamiliar and stocky men.

One of the men respectfully said to her, Miss Chi.

Chi Ying frowned slightly.

She looked at her phone again. Sure enough, she saw a message from Chi Yu. He had sent along the pictures and identities of these men.

She looked back at Yue Zhuo, feeling a little awkward. Pardon me, Young Master Yue. They are my personal bodyguards.


Translators rambling:

I like this Yue Zhuo guy. =) Hes a gentleman and a good friend, I guess? Since he was taking MC home for ML.

And he's funny too, picturing ML fighting with Cheng Huan. Hehehe.

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