The Baby Isn’t Yours Chapter c8

Publisher: Kakaopage Authors: 아롱드리
||T/N:Hello! I decided to remove the bolding for this chapter. Please leave some thoughts about it so I can figure out if I should keep it this way or not.2

Italics for thoughts (apostrophes for the first one) and sound effects.Multiple "-" represents flashbacks and memories (unless dependant on time signatures like "* * *").

Enjoy reading!||

. . .

Rip rip rip!2

With the pleasant sound of the paper being torn, the scroll, which had been split in two, disintegrated in small flames.2

In an instant, the paper began to disappear, dissipating into pink smoke.

'No, what I just did, that . . . . . .'1

Kalia, who was distracted by the disappearing scroll in her hands, realized at that moment that she had been tricked by Simon once again.

'How foolish.'

She closed her eyes, blaming herself for what just occurred.

She was upset also because she thought she had seen Simon's smirk just before she closed her eyes.

'Oh, my God! You son of a bitch! Playing with people as you please!' ||*1||

Kalia shoved away her anger, biting her lips, and shook her head as if she had put everything behind her.

'Ok. I can't make the same mistake twice.'

It's not a big deal, after all, I'm just being fooled by his tricks, so there's nothing to be upset about.

And most importantly . . .

Look, nothing happened this time, now?

That's enough.

"Simon, are you enjoying yourself as you make fun of me?"

Kalia sighed pathetically and applied pressure around her exhausted, tingling eyes.

And the moment she saw Simon

". . . Ugh."

Why was it so bright?

Simon was too bright.

It wasn't a flashing twinkle in her eyes, but like the lustrous shine of a ripe apple.

She became flustered and rubbed at her eyes with her hand but slightly rougher.

"What's wrong? Do your eyes hurt?" With a blinding aura, Simon strode to Kalia in response to her action and took hold of her hand, asking that.

". . . . !"

When asked if she was hurt, she could only think about how his voice was pretty well-defined, and unlike before, that same voice stuck sweetly to her ears.

But that wasn't why Kalia was surprised.

At that second when Simon had grabbed her wrist, a fiery heat pierced her.

It soon became an electric current and flowed throughout her entire body, and the stimulus was so great that it had left her breathless, gasping for air.

Startled, Kalia yanked her wrist from his grip.

Simon looked at Kalia, baffled.

His magnificent gold eyes were quick to spot the confused trembling of Kalia's emerald pupils.

"I'm going crazy because I want to kiss, no, I want to trace every inch of your body with my hands until your white skin has red marks . . ."

Thump, thump.

"I'm going to seal those lips, and then I'm going to . . . . . ."

It was around that moment that Kalia's heart began to beat wildly.

". . . . . . . That's exactly what makes you want to push something around roughly."

Something was wrong.

Feeling odd, Kalia immediately turned around and left Simon's lab.

It was because her instinct had whispered that something much bigger would happen if she remained where she was.

Beads of cold sweat began to trickle.


Leaving Simon to call for her, she traveled down the tower at a rapid pace.

And just before she could take the horse that had been tied to a tree, "Kalia!"

Whether by magic or not, her wrist was seized by Simon, who appeared in an instant.1

". . . Hoo!"

Freezing from the thrilling heat that stimulated her whole body that came from her captured wrist, she released a weird groan for the first time in her life.

". . . . !"

Stunned by her action, Kalia bit her lips and glanced at Simon.

'Simon, you wouldn't have tore such a suspicious scroll even if you weren't kidding!'

For some reason, Simon stopped in amazement and just stared at her with odd eyes.

Kalia shook off the throbbing feeling from his strange touch and quickly climbed onto the horse.

"Anyway, I should go back to the manor."

"The scrolls, though."

"Shut up, Simon."

Leaving Simon to stare blankly at her, eyes unable to read her thoughts, Kalia kicked at the horse's hip.

"Giddy up!"

The horse departed vigorously.

But just before Kalia could leave the garden of the tower, her horse hurriedly turned around.

In front of Simon, who had been looking at Kalia's distant back, Kalia came back while breathing heavily.

Behind Kalia, was the wide moon.

The bright moonlight pouring past her silhouette scattered dizzily over her disheveled, lemon-colored hair.

Kalia, still breathing heavily, pulled back a few strands of her flowing hair with a sigh.

Then, in an instant, she bent down and stretched out her hand to grab the collar of Simon, who was staring at her, bringing them face to face.

"The scroll . . . Hurry up and fix this." her growling voice raged.

Kalia's hot exhale of air hit Simon's lips.

". . . What?"

"Fix it right now."

"That won't be a . . . . . ."

Simon couldn't finish his words. It was because even before he finished speaking, she struck Shaman's lips as if she were scanning a picture of her mouth.1

Like someone had said before.

I could feel myself about to go crazy if I didn't bite the faltering lips that opened.

I just can't bear it.

It was like my head was going to burst because of the scorching heat.


Kalia, after devouring those soft, greedy lips, mumbled as she touched her own lips.

A muffled voice, like a metallic echo, flowed out, soaked in desire.

". . . Fuck, Simon."

'It's all your fault.'

Once again, Kalia's red tongue penetrated deep into the mouth of Simon, who exhaled harshly.

* * *

What happened after that?

