The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c17

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 017
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 17 - I look forward to seeing your performances in the future (2)

Shu Bai saw Chi Yings number and let out a Oh! Quickly, she comforted her, Its alright, Class Sister.

Chi Ying didnt show too much emotion. Thank you.

Shu Bai looked at Chi Ying and said with admiration, Class Sister is so positive. If it was her, shed definitely be very nervous.

Thats when Shu Bais agent called out to her BaiBai, lets go touch up your makeup.

Her agent was older than her and also a little more domineering than her. That gave the relationship between them a particularly awkward feel.

Shu Bai nodded docilely.

She rubbed her hands together and said to Chi Ying, Class Sister. I am taking off now. It was nice to meet you.

Chi Ying smiled at her as well. Good luck to you too.

A little while later, Shu Bai walked out, pale. She walked in front of Chi Ying and said to her, The audition instructor said I did well, but he might just be comforting me.

If the instructor said you did well, you should have more confidence in yourself.

Everybody gets an ad hoc script. Ive heard that it has something to do with the supporting role in the film but also not exactly the same. I am not good at ad hoc roles. Shu Bai looked a little down. I know I dont have the best appearance.

Shu Bai, as though suddenly noticing her own negativity, changed the subject, Class Sister, where do you live?

Chi Ying lived in the mansion district in City Xi, but she replied, City Dong.

Oh, I live in that area too. Would Class Sister like to take off together? Shu Bai was a little nervous. I dont have too much fame yet. I only have one assistant with me and nobody else.

Why dont you take off first? My number is pretty far in the back and the audition is long. I also need to meet up with someone afterward.

Oh, okay. Shu Bai bid her farewell politely.

The door to the audition room opened and closed multiple times. The girls walked in with a smile and walked out without one. Chi Ying waited for a long time before it was finally her turn.

Inside the room, Gu YuanChen sat in the middle. His brows were clear and his look solemn. The screenwriter and the other audition instructors sat in a row.

After an entire morning of audition, they were inevitably tired. Even though this was just an audition for a supporting role, they did not take it lightly.

Within Gu YuanChens studio, everybody was extremely temperamental. They have already earned both fame and wealth. To them, creating movies was more a pursuit of art. Fame and wealth were secondary.

There were many few people in the circle that were like that, which was why they all gathered there.

The next person was a newbie referred to us by Director Song?

Thats correct.

Which agency is she with?

She hasnt signed with any agency yet. She is a 4th year student at the performance school.

Okay, lets see what shes got.

As they were discussing softly, Chi Ying walked inside calmly. Even the most reticent persons eyes lit up all of a sudden.

The girl was very pretty, as though she was born to be an actress.

Her pair of cherry-blossom eyes were profound and communicative, as though it could convey a million different types of emotions.

Her nose was tall, her philtrum deep. 3-D looks like that not only have a pretty profile but are also very camera-ready.

Her face was symmetrical, and her skin radiated a hint of whiteness. It would be easy for makeup to be applied and also didnt need too much aftercare.

She had on very light makeup today and answered most of the questions appropriately.

Her body ratio was impeccable as well, as though the Heavens had paid her particular attention and more than normal when she was created; she could easily take on most roles.

One of the instructors praised, She is pretty as is her gait.

Her temperament is nice too. She would be good for many different roles.

She chatted about some general situations with the instructors. Soon, it was time for her to draw her test scenario.

Coincidentally, it was a role where the person had died right when her goal was just within her reach. The test scenario only asked for the one look right before she died.

Chi Ying has had many auditions in the past, but never one that was so fitting with her own personal experience.

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