Residual Washing Guide Chapter c6

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 江湖不见
Chapter 6 - Phoenix Man
When the results of the premonition really appeared, Tang Yin's tears finally fell from her eyes, rolled down on that white, porcelain face, and the fingers on the wheelchair were pale and weak and trembling hard but she was trying to grit her teeth. She didn't want to be so embarrassed to be seen by the person in front of her, but it was totally out of control.When she woke up in her bed to see this strange student, and then the other person's meticulous care, and then the two years of interdependence, the more Tang Yin knew that the other's care for herself was not sincere, the more she could not let go.As soon as her life went to hell, this person appeared in front of her like light, making her life bright again, and letting her learn to face all the things now, even if Tang Yin found out that her boyfriend is only with her for money, so what? She is willing.As long as the other party can stay with her, she is willing to do anything.But now, Qingrong is rich, and he easily returned 10 million. Then he must be richer. TTang Yin could not find any reason to keep the man in front of him, even if it seems that her heart hurts, she was able to hold back her heartbreak and looked at the other person pitifully.She wanted to say: I don't want money, I just want you, I will give you all this money, I will give you everything.However, to Xiao Qingrong's cold, temperatureless eyes, she found that she could not see the slightest attachment to her. Tang Yin gritted her teeth and accidentally bit her tongue. The mouth was wet and salty, and not painful. However, it was bitter that made Tang Yin unable to breathe.Xiao Qingrong stood there with a frown. The next moment, he walked in front of Tang Yin with a cold face. Before Tang Yin could react, he pinched Tang Yin's chin with his right hand and raised Tang Yin's head. His left hand touched Tang Yin's lips directly. The cold fingertips touched Tang Yin. When Tang Yin didn't respond at all, her lips opened slightly, and Then she felt the man in front of her touching her tongue.Her heart was beating, the man's face close to her eyes made Tang Yin even wonder whether the man in front of him was the man who had been with her for two years, why he became so strange, no matter from the look or the appearance, even the temperature of the other person's body also became slightly cold.Everyone said that she and Xiao Qingrong eventually became dependent, but who knows that the two have been dating for two years, and Tang Yin even had her first kiss. The closest relationship with Xiao Qingrong is that the other person holds herself from the bed to the wheelchair. That's all.Tears were trapped in the eyes and could not fall, the tear's crystal was very beautiful, Xiao Qingrong looked down at the girl who seemed to be drowning and wanted to catch the last glimmer of hope, and grunted."Mouth bleeding can be infected."

