The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c6

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 006
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 6 - It was a very tell-tale frigid voice (3)

She was then thrown forcefully against the cold wall.

The material for the dress was thin, and her back felt a sharp pain. Chi Ying sobered up immediately, and her pupil contracted.

She didnt recognize the man in front of her.

He smelled of alcohol, his eyes were beet red and also filled with lust.

He was staring at her like a prey that he had just caught.

Chi Ying struggled reflexively but noticed that the mans hands were locked on her shoulders and she wasnt able to move at all.

Cheng Huan was displeased by her struggling and he leaned into her invasively and asked, Whats your name?

Chi Yings eyes were cold, and her tone was even colder. What does that have to do with you?

Cheng Huan chuckled, his tone was prideful and arrogant. I am interested in you.

Pardon me

Before she could finish what she was saying, Cheng Huan interrupted her, Are you familiar with Huanyu? If you stay with me, you can be the female lead in any production of your choice.

Chi Ying replied coldly, I am not interested.

You dont need to rush to turn me down. I am not done talking yet, okay? Cheng Huan sneered and his strength on her shoulder intensified. If you dont agree, you are done for in this circle.

Cheng Huans threatening tone plus the Huanyu Entertainment that he had mentioned slowly brought back memories in Chi Ying.

She remembered now. The man in front of her was Cheng Huan, the young master of Huanyu. He was also the male supporting character who was madly in love with the female lead.

In the book, Cheng Huan never got the female lead and finally became twisted and would attempt through any sort of despicable means to have intimacy with the female lead

Arrogant and peremptory, he could be vicious to the extreme.

Even if she wasnt the female lead and not enough to make Cheng Huan crazy, going toe to toe with him wouldnt end well.

Chi Ying looked around them, there was nobody in sight.

The restroom over at the southeast corner was quite remote; it was a few hallways down from the banquet hall.

Luckily, she had her cellphone clutched in her right hand when she was walking over here.

Right now, her hands were hidden behind her back and she could only guess where the buttons were on the screen with her intuition.

After she had unlocked the screen with her fingerprint, she touched the lower left-hand button to bring up the last-called person. The last person that she had spoken to was the counselor.

When Chi Ying was trying to operate her phone, Cheng Huan, his look sharp like that of an eagle, lingered over every inch of her exposed skin.

Her skin under his hand felt fine, smooth, delicate, and dazzling to the eyes. Cheng Huan felt his body temperature rising up and his chest filled with craze and lust.

She wasnt like the other women whod throw themselves at him right away

You sure are a naïve newbie; you dont even know the first rule in this circle.

Cheng Huan, not knowing his own strength, continued to tighten his grip on her shoulder as though he wanted to crush them with his bare hands. I am handing you the opportunity that everybody else would die for. You sure you want to turn it away?

Chi Ying felt the pain but she didnt make a sound; her eyes were still as calm as a lake.

Seeing that she wasnt responding to him at all, Cheng Huan finally cussed impatiently. His patience was very limited.

One of Cheng Huans hands let go of Chi Yings shoulder and wrapped around her waist forcefully instead.

Chi Ying frowned. Cheng Huan wanted to carry her off with him! She was no match of his strength and he could do that easily.

Startled, she prepared herself to step as hard as she could on his shoes with her heel when she heard a snickering all of a sudden

So this is how Huanyu recruits now?

It was a very tell-tale frigid voice.

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