Pancake Cart Chapter c29

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 折一枚针
"You deceived me first," Yin Liang pressed his lips against Lu Lu's, slowly sucking on it. His techniques were nowhere near skillful, and it was very torturous. "You deceived me like a fool and conned me into selling pancakes with you everyday."

Lu Lu giggled, "Then how about you…" he spread his legs wide, "punish me."

A warm and wet inner thigh dripping with sticky liquid was exposed, together with a pair of eyes staring provocatively.

Yin Liang hurriedly unbuckled his belt and tossed it on the floor, before stripping himself naked. "Lu Lu, don't you beg for mercy later!"

As he held Lu Lu down, his lower body pressed against Lu Lu tightly. With the physique of a basketball player, he clutched Lu Lu's waist and pushed his hips forward.

Lu Lu's face turned red and furrowing his eyebrows, uncontrollable humming sounds were produced through his nose. He was a little scared, but he was feeling even more excited.

Hugging Yin Liang's shoulders, Lu Lu licked his ear like a little kitten.

"Is it big?" Yin Liang stopped and pecked him on the cheek.

Lu Lu was clearly aware of his size. Everytime they kissed, Yin Liang would discreetly rub against him and it was not small at all. However, Lu Lu brazenly denied. "Have you entered? Why couldn't I feel anything?"

Yin Liang was provoked by his words. Pushing Lu Lu's arms away from his shoulders, he sat up, and glanced at the area where they were connected. Lu Lu was already flushing pink from excitement.

And right above, was a trembling curved dick. In one smooth action, Yin Liang grabbed it in his hand and started pumping.

"Yin Liang!" Lu Lu arched his back and his ass immediately tightened.

The distance between each of his erected nipples was far, and there was a mole on one side. Yin Liang pinched it with his fingers, playing with it naughtily.

"Mm…. Yin Liang…" Lu Lu grabbed his hand. His breathing was rapid as he messily squirmed on the petal covered bed.

When he was at his most comfortable and relaxed state, Yin Liang threw his hips forward, his stiff pubic hair prickling the tender and delicate skin of Lu Lu's private area. "Can you feel it now?"

With a fierce thrust, Lu Lu shuddered violently. Overwhelmed, his mouth gaped silently with a blank stare in his eyes, as if he were a fish out of water.

Not waiting for Lu Lu to get accustomed to his size, Yin Liang grabbed onto his thin waist firmly and started slamming his hips forward with vigor.

"Oh my god…" Yin Liang held his breath.The sensation was so intense that he felt like it could engulf him. Hot sweat was dripping down along his forehead. He wanted to slow down, but he couldn't. Like a wild horse which is going into heat for the first time, he recklessly rode on top of Lu Lu.

"Mm… Mhm…" Lu Lu was near the edge. Rolling his eyes backwards and clenching his ass, and at the same time hearing the quick squelching sounds below him, he pleaded helplessly, "Yin Liang, go slowly… It's my first time…"

Yin Liang was high with pleasure. Using all the muscles in his body, he pressed down on Lu Lu firmly. "Didn't you say you couldn't feel anything?" Prying those fair legs open even wider, he continued, "Since I'm not big, it's okay to go fast."

It was too deep and too fast – it was a whole scene of recklessness. Lu Lu felt a bolt of electricity travelling down his lower body, melting him. The pain enhanced his pleasures, causing him to produce a series of moans. "You're big, really… Remarkably big! I… I can't… I'm going to…"

Unaware of how Lu Lu's toes had curled up and the unusual hot sensation that was building in his body, Yin Liang heightened his thrusts. "Weren't you pretty arrogant earlier, asking me to punish you, I…"

Without warning, Lu Lu's abdomen contracted and he ejaculated miserably, shooting out five to six times in a go, his cum dirtying his chin.

Yin Liang endured his initial impulses and helped Lu Lu to wipe his face before easing himself to slow down. Picking up his phone, he tapped open the conversation window with Meng Xiao Tian and found the 58 seconds voice message.

"Relax for a little," He said while looking down at Lu Lu, "Let me examine this clip that my brother sent. We have a whole night, we can slowly learn from it."

Lu Lu's legs fell onto his body, his cheeks flushed red and his eyes glistening with tears. He had fallen into a trance.

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