The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c26

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 026
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 26 - Adding WeChat (2)

By the time ponytail girl had finished carefully crafting out her 140 character comment and hit the submit button, she got an abrupt message window from Weibo.

She read the words out loud, We are sorry. This content violated Sina Weibo Community Management Regulations (Trial) or related regulations and policies. Cannot proceed.

I think Lu JingYan is protecting her. Her face furrowed. Woman of a CEO, one word Lucky.

The short-hair girl flicked her friends forehead with her index finger and said angrily, What Boss Lu meant was, this rumor was not politically correct.

Hearing that, Chi Ying was a little surprised.

She logged into Weibo and noticed that from the most trended searches to all the other articles related to that incident were all gone.

Only Shu Bais number of fans were still growing at a slower pace.

Chi Ying did not see the picture.


The entire time, only the conference room on the top floor of the building was insulated from any of the rumors in the outside world.

The oval table in the middle of the conference room was simple but grand. Sitting in the middle seat, there was a man with the fierce aura.

Even the upper management there must watch themselves around him.

Lu JingYan, on the other hand, sat there with a particularly cold look. Under his piercing sharp eyes, there was a turbulent of boundless sadness and pain.

He who was always sturdy and stable was now rattled.

Ever since the very first time he had seen her at the banquet, her image had overlapped seamlessly with the one from his memory.

She seemed to be able to easily stir up the deepest of desire within him.

The hidden emotions erupted from the ground with unstoppable force, mixed with it was uncontrollable longing. With each inadvertent encounter, his ridiculous dreams became more and more so.

Lu JingYans look was frigid. That made the upper management and political figures at the conference table think that there were some errors or negligent; all of them looked nervous.

Suppressing his crazy thoughts, Lu JingYan forced himself to focus on the business negotiation.

After the meeting, all those attended the meeting had on them their standing flattering smile.

Lu JingYan didnt have the time or the effort to deal with them and walked away quickly.

Boss Lu, said Jiang Chong, who had been waiting quietly by the door. I have relayed your message to Miss Chi Ying, but she has yet to give a definitive answer.

Before Jiang Chong was even able to bring up the incident of the rumor, Lu JingYans look was already incredibly cold and dark.

You wanted to add Miss Chi Ying on your WeChat so eagerly, is it because of asked Jiang Chong cautiously.

Mmm. Lu JingYans voice dispersed in the air. The air around him seemed to have frozen. His brows furrowed deeply as though he had a lot of his mind.

I felt that you should clarify that with Miss Chi Ying Jiang Chongs palms were sweating. Otherwise, I worry that shed be very upset when she finds out one day

There was a fierce aura surrounding Lu JingYan that would give those around him an intangible sensation of pressure. Even Jiang Chong, who had been loyal to him for years, would feel nervous from that.

Upset? Lu JingYans brows furrowed even more. What could be more important than her safety?

Jiang Chong was stunned.

To Miss Chi Ying there was probably something else.

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