The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c29

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 029
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 29 - Wasnt the worst idea (2)

After they had walked outside of the schools front door, all the other kids couldnt wait to go home. It was only the little girl who was still clutching onto Chi Chings shirt corner.

Chi Ching patted on the little girls arm that looked like white lotus. With the warmest smile on him, he said to her, YueYue, my mom is here to pick me up. I will see you tomorrow.

The little girl giggled and her shyness was all gone by now. She gave him the purest of all smiles, nodded, and ran toward her own mother.

Chi Ching walked briskly toward Chi Ying.

He threw open his arms at her, and Chi Ying returned his hug.

Mom, I miss you already. Chi Ching nuzzled her in her chest, and there seemed to be little stars in his eyes.

Chi Ying rubbed his little head and said to him, Mommy missed you too, missed you the most.

Insider her heart, there was a mesh of warmth. Perhaps only kids and those in front of kids would be able to express their feelings generously.

When Chi Ying was distracted, Chi Ching reached into her pocket and pulled out the itch soother from her pocket and started carefully rubbing it over Chi Yings arms, which was covered in mosquito bites.

Between his soft fingers was a cooling sensation. Chi Ying was a bit surprised at first, then she broke into a smile.


On Monday morning, as soon as Chi Ying stepped inside the classroom, Zhao Wan threw her arms around her immediately, almost causing Chi Ying to spill her milk tea all over herself.

Im sorry. Im sorry. I am just too excited. Zhao Wans cheeks were reddened. She helped stabilize the milk tea in Chi Yings hand and said with embarrassment, Ying, I realized it after the fact that Lu JingYan showed up at Motian Building on Friday. That was the location of our audition and also the day that you went for your audition. So did you run into him?

Chi Ying didnt hide it from her. She nodded and said, Yeah, I ran into him.

Zhao Wans eyes lit up. How was it? How was it? Was he as handsome as a male lead from a manga?

Chi Ying bit through a boba and the sweet and tangy juice spread on her tongue. She was in a good mood, so she didnt mind saying something nice about her archnemesis. I only saw him from a distance. He was quite tall.

Right??? He is 1.88 meters tall! Zhao Wan stood on her tip toe and drew a line in the air with her hand about an entire heads length above Chi Yings. Lu JingYan in his full suit had awakened my desire to conquer. I so want to bed him.

They quickly walked over to their spots and took their seats. Chi Ying chewed on the straw as she flipped through all sorts of notifications in WeChat. As she was doing that, her phone buzzed all of a sudden. It was an email from Director Gu notifying her of the audition outcome.

Chi Ying took a deep breath and clicked open it nervously.

She made it!!

What she worried the most didnt happen. Shu Bai didnt have everything just work out for her because of her female lead halo nor did Chi Ying lose her opportunity because Shu Bai had shown up.

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