The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c15

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 015
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 15 - I Dont Recall (3)

Chi Ying and Zhao Wan quickly received the audition notice from Director Gu. The audition will be held over the course of two days. Zhao Wan would be auditioning on Thursday and Chi Ying on Friday. They went together to take the days off from their counselor.

The counselor was very happy when he saw that they were auditioning for Gu YuanChens movie and wished them the best of luck.

Chi Ying arrived at the tall building within the city very early on the day of the audition. The location of the audition was on the 18th floor. The entire building was elegant and luxuriously decorated. The marble stone floor was shiny. Rumor had it that Gu YuanChens studio was here as well.

Chi Ying, obviously, was not the first to arrive.

Many lesser actresses who flew for the audition had come straight from the airport.

Pride filled their looks, but only in the deepest part of their eyes were a hint of weariness and anxiety that couldnt be hidden.

For the not-so-popular 18th-tier actresses, going to auditions was the majority of their jobs. They floated around the edges of the entertainment circle, struggling. They experienced failures over and over again and faced the horror of the unknown future. Cruel competition and reality tore apart their dreams. They were tired both emotionally and physically, but had no other options other than continue down this torturous path.

In the air, there was a thick sense of anxiety that would not dissipate, mixed in with the smell of makeup.

Seeing Chi Ying, the young girls more or less gave her a complicated look.

Even though everybody was attractive there, she still stood out as the best.

Chi Ying had on plain but delicate makeup. Not only was her features perfect, you name it big chest, skinny waist, jutted out bottom, long legs, good skin shes got it.

Her body was hot under the fabric of her clothes yet it didnt give her a feel of a working girl.

Her temperament was impeccable, as though she was a fairy who had fallen onto earth.

Everybody was envious of her.

The locked door finally opened up and a worker walked out and announced to everyone there, This is all ad hoc, and there will be no character information to be handed out beforehand.

The girls went silent all over again. Part of them were nervous, and the other part was numb.

Chi Ying wasnt surprised as Zhao Wan had already told her about it yesterday. This type of audition was more advantageous for her.

In her previous life, a talent scout saw her talent right away and insisted that she was a natural-born actress.

Chi Yings family had no background and was very low on resources. She wasnt able to be a child star in any popular TV shows, but she was in a lot of plays. Under the bright or dim lights, she has always been the youngest and the one with the most aptitude in all of the plays.

She was raised by her grandmother alone. They were not well off, but even when they may or may not have money for food, her grandmother would always have money for Chi Yings art classes. Chi Ying, knowing that none of these came by easily, had always worked hard.

Her look and her body might have changed, but the aptitude and the sweat that she had put in would never change.

She was very talented in switching between different emotions. Others might be fearful of the stage, but she loved being here.

This time around, fate has granted her an even more stunning look. Each smile of hers was attractive. She felt very confident.

Sitting on the long bench outside of the door, Chi Ying waited for the worker to hand out their numbered badge.

Suddenly, she heard a milky voice, Are you senior Chi Ying?

Chi Ying looked up curiously and saw a young girl about her age standing in front of her.

She wasnt particularly stunning, but she was delicate. If she opted for lighter make up, shed look even more appealing.

You are?

The girl bit her lip shyly and said, My name is Shu Bai.

Chi Ying paused a little.

Shu Bai?

That was not an unfamiliar name. Shu Bai was. the name of the female lead in the novel.

She shook her and said indifferently, I dont recall.

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