The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c30

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 030
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 30 - Wasnt the worst idea (3)

In addition, Cheng Huan did not pressure all the directors in the field to squash Chi Ying before her debut.

She was very appreciative of Director Gu. He had provided her with the opportunity for an audition as well as the opportunity to make mistakes.

Zhao Wan, as though sensing something, stuck her head over and read what was on her screen. Her eyes widened slightly.

The very next second, she ripped the phone out of Chi Yings hand and shouted out loudly, Dang! Ying! You got the role! Thats so amazing!

Zhao Wan sat close to the walkway today and Xiao Hang, walking passed her, looked down at her and asked, Got what role?

Zhao Wan didnt realize it was Xiao Hang who was talking to her. Still with Chi Yings phone in her hand, she excitedly announced, A role in Gu YuanChens movie!

Xiao Hang smiled slightly and said, Thats pretty good. Congratulations.

Zhao Wan finally realized that the voice was both familiar and pleasant to the ears. She looked up and saw the face of a handsome young man. She covered her mouth in surprise. Xiao Hang!

The popular little fresh meat! One who has 5 million fans on the internet!

Dont, dont, dont congratulate me. Congratulate her! Zhao Wan was stuttering. She nudged Chi Ying. She hasnt checked her own email yet, but she has a pretty good idea of where her level was as well as her ability to act ad hoc. When it came to 1 in 100, she didnt really stand a chance.

The news has not yet sunk in with Chi Ying. She was still in a trance. Turning around slowly, she met Xiao Hangs gaze and was also surprised. Then, with a soft tone, she said, Oh, thank you.

Xiao Hangs look deepened a bit, and his lips curved upward.

Anywhere Xiao Hang went would naturally become the center of attention. A lot of the girls looked over to where he was.

Tan Ke had overheard their conversation as well. She waited purposefully for Xiao Hang to walk away before she asked, Gu YuanChens movie?

Seeing that it was Tan Ke, Zhao Wan was complacent. Yes, Gu YuanChen. The one that took the top box office spot director of Time. That Gu YuanChen.

Of course, Tan Ke was well aware of Gu YuanChens importance in the director circle. She felt instant jealousy. The role of the protagonist?

Zhao Wan made a face at her. Even if its the role of a supporting character, why dont you go and get one huh, ex-department flower.

Alright, WanWan. Chi Ying tugged at Zhao Wans sleeve. She appreciated WanWan speaking up for her, but she wouldnt want WanWan to be negatively impacted because of her. Tan Ke was rumored to come from a somewhat powerful family.

Zhao Wans words hit Tan Ke where it hurt the most. The atmosphere became awkward all of a sudden, and everybody quieted down. The classroom was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

A mischievous look flashed through Tan Kes eyes. A moment later, she said with contempt, Oh, I remember it now. That was the opportunity recommended by Sung QingFeng, right? Who knows what Chi Ying had offered him for that.


Translators Rambling:

Last time I used the term twink and it had sparked a lot of discussion. Evidently the Chinese internet buzz word Little Fresh Meat had already made its way into our beloved and most trust source of truth Wikipedia.

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