The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c27

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 027
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 27 - Adding WeChat (3)

Traffic was smooth, and it was still an hour before school let out for Chi Cheng when Chi Ying got home.

Her skin was a little red from the sun and her cheeks a little pink.

She quickly washed her face.

Her cellphone connected to the wifi automatically and a few more friends requests popped up on WeChat.

Among the wait list, the one from Lu JingYan laid faithfully on the very bottom.

Chi Ying stared at it for a while and her look was without focus.

On the top most of the requests was a familiar alias Z, and the image was also the familiar psyduck.

Under the memo was: Secondary account of Yue Zhuo.

Chi Ying was just about to hit approval when a call came in from a number that she didnt recognize.

Yue Zhuos voice was sad and tactful. Miss Chi, I lost my phone and dont recall my WeChat member ID right away, so I just registered for a new one. Can you please approve my request to add you?

Sure, replied Chi Ying cheerfully and couldn't help but smile.

Young Master Yue was so polite.

But he called her specifically just to have her add him on WeChat?

She grumbled cynically to herself as she accepted his request.

You have added Z. You can chat with him now.

Yue Zhuo roared into the phone, I am Zhong Yi Zhong Yi Zhong Yi Zhong Yi.

Having said that, he made a OK gesture, returned the phone to Lu JingYan, and said, So how are you going to thank me?

Lu JingYan gave him a look and said nonchalantly, Well see.

Yue Zhuo exploded, ARE YOU CONNING ME?????

Inside the living room, Chi Ying clicked to voice chat and Yue Zhuos voice could hurt her eardrums.

Chi Ying said, Okay, I get it.

Immediately following that, Z forwarded her some sort of a minigame via WeChat.

My score is 72. Can you beat me?

Chi Ying curiously clicked open the link and its a small script on WeChat.

WeChat authorization

Bounce request to have the below permission:

Receive your public information (alias, profile picture, etc.)

Receive your geographical location.

Chi Ying accepted them all just like when she was installing any other app.

The minigame was very well done, the pictures were pretty and the music funny.

Chi Ying was very good with rhythms and could easily score about 1,000 points in games like this.

Being competitive, Chi Ying lasted half an hour in Bounce.

Finally, she made a mistake when her hand shook and the little character in the game fell into the lava

The large letters WIN popped up on the screen.

Chi Ying shared that immediately to gloat to Z her game score.

My score was 5878. Challenges are welcomed!

Chi Ying proudly exited out of the game, and she couldnt control the smile that crawled up on her face.

Quickly, she saw another message inside the chat window and her smile froze.

[Z: When you are in danger, press the volume up button three times and help will come right away. No need to turn on GPS. It will be turned on automatically.]


Chi Ying frowned.

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