The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c23

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 023
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 23 - He Already Has Her Cellphone Number, Why Did He Still Need To Add Her On WeChat? (2)

The 30-something female assistant, who was standing to one side, tightened her fists into balls. She was covered in cold sweat.

She had always been rude to Shu Bai because she knew that Shu Bai was a pushover and would never fight back no matter what.

But if Shu Bais being inarticulate really offended this big boss if Shu Bai lost her job, she would be unemployed as well. She regretted not coaching Shu Bai the art of talking.

The assistant cleared her throat a little. Mixed with that was slight disgruntledness and dissatisfaction.

Shu Bai had spent a lot of time with this assistant, and she quickly picked up the hint from her.

She finally looked down and gave in. Chi Ying went to the 18th floor.

Lu JingYan seemed to have responded to that a little. Finally, his tense expression seemed to have relaxed a little.

Shu Bai paused in her breathing.

The tall and board man walked quickly toward the elevator.

Everywhere he has been, others would naturally move to one side to clear the path for him.

Quickly, Lu JingYan and his executive assistants had also disappeared around the corner.

Shu Bais assistant had a very exaggerated look on her and asked, Lu JingYan knows your class sister Chi Ying?

Shu Bais face changed colors a bit. Im not sure.

You are not sure? The assistant wouldnt let her off the hook easily. If you truly are not sure, why would you have walked up to her and chatted her up with your personality?

She was very well known at our school in the past and I had always looked up to her, said Shu Bai as she shook her head. But not anymore. I just want to know how she has been these past few years.

The assistant couldnt comprehend Shu Bais thought and switched to scolding her. Well, regardless. When you run into someone of Lu JingYans caliber, you need to act more elegantly, okay? What were you doing in front of him? Was he a devil? You were completely pale. That was an opportunity, were you aware of that?

Shu Bai lowered her head slowly. Yeah, I know.

The assistant was frustrated. We need to work on your etiquette. I need to have a discussion with Liu-jie later on and find you a tutor on that. At this rate, you will just piss off your sponsors if they are standing in front of you.

Shu Bai nodded lightly.

Inside the elevator, two different floors buttons were lit up.

A few seconds later, Ding, the elevator door opened.

Lu JingYan walked out and said to the rest in a deep voice, Wait for me in the conference room.

His executive assistants all nodded with a straight face and the elevator continued to head higher up.

18th floor.

Lu JingYan quickly looked around. It was lunch hour and the hallways were mostly empty. Only a few people could be seen.

Lu JingYans pupil contracted and his eyes were dark like receding tides. Finally, he turned back to his VIP elevator and rode it up to the top floor.


Naturally, Chi Ying didnt return to 18th floor to look for something she had left behind. Instead, she went out of the emergency exit and left the building through the southeast exit.

Whatever took place behind her had nothing to do with her.

There are many powers in the outside world that could ruin her life like trampling a flower or a blade of grass. She didnt want to get involved until she had the ability to resist them.

If the male lead and female lead met each other a year earlier than in the book, would the car accident also be moved up?

She was a bit worried. She might not have a lot of time left.

In the afternoon of early September, the sun was still beating down hot and strong and the asphalt road was burning hot under the sun.

The audition location was quite far from her residence, but luckily, there was a subway, whod take her all the way back. Taking the subway now, she would just make it back when Chi Cheng got out of school.

Chi Ying walked faster and disappeared into the crowd inside the subway station.

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