The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c25

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 025
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 25 - Adding WeChat (1)

While Jiang Chong was doing his best in trying to convince Chi Ying, Lu JingYans trip to the Motian Building was plastered all over the internet.

Within a short few minutes, the topic of Running into Lu JingYan was up on the most trending list.

Motian Building was a main structure built in the center of the city. The Lus, having businesses in so many different areas and controlling the lifeline of the citys economy, so it was not a surprise that Lu JingYan would show up in the building.

It was just that very few individuals would have the opportunity to run into him inadvertently, so much like someone running into a movie star. It was big news when they did.

In the picture. Lu JingYan was tall and broad shouldered and his temperament elegant and classy.

Many people had taken videos privately but no matter the angle, he was still incredibly handsome and attractive. Not even many in the entertainment circle could rival his look.

In addition, Lu JingYan has special CEO status. That represented lots of wealth, high educational background, and high intelligence.

Even though Running into Lu JingYan wasnt the first time being posted, the fans still went frantic and screeched like marmots over it.

Not too long later, another fan posted another picture.

Lu JingYan could be seen talking to a young woman that not very many were familiar with in the picture.

Even with the background faded out, everyone could see that with the exception of the familiar face of Boss Lus executive assistant, there was nobody else.

The young woman had makeup on and under the filter of the camera, her skin was very light colored.

She had a shy look and kept her head lowered.

That had successfully brought about another wave on the internet.

Fellow melon-eaters:

OOooohhhhh. Who is this girl? Shes a little too young, isnt she? [dawg]

Hey, dont try to make something out of nothing now. It is obviously some official business, okay?

Sh*t! What I wouldnt give for Boss Lu to just say something to me.

Draw your weapon! We are rivals in love!

As the comments mounted, someone pointed out that the girl in the picture was Shu Bai, a minor star who had been on a variety show on TV previously.

Just that one comment was enough to escalate matters.

Shu Bais Weibo collapsed, all of them attacks or criticisms from other jealous women.

In front of the computer, Shu Bai looked at her number of Weibo fans that had shot up in just the last few minutes, panicking. The last bit of pink left her pale face.


Inside the subway train, a short-hair girl squeezed next to the door nudged the girl next to her with a ponytail. She was in her senior high school uniform, and her voice was crisp and clear. Hey, look! Lu JingYan is on Weibo most trended searches!

For real? The ponytail girl immediately stuck her head over and looked. Her smooth and young cheeks were blushing.

The seated passengers casted a glance at them and quickly looked back at their own cellphone. Most of them had already opened up the Weibo app on their own phone and typing away on it.

The ponytail girl started screeching in less than half a minute, OOOOOOoooohhhhhh most trended search of Lu JingYan! Has! A Woman! In It!

She grabbed the short-hair girl hysterically. When she noticed that she had once again attracted the attention of most inside the cabin, the ponytail  girl finally lowered her volume, her face still flushed.

What is it?

Never heard of her. Shu-something-Bai?

I have never heard of her either

Chi Ying stood quietly next to them.

Thats how it was supposed to go. As soon as Shu Bai showed up, Lu JingYan would fall in love with her. Thats the rightful direction that things should go.

Her decision to avoid Lu JingYan was correct.


After Jiang Chong had hung up the phone, there were tens of texts and missed calls alert all coming in at the same time. His phone buzzed for quite a while before it finally stopped.

He frowned with a little worry.

In just a matter of minutes, comments on Lu JingYan had grown exponentially in size.

Most of the marketing department of Oushi were currently out to lunch, and the management was slow to respond and hadnt been able to take care of it in a timely fashion.

That has infuriated him.

Jiang Chong wasted no time sending people to mitigate this full force, leaving nothing behind.

Within five minutes, the public opinions that were enough to cover up heaven and earth had been quelled.

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