The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c28

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 028
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 28 - Wasnt the worst idea (1)

Lu JingYan sat with his back against his executive chair, his legs bent.

The light from the screen lit up his dark eyes, and there seemed to be a hint of a smile on his lips.

Jiang Chong and Yue Zhuo, standing to one side of him, exchanged a look with each other.

The two of them reached an understanding to not disrupt the rare tenderness coming from the man.


When Chi Ying finally realized what had just happened the trick hidden behind the seemingly harmless little game

She reflexively toss her cellphone away as though she was holding a timed bomb and that tossing it away would allow her to avoid the damage that it would cause when it exploded.

Chi Ying pursed her lips. What kind of high tech was this? She would never consent to any other user agreement ever again.

Chi Ying was barely able to calm down after 10 minutes.

Okay. Perhaps having such a S.O.S. app on her phone wasnt the worst idea.

The craziness within the entertainment circle was well known by all. One of these days, it just might be possible that she would be restrained by force again and even if she could phone Master Ji, she might not have enough time to let them know her location and for sure they would not be able to get to her on time.

Still a bit intimidated, Chi Ying picked back up her phone that has been wedged in between the couch cushions.

[Chi Ying: Is that for real?]

[Z: Mmm.]

[Chi Ying: But why did you send me this all of a sudden? O.O]

[Z: To protect my future female lead]

Chi Ying wasnt sure what to make of that. When did she agree to be in Yue Zhuos production?

But she owed him a favor. If Yue Zhuo thought that she was good enough and extended his invitation, she would not turn it down.

[Chi Ying: Well, thank you, Young Master Yue. I owe you dinner~]


The sun was setting, and the temperature was still stuffy and hot.

There were a lot of green, leafy plants in their area and therefore also a lot of mosquitoes. Even when she was wearing short sleeves and long pants, Chi Ying was still worried and carried insect repellent with her.

She attracted a lot of attention from the other parents when she walked on the street.

Her body was shapely and her skin white like milk. Her eyes were limpid, and she looked like a very young girl.

A woman who had given birth to a child being able to maintain her body and skin color. Made her the envy of others.

Those who lived in the big mansions were either girls born to a prestigious family, girls that married into a prestigious family, or a kept woman of a wealthy man. But Chi Ying looked tranquil and fine. Her movements were innocent and elegant. As much as others were envious of her, they couldnt imagine her being the latter.

The melodious bell that signified the end of the school day rang and the teacher directed the kids to line up at the classroom entrance in order of height, girls in front and boys in the back.

Chi Ching stood at the very front of the line. He was holding a sign that said Primary 1. Behind him, there was a string of chattery, bouncy kids.

Chi Ching lifted up his head and stuck out his chest. With a solemn look, he walked toward the waiting area where Chi Ying and the other parents were.

Looking at the little kiddos solemn look, Chi Ying couldn't help but curl her eyes.

When Chi Ching had that solemn look on him, he looked a lot like Lu JingYan. But whenever he smiled, he was a little sun that could warm ones heart.

The girl following closely behind Chi Ching was the youngest and most petite girl in class. Her hair was tied up into angel wings, and she secretly clutched onto the corner of Chi Chings shirt. In her uneasy look, there was a sense of trust and dependency she had toward him.

When she was bullied by an obstreperous boy in class today, it was Chi Ching who had protected her.

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