Science and Technology Library Chapter c10

Publisher: Qidian Authors: 孤胆蚂蚁
In the library, Chen Mo stopped tapping his finger on the keyboard, and a relaxed smile appeared on his face.

After five days of hard work, he had failed three times. In the end, he had thick enough skin to ask Elder Shu for some advice. Elder Shu gave him an explanation without the slightest hesitation.

Under Elder Shu's guidance, Chen Mo quickly found the key points and knew that he had completed the antivirus procedures.

It had been five days since the ‘Heart of Eternity' erupted. Today, its antivirus was finally completed.

Chen Mo couldn't wait to put the antivirus into the U disk and insert it into Xiao Yu's computer.

It still had the mysterious metal door and lock. The countdown was at 40 hours left. If it wasn't unlocked after 40 hours, all the information in the computer would be destroyed.

Chen Mo tapped on the keyboard a few times when he saw the light flashing on the U disk.

"Currently searching for the virus. Completed: 1%…"

A prompt jumped out from the screen, causing Chen Mo to reveal a look of joy.

Two minutes later, the value jumped to 100%. The computer screen lit up and returned to the familiar windows table. No one knew that within the library of University of Binhai, Chen Mo had already dealt with the blackmail virus that threatened the world.

"A little stuck."

Chen Mo used his mouse to refresh the table.

However, it was normal for Xiao Yu to think that he wasn' t proficient in computers and put everything on the C disk. However, Xiao Yu's computer was very tidy.

‘There's really something wrong. I' ll ask for Xiao Yu's opinion and help her manage the computer.' Chen Mo thought to himself. The mouse randomly tapped on the table, but the mouse stopped on a video and was stuck, not moving at all.

"Ah… a treasury…"

The sudden miserable cry resounded throughout the study area. The source of the voice was the computer in front of Chen Mo.

Chen Mo's eyes were wide open and his face was filled with astonishment. When he saw the scene on the computer screen, he almost spat a mouthful of blood.

The people in the study area stared at him with dumbstruck eyes. Some of the girls' faces were red, and their gazes at Chen Mo were incomparably strange.

Without a word, Chen Mo hurriedly covered the computer screen, and his face turned red.

"This fellow is awesome. Come to the library and openly watch the island's action film."

"Even if my grandmother doesn' t help him, she' ll accept him."

"Old Iron 666…"


Many people in the study area were holding back their laughter. Their faces were completely red, and they felt their stomachs ache as they laid on the table and laughed loudly in the end.

The laughter in the entire study area and the strange looks almost caused Chen Mo's head to crash onto the table. This time, he had lost all face. He had never imagined that there would actually be such a film on Xiao Yu's computer.

‘I can' t stay here any longer.'

Chen Mo hurriedly put the two computers into his backpack before getting up and leaving. He had just left the library when Little Yu arrived outside the library.

Without a word, he grabbed Xiao Yu's hand and quickly left.

"What happened?" Xiao Yu asked.

"We' ll talk later."

Chen Mo even wanted to laugh, but he didn' t expect that as soon as he killed the virus, this sort of thing would happen. This was the most embarrassing thing he encountered. Only after the two of them arrived at the resting pavilion by the lake did Chen Mo stop.

"The computer virus was destroyed." Chen Mo took out the computer and handed it to Xiao Yu with a smile.

Xiao Yu hesitated for a moment before lifting the computer.

"Ah… Ah…"

The petite cries and gasps were transmitted from the computer. Before they could even see the scene, Xiao Yu's face instantly turned red. From her ear to his neck, she almost threw the computer out.

Xiao Yu hastily covered the computer. Her face was red, and she did not dare to look at Chen Mo.

What she was worrying about had happened.

"That film was… that night, Ruoxi and the others…"

After hesitating for a while, Xiao Yu told Chen Mo everything about the little film. She knew that Chen Mo had already discovered it, so she had to explain. Otherwise, she would not be able to raise her head in front of Chen Mo.

"You didn' t know, but it's already bitter for me." Hearing Xiao Yu's explanation, Chen Mo's face collapsed.