It was obviously words without emotion, but it made Tang Yin suddenly collapse. The tears in her eyes slipped from the sides of her cheeks, and Xiao Qingrong let go of her hand. The next second, it seemed that the girl had summoned all the courage to suddenly hug his waist, and her hands tightly embraced Xiao Qingrong's waist.Tensed by this sudden intimate contact, Xiao Qingrong knew that he could easily push the girl away, but Tang Yin buried her face in Xiao Qingrong's chest, and she couldn't stop crying in her plea."Do not break up! We will not break up, OK? Qingrong, I do not want money, I want you, I want you to stay with me, don't you break up with me, OK?"Her plea was so embarrassing this time, like an unreasonable person, but Xiao Qingrong seemed to find the New World, looked down at the girl who buried her head in her chest, and repeated her words.(TN:finding New World means discover a new girl who is interesting)"You only want me?"After finally getting a response, Tang Yin quickly raised her head. At that moment, her red eyes were full of entreaty and expectation. She nodded and refused to let go of Xiao Qingrong."Well, I don't need anything, only you, as long as I have you, what you want, I will give it to you."She had almost lost her reason and was stupid.Xiao Qingrong shook his head, frowned, and then extended his right hand to touch Tang Yin's chin."Do you want the me today? Or the me in your memory before?"Although his voice was casual, bright light suddenly entered Tang Yin's eyes, she calmed down and looked at the man in front of her."Are you Xiao Qingrong from before? I don't think you are him."She said this sentence without hesitation at all, Xiao Qingrong finally seemed to be flattered, and his cold eyebrows became more interested at this time. His thumb rubbed Tang Yin's chin lightly."Oh? Then why did you ask me to stay? The person who has been with you for two years is not me."Although he is doesn't want to be a scumbag, Xiao Qingrong admits that the time he came was just right, the predecessors planted trees and descendants enjoyed the coolness, the Tang family is afraid that they are already confused by the original owner, but Tang Yin is a little bit interesting.(TN: 前人栽树后人乘凉 means to enjoy the benefits of the hard work of one's predecessors.)Suddenly her heart beats, Tang Yin's eyes glanced at the evil man in front of him. If Xiao Qingrong who she originally saw was the most obvious disguise, he liked white shirts, seeing people laugh, and was willing to handle the relationship with everyone. So this person is always willing to stay alone, right?It's like the black and white staggered, the white stains are washed away, but the result is completely black.She can also smell the tobacco on the other person, but the original boyfriend never smoked, because he said that smoking is not good. In order to maintain his character, Xiao Qingrong never had a smell of smoke on his body.But ... then what? No matter who it is, she, she just wants someone to accompany her."I ... I just want someone to love me, even if it's fake ... I just want someone to stay with me ..." Tang Yin's voice was full of suprise at this moment, because the more she wanted to get, the more she don't understand.She falsely loved her fake boyfriend, pretending to be innocent, but inside was already rotten.The hand holding Xiao Qingrong finally let go, she stepped back, leaned back on the wheelchair, her eyes doesn't have expectations and praying before him, but she was much calmer and seemed to start accepting everything in front of her.Xiao Qingrong has never loved anyone. For him, his world is full of calculations and conspiracy. A silly family like the Tang family, when they meet a bad person, they would be have been eaten long ago. But seeing this little girl who seems to have lost her pillar, suddenly he became interested in teasing.Think of it as ... having a cat.He bent down in front of Tang Yin. At this time, the distance between the two faces was less than three centimeters. They can feel each other's breathing. Tang Yin could even smell it from the man. There is a seemingly absent tobacco scent, it is not like the smell of smoking, but rather a perfume."I'll never become someone's stand-in . If I stay with you, you can only belong to me. If you give me 10,000 points of love, I can only share you a little bit of love. In this case, would you like it too?"Things have taken a new turn! Tang Yin only felt that she could hear nothing at this moment. She thought that the other party would really disappear from her own world. But at this moment, when she heard that the person in front of her was going to stay, Tang Yin was suddenly not so afraid. Suddenly, the heartbeat was suddenly stopped, and tears fell again uncontrollably, but this time, it was tears of joy.Her eyes met the eyes of the man in front of her, and the other's eyes were bright and sharp, as if he had seen through her heart, but it was Tang Yin who suddenly summoned the courage."You are notlike him, and I don't love him either, but if you are willing to stay with me, from now on, I will only belong to you, I only want you."This is the first time that Tang Yin has been so sincere after the car accident two years ago. Saying what you want to say is better than concealing your true heart. She saw through Xiao Qingrong's false mask before, but pretended not to know in front of her parents. She began to deceive herself to try and fall in love with someone in an attempt to keep the other side by herself in this way.She has summoned all the courage to offer her heart.Xiao Qingrong suddenly laughed, the corners of his mouth were raised, and even his eyes were slightly curved into a crescent. He seemed very happy, but the words in his mouth were extremely cruel."Oh? Well, I can't help but stay with you, but if you dare to fall in love with others, I will dig out your heart."What is it like when a person who is always indifferent and cold suddenly laugh?Tang Yin just stared at the man's eyes. He was beautiful when he laughed, and his eyes seemed to have a starlight, which made Tang Yin almost unable to move her eyes. Her heart beats like a drum, she didn't know who this man was, is it his boyfriend who has another personality, or what, but he ... is really different from the original hypocrite Xiao Qingrong."There can be no one else, only you are willing to accompany me."Accompany her, a disabled girl with disabled legs, to continue being her pillar.Xiao Qingrong narrowed his smile, and then he got up and let Tang Yin's eyes move upward, following him, seeing that he picked up the bouquet on the ground and put it on the table."Hungry?" Xiao Qingrong asked. After seeing Tang Yin nodded, only then did he went to the kitchen, leaving Tang Yin outside.His memory knows the Tang family very well. The same goes for places like the kitchen, but when he entered the kitchen, he heard the voice of 618 wondering.[Host, how could you agree to stay? Do you really want to fall in love with Tang Yin?]618's words are sour, although it always want the host to be accompanied,, but now thinking the host is about to fall in love, 618 feels nervous and afraid his host will be deceived.Xiao Qingrong was washing tomatoes, with no expression on his face, as if nothing had happened just now, his voice was cold and flat."I won't fall in love."His words failed 618, but he still asked carefully.[Then ... why did you promise to accompany Tang Yin? ]For this question, Xiao Qingrong's reason is simpler and clearer."If I broke up with Tang Yin, wouldn't I be a scumbag? How else can I wash it?"618 who asked the question became speechless, and the system reflected for two seconds before answering clearly.[Ok, you seem to be acting like you......]Obviously don't love others, but want to be with them, isn't this cheating feelings? This is the behavior of a scumbag ...1

Xiao Qingrong, who is cutting vegetables, seems to see through the thought of ​​618 and sneers.

"She begged me to stay, you understand nothing!"618 stopped speaking, but it didn't realize that when Xiao Qingrong was talking, the action of chopping vegetables was slow for a few seconds ...

Author's Note:

Brother Xiao secretly stretched out a JIO towards the love grave ...

TN: Yo, I tried really hard. I'm really bad with chinese idioms.

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