The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c7

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 007
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 7 - Pardon me, Young Master Yue. They are my personal bodyguards. (1)

Cheng Huan believed that he stood at the top of the world and was obviously disturbed by someone talking to him in that tone of voice. His face darkened immediately.

Who the hell are you? He turned around, displeased. Then, all of a sudden, his face darkened even more.

Lu JingYan stood there behind him, cold and tall. His look was piercing.

Cheng Huan hated being stared at like that and hated even more the mans domineering aura.

But that was Lu JingYan.

Lately, one of Huanyus properties got itself into a bind. The investment from the Lus would determine its fate. None of the other smaller businesses would have the financial power to get them out of the bind.

Cheng Ye, Old Mr. Cheng, who never cared about Cheng Huans behavior, had only one ask do not upset the Lus, not even a little bit.

He gritted his teeth angrily and said, What do you mean, Boss Lu?

Lu JingYans cold gaze landed on Cheng Huans hand. The girls white and delicate shoulder had already turned red and began to swell. Coldly, he enunciated every single word, Let. Her. Go.

Cheng Huan curved his lips sarcastically. I never knew that Boss Lu was one who liked to butt into other peoples business.

Lu JingYans voice was still cold as he said, I just happened to be here.

Huanyu might need the Lus help, but if you were to pull out, it wont be beneficial for the Lus either. We are on the same boat. What makes you think you can threaten me? sneered Cheng Huan. And for a 18th tier little actress who hasnt even debuted. Would that be worth it? I am set on having her tonight.

Lu JingYan squinted and said, Try me.

Cheng Huan didnt feel that he was on lesser ground; he just didnt want to go against Cheng Ye.

He spat on the ground and left with a vicious, Just you wait. Then, he walked away in big strides.

Chi Ying couldnt tell if he was talking to her or to Lu JingYan.

The excruciating pain in her shoulder made it difficult for her to focus.

She blinked a few times, trying to refocus her eyes.

The tall and handsome man standing not too far away from her was looking at her the same way he did earlier in the night. His eyes were dark and unreadable.

The only different was, he was alone now. There was nobody with him.

Chi Ying pursed her lips unnaturally and said, Thank you.

She nodded at him slightly and started to leave.

Seeing that she wanted to leave, Lu JingYan suddenly started talking. His voice was low and stagnant as he said, Wait!

Chi Ying paused in her steps. Something the matter, Boss Lu?

You can choose to sign with Oushi.

He handed over a business card to her.

Chi Ying took the card and thanked him again. She didnt look happy at all, and her voice was even more distant.


Yue Zhou had already seen all the guests out and finally had a free moment.

He was pacing around the banquet hall with his hands in his pants pockets when he saw Cheng Huan walking over from the long hallway looking like he wanted to kill someone. His eyes were beet red from both the wine and his anger.

Yue Zhuo didnt even have time to figure out what had enraged Cheng Huan when he saw the second boss, also walking over from the same direction, also looking not too happy

Yue Zhuo walked up to him and said, Lu JingYan?!

Lu JingYan controlled his temper and said to him, Take her back.

Yue Zhuo looked behind him; the hallway was empty.


Then, he saw Chi Ying.

She looked somewhat pale, but her expression was cool and controlled.

Her black hair falling onto her shoulder made her swan-like neck seem even more slender and white. A hint of her delicate collarbone was almost visible.

There was a large patch of redness on both of her shoulders. Clutched in her hand, there was a little, crumpled up piece of paper.

Judging from the color and the material, it looked like Lu JingYans business card.

Yue Zhuo was stunned. His brows curved into a ridiculous look.

In his mind, very few people could get Lu JingYans business card, as his personal cell number was also listed on it.

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