"You saw it? Are you alright?" Xiao Yu asked with a red face.

This was the first time she had talked about such crude topic in front of the opposite sex. Even if the person in front of her was her own boyfriend.

"I was in the study area of the library just now, and my computer was stuck. I accidentally opened it. The voice was so loud, and everyone in the study area heard it. Quite a few people had already laughed out their internal injuries."


Xiao Yu ignored his image and started laughing. That kind of scene made her feel amused.

"You're still laughing. I've lost a lot. Where is my compensation?"

Xiao Yu restrained her smile and looked at Chen Mo with a red face. She bit her lips and kissed him before quickly withdrawing.

Chen Mo's mood relaxed, and all of his sadness instantly vanished.

"Again." Chen Mo lightly smiled as he pointed at his face.

"Stop messing around."

Little Yu patted Chen Mo with a red face. This was the first time she had taken the initiative to kiss the opposite sex.

"Just now, something like that happened in the library. The computer wasn't closed. That film was still playing, and as soon as i opened the lid, there was a sound."

"If you want to see it, then directly open the lid. However, remember to wear earbuds or else others will hear you."

Xiao Yu's face instantly turned red as she tossed the computer back to Chen Mo. "Help me remove it."

"It's fine to remove it. Let's do it again." Chen Mo laughed.

"You can just cut it off."

Chen Mo took the notebook and opened the computer's screen. The soul-stirring voice once again rang out from the computer. Fortunately, there was no one here. Otherwise, there would be another embarrassment.

Xiao Yu's face instantly turned pale. His face was as red as blood.

"I' m worried that you' ll be bullied by Ruoxi in the dorm." Chen Mo removed the video before returning the computer to Xiao Yu.

"Thank you." Xiao Yu took the computer and saw that all the documents were there before heaving a sigh of relief.

"Let's get going."

After turning off Zhou Tongtong's computer and helping Xiao Yu tidy up the computer, he sent Xiao Yu back to her dorm.

After returning to the room, Chen Mo put his things away and entered the Science and Technology Library.

Back then, Elder Shu had said that as long as the investigation procedure was completed, he would be able to randomly select a technology. Now, the procedure was completed.

After entering the dark red book, Elder Shu appeared again.


"It's complete!"

"That's right. That's faster than I thought. Now, you want to randomly select a technique?" Elder Shu asked.

"That's right." Chen Mo nodded. The reason he entered was precisely for this reason.

"Then let's begin."

Elder Shu casually pointed a finger. A circle of light descended from the sky above the library, enveloping the central area. The light screen was densely packed with books that were arranged like tiles.

When he saw so many books spinning madly, Chen Mo's heart went numb and he stared at them. In the end, only a single book remained in midair and slowly landed on Elder Shu's hands.

"The production process of ultra thin cotton."

When he saw the book on Elder Shu's hand, Chen Mo's face turned red, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, he wanted to cry, but he chose not to. He never expected to choose such a technique.

As expected, choosing randomly was just a pit.

Today, he had already made a joke in the library. This time, he flunked again. Why was he so unlucky today?

Elder Shu instantly saw what Chen Mo was thinking.

"Congratulations! Hahaha…" After reading the book, Elder Shu laughed heartily.

Hearing Elder Shu's laughter, Chen Mo was like a frosted egg shell. His entire body was no longer good. There were thousands of techniques. How could he choose this? Even if he didn' t use it for the time being, it would be fine. How could he do this on his first try?

Chen Mo covered his face. He wanted to cry without tears. "Elder Shu, can you change it?"

"No." Elder Shu shook his head.


"Yes, why not?"

Chen Mo immediately jumped up. Not all this for nothing. Even if he didn' t use this information and sold it to a company specializing in production, he could still make money.

Only after giving the technique to Chen Mo did Elder Shu speak again, "Do you remember what I said last time? When you design a killing software and find me, you' ll have unexpected gains."

"I remember." Chen Mo immediately raised his head. "Is there an unexpected technique?"

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