The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c11

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With the Bun - Ch 011
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 11 - Lu JingYan Has Asked To Be Added As Your Friend (1)

Chi Ying put on her slippers and ran downstairs quickly.

A while ago, after the Chis Corporations foreign branches went belly up and they dwindled down to just domestic businesses, Jing Zheng had moved into Chi Yings mansion.

Chi Yings dad, Chi YanQing, and Chi Yu had been busy and had very little time at home.

They didnt need to say anything for Chi Ying to know that things were dire.

Not only did the Chis suffer great loss overseas, the domestic base started showing issues.

The book only mentioned that the Chis would go bankrupt within the next few years and be weighed down with many debts but did not mention anymore as to the reasons for them.

That was Chi Yings worst fear.

Nonetheless, there wasnt much she could do about their fate.

Chi Yu took a red-eye to rush back from City F.

He had severe dark circles under his eyes, and his entire person looked haggard.

As exhausted as he was, he was still a very handsome man.

Chi Ying ran up to him quickly and was a little out of breath. Panting a little, she said, Big brother!

She had on a short-sleeve nightgown, perfectly covering up her red and swollen shoulders.

Why did you run over here? Why are you still up? Chi Yu was a little annoyed and his tone was a little mean.

The butler lowered his head to one side of them, looking guilty. He was the one who had woken up Chi Ying. Young Master didnt come home very often; his first reaction was to go wake Miss up.

Chi Yu asked her sternly, The man tonight was Cheng Huan, wasnt he?

Chi Ying tugged on his clothes nervously. Big brother, what have you heard?

Chi Yu looked gloomy. Not a whole lot. You are bold now; you dare to put me on hold now?

Chi Ying could imagine that given the circumstances, it must have driven Chi Yu insane.

She hadnt put him on hold on purpose. It might have been Cheng Huan who bumped the button when he wrapped his arm around her.

Chi Ying apologized immediately, Im so sorry

Chi Yu continued to scold her, You wouldnt even tell me where you were. What made you so bold to run around amok?

I didnt run around amok; that was our class activity.

You plan on entering the entertainment circle in the future?

Big brother, have you forgotten? I am a student at a performance school.

You can do anything you want to do embroidery, gardening, baking. The entertainment circle is way too complicated. I really dont want you to get into that, plus. Trying to suppress his anger, Chi Yu said, You have Chi Cheng.

Chi Yus emotions roiled when he brought up Chi Cheng.

Four years ago, he made the mistake of losing track of Chi Ying, and Chi Ying had gotten pregnant with Chi Cheng right away.

The father of the child was nowhere to be found.

She was his little sister that he had doted on since she was a child regret, remorse, anger He was still haunted by all sorts of emotions.

Chi Ying lowered her head and twisted her clothes with her fingers. Chi Cheng is already attending kindergarten. I am bored at home and want to have a job.

Chi Yu sighed deeply. You still want to join the entertainment circle after what happened tonight?

Yes, replied Chi Ying with no hesitation.

Chi Yu was family. Chi Ying didnt want to beat around the bush, so she clearly stated her intention with him.

Big brother, hypothetically speaking, what would happen if our corporation went bankrupt one day and we are even deeper in debt? What would you do?

Chi Yus look darkened. I wont let that happen as long as I am around.

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