The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c5

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The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 005
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 5 - It was a very tell-tale frigid voice (2)

Chi Ying recalled how Song QingFeng took her around and introduced her to everyone. She thought about it for a little bit and said, Even though Tan Kes idea of wanting to kiss up wasnt the best, we've got to give her credit for her courage. There are a lot of famous directors here today; we need to learn to promote ourselves proactively as well and create opportunities for ourselves.

Chi Ying was so tender, thought Zhao Wan. Even when she was lecturing she didnt sound like she was lecturing. Zhao Wan nodded and said, You are right.

Chi Yings lips curved upward and she handed the moussaka over to her, Lets give this Greek dish a try first before we go and promote ourselves.


Cmon over.

Tan Ke had just received a business card from a Director Zhang when she heard someone talking to her and turned toward the voice.

She saw a man in suit, leaning leisurely against the back of the chair. He was toying with his wine glass with one hand and his narrow eyes squinted indolently.

She recognized him right away as Cheng Huan, the young master of Huanyu Entertainment.

He was known to be a playboy who was also peremptory, high-handed, capricious, and brusque.

That being said, Huanyu Entertainment was one of the biggest entertainment companies in the country, splitting most of the market share with Oushi Entertainment.

Lifting up her dress a little, she walked over to him gracefully.

Young Master Cheng, said Tan Ke.

Cheng Huan, acting very much like a ruffian, said flippantly, You are a student at the performing school?

Tan Ke smiled and said, Yes, I am.

Have you signed with any company yet?

Tan Ke blushed and said, No, not yet.

Cheng Huan gave her a smile. His slightly red eyes had a hint of blatant lust, Take that girl. To the restroom in the southeast corner. Ill have you sign with Huanyu if you do.

Tan Ke looked in the direction that he was pointing at.

The girls curvy body was accentuated by her foggy blue dress, and her calves under the hem of the dress were clear and slender.

She couldnt be more familiar with that silhouette. That was Chi Ying.

Tan Ke was so angry that her eyes turned red immediately.

She was already envious when Song QingFeng was introducing her to all his director friends earlier.

The performing school forbids their students to skip classes for filming between year 1 and year 3. The fourth year was the best time to accept contracts. Chi Ying, transferring in at this critical time, took away both her attention and her resources.

But, knowing that Cheng Huan was vicious and dangerous, this might not be a good thing for Chi Ying. In addition, she herself would be able to get some benefits out of it. She nodded finally.


Chi Ying took Zhao Wan with her to make their rounds. Those in the circle were simple, all everybody wanted was money, fame, and s*x. Production and characters were just two-sided interviews between actors and directors.

Of the one whom she had interacted with, Chi Ying had a pretty good idea about the type of person they were and how to promote herself properly.

Soon, the banquet was coming to an end. Chi Ying had Zhao Wan returned with their other classmates.

Chi Ying lived in City C, plus she has Chi Cheng to take care of. As the school wasnt too strict about fourth-year students, she opted not to live on campus.

Every time they parted like that, Zhao Wan would feel a slight sense of emptiness. You be safe too then.

Chi Ying, tightened her hand on hers a little, and said, Mm, I will.

After she had seen WanWan off, Chi Ying went to the restroom by herself.

A few girls were standing outside of the restroom covering their noses with their hands and waving. When they saw Chi Ying approaching, they quickly alerted her, This restroom was clogged. Theres water all over. You should go use the one on the other side.

It wasnt difficult to tell that the girls were just faking it.

They had overacted, plus there were no foul smell at all around them. The hotel was a classy one. If anything, there was some sort of a pleasant scent in the air.

Chi Ying figured something must be going on inside, and they didnt want to be interrupted. Chi Ying wasnt in a hurry, so she didnt want to point that out. Alright.

She walked over to the southeast side of the banquet all.

Now that she was full, she felt more relaxed and was less alert than usual.

Before Chi Ying was able to step inside the womens restroom, her shoulders were grabbed by someone.

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