The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c2

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 002
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 2

The first three years of a child was very vital; thats why Chi Ying decided to stay with Chi Zheng till he was three. And now that Chi Zheng was old enough to start kindergarten, Chi Ying had also returned to her performance school.

The experience of the original owner had taught her that she must learn to be able to hold her own and be financially independent. She couldnt be content with being a frog in warm water or a good-for-nothing leech.

Thats the only way she could avoid the fate of asking Lu JingYan for help and finally dying in an accident with her son.

The brief moment that Chi Ying was lost in thought, Tan Ke casted her a gloating look.

The banquet tonight was hosted by City Cs hedonistic Yue Zhuo.

Yue Zhuo, as his interest had suited him, decided to have a career change to become a director. The banquet tonight was to celebrate his return from studying overseas and to also looked for the female lead of his very first work.

Although Yue Zhuos first work would most likely not become a great work, being able to get close to him also meant countless money and resources in the future.

Tan Ke had been drooling over this opportunity for a while now, but just a few days ago, Song ChengFeng, the instructor of the performance class, had singled out Chi Ying and gave her the invitation, making her the object of envy in class. Luckily, the coach finally announced that Yue Zhuo was a generous man and had invited the entire class.

Tan Ke, facing her female friends, casually said, Someone probably hadnt expected that the entire class could attend this banquet. Now that she no longer has something to gloat about, shes not looking all that hot anymore.

All the girls surrounding her knew that she was talking about Chi Ying, and all put on a look of contempt.

Zhao Wan has good hearing. When she heard Tan Ke bad mouthing Chi Ying behind her back, she didnt care who was backing her and suddenly had an adrenaline rush and said, When has Chi Ying gloated? You were the one who peeked at someone elses personal items and announced it to everyone. Can you stop staring already? So annoying.

Tan Ke made a tsk sound and looked away.

Zhao Wan was still talking for Chi Ying, Ying, Tan Ke is just jealous that you are prettier than her and overshadowed her pride as the flower of the department. Thats why she says sh*t like that against you.

She thought; Chi Ying had just transferred into their class this semester. Both her looks and her disposition were superior to that of Tan Kes significantly. In everyones mind, the flower of the department had long been switched.

Chi Ying held Zhao Wans hand. The girl had been willing to befriend her after she had transferred in and said, Thank you for speaking out for me.

She had seen too many others envious of her and it really didnt bother her all that much. But that didnt mean she could overlook them all. She must be vigilant of someone trying to backstab her still.

Havent you wanted to try Currywurst for a while now? I saw they have it over there. Lets go.

When Chi Ying said that, her eyes were curved. Her limpid eyes were filled with smiles and sparkling with lights. Her makeup was light and her skin clear and shiny, as though she was a living testimonial of what a young girl should look like at her prettiest.

Even Zhao Wan was a little stunned looking at her.

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