Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Law Chapter c56

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 宅喵
Chapter 56 - He looked up at her. His wife, who has now begun to calm down, seemed so unfamiliar to him. (3)
Translator: Fringe Capybara

Fang JunRong was rarely involved in the company’s business, but she has Xu WeiWei there. In recent months, Xu WeiWei had collected plenty of information for her, so Fang JunRong had a pretty good idea of what had been going on in their properties.

Li WangJin and Fang JunRong’s combined shares in Ayron Corporation came out to around 20 billion yuan. Meifang Corporation, a company specialized in skin care products, had just gone IPO and was relatively smaller in scale in comparison. But the land it was on was pricey, so its market price was still at 6 billion yuan. As for other stocks, cash, properties, they came out to be around 15 billion yuan, give or take. Oh, right, then there were the antiques and paintings that Li WangJin had been buying over the years. Their face values came out to 5 billion yuan. After all, values of antiques have appreciated in recent years.

As for the jewellery and cars, Fang JunRong didn’t even throw them into the formula. She gathered that Li WangJin wouldn’t have the guts to ask her to throw her jewellery into the mix.

As this has come up too abruptly, Li WangJin hadn’t had the chance to do anything shady. The two of them spent the next two days listing out all of their possessions and properties.

Li WangJin said, “I was the one in the wrong after all. Why don’t you take everything other than the company?”

Even though it pained him a lot to give up on so much, he needed the money-making company, so that was a decision that he had to make.

“I will even give you all the antiques that I had purchased.” In that case, even if words about his affair had gotten out, others would still feel that he was a decent man as he had given Fang JunRong over half of their assets.

“I don’t think so. Seeing the work of Xu FangWeng would remind me of you. They’d only annoy me. You can keep them. Besides, a decent person shouldn’t take something that others value. As they were your precious collection, it would be wrong for me to take them.”

Those were but Li WangJin’s excuses to encroach on their assets. No way Fang JunRong would be the idiot who’d accept that pile of worthless papers.

“You get Ayron Corporation and your collection of paintings; I take the rest. But those two add up to over 24 billion yuan, I will be on the losing end if we divide them up that way. You are, after all, the side who was at fault.” She paused for a bit, then carried on, “Why don’t we do this. You pay me another 3 billion yuan on top of that.”

She felt that she was being very kind already and didn’t push the envelope too far. Li WangJin would be able to come up with 3 billion if he tried; he would just be tight for a little while afterward. She recalled a piece of land that they owned. It was in the countryside area currently, but that land would be under development a year from now and be built into two city centers. The value of that real estate would increase by over ten folds.

Li WangJin was about to puke blood. He knew very well that if he were to sell his antiques, he would be lucky to get 100 million yuan for them. If they were to divide up their assets that way, he would only be getting a total of 15 billion yuan. That was like scraping off a big chunk of flesh from his body. He couldn’t possibly let that happen.

Fang JunRong said coolly, “I don’t like Xu FengWeng’s work because of you. Why don’t we do this? If you insist on me taking them, I’ll hold an auction and convert them all to cash.”

Whatever made Li WangJin think that she would want to keep those as keepsakes?

Li WangJin froze and blurted out, “You can’t do that!” He couldn’t allow those to be appraised by an expert. Once the result came out, there would be nothing left of his reputation.

He gritted his teeth and said, “You are right. I don’t think I can hand over my precious collection. I will compensate you in other ways.”

He was a bit dazed. Whatever had happened? Wasn’t he the one who had planned on transferring out most of their joint assets before he divorced her?

He looked up at her. His wife, who has now begun to calm down, seemed so unfamiliar to him.

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