The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The Bun Chapter c1

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 绵夏
The FSC Ran Off With The Bun - Ch 001
Title: The Female Supporting Character Ran Off With The BunTranslator: Fringe CapybaraChapter 1

Have you guys heard? Lu JingYan will be attending tonight as well.

Tan Kes voice wasnt loud, just enough to fall into the ears of the other students in her performing class.

Many of the girls looked over and started discussing it excitedly.

Lu JingYan was the oldest grandson of the Lus and the successor of Oushi Corporation. Everybody has heard of him before. Whenever he appeared on TV, he was always in a suit, his brows and eyes were cold, and he always emitted a sense of self-restraint. He was a very attractive man.

Oushi Media, the biggest entertainment firm of the time, was a subsidiary of Oushi Corporation and the dream place of every student in the performance class.

Well, KeKe you need to work on this then. You will be our pride once you make acquaintance with the boss.

Tan Ke was the flower of their department and also from a wealthy family. She has no shortage of girls kissed up to her. She raised her brows confidently, rotated her wine glass a little, and said, Well, that goes without saying.

Zhao Wan pulled Chi Ying over. Just like any other girls that were there, Zhao Wan had excitement written all over her face. The last time Lu JingYan was at our school was four years ago, just a month before I started my first year here. I felt so bummed out that I just missed him. Never though we could be so lucky.

Lucky? Meeting the gaze of her best friend, Chi Ying tightened her fist a little.

She had transmigrated into this CEO novel six months ago. The original owner was a supporting character in the book. Not only did the two of them have the same name, they even looked a little alike.

In her eyes, Lu JingYan wasnt just the CEO of Oushi. He was also the male lead of this world, and the father of her child.

Chi Ying would never forget how the novel went.

The original owner was a neighbor with Lu JingYan when they were kids. As Lu JingYan had saved her before in the past, she had always had feelings for him.

Lu JingYan moved away later on and became more and more outstanding. He earned his MBA from one of the most prominent colleges and took over the management of Lus Corporation at the age of 25. That, on top of his unrivaled handsomeness and disposition, and with the help of the media, quickly pushed him to the status as the countrys new generation male god.

The original owner worked hard too. She wanted to be an equal to him and believed thats the only way to have the love that she was after. She loved acting and had shown a lot of talent in that field. She had skipped a few grades on her way and was accepted into the best acting school in the country. The night before the first day of her fourth year of school, she finally ran into Lu JingYan again at a banquet. The two of them both had too much to drink and had an accidental relationship.

The morning after the intimacy, before Lu JingYan had awakened, the original owner received a call telling her that her mother, Jing Zheng, was in critical condition. She had no choice but to leave a note with her contact information before she left in a hurry.

Jing Zhengs surgery was a success. The original owner had hoped that Lu JingYan would come and look for her but he never did.

The original owner discovered that she was pregnant not long after that. She did not have the courage nor the means to inform Lu JingYan of that. Finally, unwilling to give up her child, she quit school and gave birth of Chi Cheng a year later.

Back then the Chis were powerful. Suffering from postpartum depression, the original owner did not return to school to finish her coursework but opted to stay home and take care of the child instead. Unexpectedly, their family business began to go downhill and finally went bankrupt the year that Chi Zheng turned seven and went into a lot of debt.

Running out of options, the original owner took the child to ask Lu JingYan for help. What she didnt know was that Lu JingYan had already met Shu Bai, the female lead, and was in love with her. She and Chi Zheng had, no doubt, become an obstacle in their relationship and a wound that would never heal in Shu Bais heart.

Not long after, the original owner and Chi Zheng died in a car accident. Her parents committed suicide by jumping off a building. And the lowly romance that was not blessed by fate finally came to an end.

When Chi Ying transmigrated over, Chi Zheng was just two-and-a-half years old. The Chis were going downhill but not yet in debt. It wasnt too late yet.

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