The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c4

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 004
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 4 - It was a very tell-tale frigid voice (1)

Lu JingYan was standing far from her. His pitch-black eyes that were looking at her were deep and suggestive of him measuring her up.

He was a little taller than imagined. His high-end, custom-made suit was exquisite, and his shirt fitting. His pursuit for perfection was obvious.

His features, too, were refined. His jawline was cold and concise, neat and clean.

Several of his business partners followed behind him, showing both respect and humility. All of them looked in the direction that he was looking and the conversation had come to a stop.

That very moment, Chi Ying thought about a lot.

She wasnt sure whether the car accident was an accident or intentional. But what she knew was that the Lus were a strict family and that Lu JingYan was their illustrious heir. Any way one looked at it, the existence of Chi Ying was bad news to them.

She didnt want to have too much to do with Lu JingYan.

She was not just by herself anymore, when she could do whatever she had wanted without a shred of worry.

Shes the mother of a child. She couldnt afford to take any risk.

Chi Cheng was still young. She would like to watch him grow up safely.

Meeting his cold gaze, she sounded deliberately distant, Hi, Boss Lu.

Lu JingYan frowned slightly. In his cold and deep voice, he asked, Hi, Miss. Have we met before?

Chi Yings grip on her dinner plate tightened unnoticeably as she shook her head.

Lu JingYan was silent for a quick moment before he asked again, What is your name?

Chi Ying.

Standing next to him, his executive assistant, Jiang Chong, widened his eyes a little. All these years, Lu JingYan had never even lifted an eye even when top tier actresses came to chat him up.

And now he was chatting up this girl?

He was so curious he couldnt help but look over in Chi Yings direction a couple more times.

The girl was young, delicate, and light-skinned. Her beautiful eyes looked limpid. A flash of surprise crossed her eyes but went away quickly.

She has had some wine, so her cheeks were a light, rosy color. She was as attractive as a young girl who had experienced love for the first time in her life.

Her lotus-like arm was bent as she was holding up the dinner plate with her moussaka on it.

Above her plate, her perfect bosom was accentuated by her form-fitting dress.

She was as pretty as a poisonous flower.

Jiang Chongs look changed slightly.

He was just getting ready to sit on a stool and watch this drama unfold when Lu JingYan looked away and said in a deep voice, Carry on.

The mans majestic aura was intimidating to his business partners. One of them bowed down a little, looking subservient, and responded respectfully with a smile on him, Certainly, certainly.

Chi Ying, too, had looked away. She let out a slight sigh of relief and walked faster.

Ten minutes later.

Zhao Wan saw Chi Ying return and asked passionately, Ying, have you seen Lu JingYan?

Chi Ying paused a little. Oh? Could WanWan see a mile away? Oushis area seemed to be quite far from here.

Zhao Wan gathered from her look that she must have missed the chance of seeing Lu JingYan. Regretfully, she said, Lu JingYan walked past here about 20 minutes ago. Hm not too far from where we were sitting. He looks so handsome even from afar, just like a CEO that walked straight out of a manga. Aye, too bad you werent here.

Chi Ying went along with what she was saying and chimed in, also regretfully, Yes, what a bummer.

Oh, theres more. Zhao Wan leaned over and spoke into her ear, almost gloating. Tan Ke went to chat him up in front of everyone. Lu JingYan didnt even turn to look at her and his executive assistant stopped her on her way.

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