'. . . . . . Kalia, Kalia, my Kalia!'

'Hmm . . . One more round, don't stop, Simon!'33

'Oh my God . . . ! Damn it.'

'. . . . . . Simon, Simon.'


". . . Hmm."

What happened is confirmation to the life in my belly.

Kalia had to close her eyes tightly at the nude images that emerged vividly in her mind.

She reprimanded herself, her dry, coarse hands fanning down her face, which felt heated.

'Hoo . . . I'm a real piece of shit.'

She jerked her red earlobes and sighed as she shook her head.

I'm done.

This was the Kalia of that day.

And that Kalia made a baby that day, during a passionate night.

Wow! That was the same long-time friend who you grew up with like a brother.

A baby!

You made!


'. . . . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!'

Derek's, the mage's, scroll was so powerful, unscrupulous, and just truly great.

For more than two decades, when it came to swords, her devotion was unrivaled, but thanks to that, Kalia, who was as ignorant as a baby to anything other than the sword, experienced a new world on that day.

It was so enormous, so sweet and thrilling that she could hardly keep herself in check.

Even the massive spell of Derek's scroll was controlling her.

She couldn't stop, and she had rushed in like a runaway locomotive.

In the meantime, Kalia explored the uncharted areas with a tremendous, very active sense of ignorance.

Furthermore, her physical strength and stamina was the best in the Empire. The body that was running wild all night was tireless.

Rather, it was Simon who fainted when the sun rose. ||*2||31

As such, Kalia didn't even know it was true paradise, and she fell in love with the sweetness she tasted for the first time while she ended up driving Simon away.

I didn't know the night was coming . . . I didn't even know the sun was rising . . . I don't know how hard it is . . .1

That's the situation you put Simon in . . . all night long . . .


". . . . . . I'm a piece of garbage no matter how hard I think about it. I can't deny it."

Kalia muttered frightfully with a serious face.

When Kalia, who was spying on Simon from through the window, was about to turn her head away, Simon turned his head back.

The noble golden eyes resembling the moonlight stared at her particularly.

* * *

"It's been two weeks, Kalia."

The two faced each other in the moon-lit garden.

After two weeks without Simon's greetings, Kalia murmured to herself, "Has it already been that long?" and nodded lightly.

"I've been avoiding you very well."

Kalia grimaced at her relentless anger.

She had never been without Simon.

That evening, five weeks ago, that ragged night. Kalia was told that Simon was still not out of bed.

And when she heard that he had been resting in the room until the next day, she reflected on herself all day, feeling guilty that she had dragged him down.16

Then the next day arrived, and he had sent a letter saying he would come, but she politely turned down his offer, hoping that his physical strength would fully recover.

'There is no need to come, no need to visit me, so take a break.Sooner or later I will go see you. And I'm sorry.'

The next day, as promised, she visited him, and in a certain way he stared at Kalia with very cold eyes and said nothing.

She seemed unable to quelch his anger by saying "I'm sorry" in her own handwriting.

No, rather, it seemed to fuel his anger.2

Without knowing what to do, Kalia repeatedly apologized, but Simon ran wild, kicking her out on the spot.

For the last 20 years or so she had known him, she had never seen Simon so angry.

She felt even more apologetic, but at the same time she was a little upset.

'No, was I the only one who did it out of excitement? At the time, it was crazy, I kissed him and touched him, thinking that it was like a dream. And it's Simon who made me tear it!'

She expressed her frustration inside quietly, but she was the one who jumped him, so she couldn't help feeling guilty.

Kalia had waited for Simon's anger to subside.

So three weeks later, when she met Simon again, he looked fine.

He even managed to look at her, saying that he was pressured by the elders of his family to marry, and that he might have a lady to have a marriage contract with.

Kalia viewed Simon's bloodshot eyes as them saying, "So don't interfere with my marriage."

So this time, as politely as possible . . .

"It's finally time for you to marry. I'm going to cheer and congratulate you with all my heart, Simon."

She said and promised, "I'll take that day as a secret to my grave," and she even asked for a handshake of reconciliation!

He burst into a second explosion in front of her, and Kalia ran away from him in escape once again.8

'You nasty mages.'2

Still, you shouldn't have cast fire balls into the Imperial Gardens!3

Anyway after that day, she went on a two-week business trip to the military training center in Holia, the second capital, and returned precisely yesterday.

Which led to why she tested it because she always didn't have a consistent period of menstruation, just in case.

However, as if he didn't know about the situation, or he didn't want to know about it, Simon was looking at her face crookedly.

With a hint of irritation.

"When the war is over, you always have a hard time seeing me like this. So sometimes I think I'm going to start a war . . ."6

. . .

||T/N:1. ['Oh, my God! You son of a bitch! Playing with people as you please!']When I originally translated it, it was, " 'Oh, my God! You son of a bitch! I'll play with people anyway!' " which could've been taken asKalia saying 'I'll play your game, anyway,' or, 'Playing with people anyway/as you please.' I stuck with the latter as people were a part of the translation. Either one would have made sense, it wouldn't affect the plot. Translating is a gamble and you have to use your own means if you don't actually know the language lol.2

2. [Rather, it was Simon who fainted when the sun rose.]HAHAHAHHA, JESUS CHRIST, SHE'S AMAZING.4

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