Just Let Me Die Chapter c1

Publisher: Qidian Authors: Lamu 拉姆
c1 Providing Talents for Society
Original author: Lamu (拉姆)

Translator: nomonomo

Yunlin County, Fierce Tiger Gang's headquarters. At the moment, a banquet was taking place inside the hall.

But all the people who came to the banquet were tall and strong, with the tough and stocky build as well as fierce-looking complexion. They were not good people in any way. On the contrary, they were like outlaws, killing people like flies.

However, this group of outlaws was led by a 16-year-old youth, wearing a white robe. He appeared to be gentle and frail, like a weak scholar.

It seemed like he would fall down at the blowing of the wind.

But this group of outlaws looked at the young man in awe. They were almost afraid of him as if he were some kind of poisonous beast. They did not dare to look at him directly.

At this time, there was an angry roar outside the door, which suddenly exploded in mid-air.

"Gu Yuan, get out of here!"

The roar was deafening, just like the thunder over the nine heavens. The initially noisy and lively banquet suddenly plunged into silence. All the people in the hall stopped and looked out of the door.

A middle-aged man in a red vest strode in from the outside. In his forties, he was tall and strong with whiskers all over his face.

His body was flowing with vital energy like a smelting furnace. His imposing complexion made him look as if he were a fierce tiger coming from the depths of the jungle, ready to bite at any moment.

The sturdy man was a powerful martial artist.

From the smell on his body, it could be seen that his hands were absolutely stained with blood. He was a ruthless and murderous person.

A dozen tough men appeared behind him simultaneously. They all bore the resemblance to devils and monsters.

"Elder Chen Hai!"

In an instant, the face of those present changed. They immediately recognized that the comer was Chen Hai, Fierce Tiger Gang's Elder, who formerly had played a pivotal role in their ranks.

But not now, because he was kicked out from the Fierce Tiger Gang not long ago. He was thrown directly out the door.

It was none other than Gu Yuan, the leader of the Fierce Tiger Gang, who drove Chen Hai out.


All of a sudden, all the gang members instinctively got out of the way to let Gu Yuan and the Elder Chen Hai face each other. They knew that Chen Hai had brought more than a dozen aides to seek revenge.

"Oh, it's elder Chen Hai. Haven't you been expelled from the Fierce Tiger Gang? Why do you come to our headquarters?" Gu Yuan stood up and looked at the Elder Chen Hai opposite.

"Gu Yuan, you yellow-toothed kid!"

Chen Hai shouted angrily, "The Fierce Tiger Gang is the foundation that your father Gu Tan and I have established together! I worked hard for the sake of the Fierce Tiger Gang. I risked my life and did it free of charge. Now you want to expel my dozen brothers and me together without saying a word. You also want to split my property in the Fierce Tiger Gang! Is that how you fucking treat the brothers who fought for the gang, risking their lives!?"

His eyes were wide open as he was furious.

"No, no, no, Elder Chen, you misunderstood me. I didn't expel you from the Fierce Tiger Gang." Gu Yuan shook his head and sighed, "It's just that the society needs you, Elder Chen. It is a waste of talent for outstanding people like Elder Chen to stay with the Fierce Tiger Gang.

"You should leave the Fierce Tiger Gang and enter the society, so as to make greater accomplishments. This is a difficult decision I made to provide better talents to society."

"Difficult? Screw you!"

Chen Hai went crazy. He was expelled from the gang, but also deprived of his own property in the Fierce Tiger Gang. It is simply a crime of the blackest dye!

Now this bastard also said that he was expelled from the Fierce Tiger Gang for his own good! To make contributions to society! To be transferred talent!

Even though his speech was unpleasant to hear, he continued to bully so-called talents like a villain.

"Of course, I'm not targeting Elder Chen. I have already worked out a series of rules and regulations inside the Fierce Tiger Gang." Gu Yuan said eloquently, "In the future, a dozen talents who have worked in the Fierce Tiger Gang for more than ten years will be exported to the society every year so that they can leave the Fierce Tiger Gang and work hard in the society to play a greater role."


Hearing this, the faces of the Fierce Tiger Gang's members suddenly changed. This was especially true of those elders who had long since lost their passion. All of them felt cold inside and their pupils contracted.

Fuck! This damned little devil! He wants to kick out not only Elder Chen Hai, but also the elders of the Fierce Tiger Gang who can't keep up with the times.

This was clearly an attempt to eliminate the old gang members who were no longer full of passion, leaving only the youngsters who were ready to stand up to any enemy. This was an act of optimizing the talent structure.

But this bastard was good in words, saying that expelling them from the Fierce Tiger Gang was to provide talents to the society.

The problem was that they were all the scum of society. All of them were gangsters capable of only murder and robbery. They did not shrink from any crime.

If such characters were brought into society, it would be in a miserable state. God knows how many people would die, and how many families would break up.

Many ordinary people presumably would turn pale at the sight of it, and government officials would have a tremendous headache.

There would be a sharp deterioration in local law and order.

It was not a transfer of talent, it was a violation of public order.

"Yellow-toothed kid, don't show off with your smooth-talking lips here!"

Elder Chen Hai angrily said: "I went through fire and water for the Fierce Tiger Gang for twenty years! I am the Elder of the Fierce Tiger Gang! You can't expect to expel me from the gang without saying a word. Even if you want me to do so, other brothers will not allow it to happen."

He stared at Gu Yuan, combative.

"Oh, so what do you want?" Gu Yuan picked his eyebrows.

"Gu Yuan, you took office at Fierce Tiger Gang a year ago, and you did things all wrong, committed all sorts of crimes, which caused the Fierce Tiger Gang's members to be separated from each other. The people are boiling with resentment. If this continues, the Fierce Tiger Gang will be over. Gu Yuan, you are no longer suitable to be the leader of the Fierce Tiger Gang. Step down."

Chen Hai looked at Gu Yuan grimly. When the map was spread out, the dagger was revealed hidden intentions are exposed in the end. This time he came here to force Gu Yuan to give up his position as leader of the Fierce Tiger Gang.

"Chen Hai, I know that you were my father's good friend for many years, and you were also one of the heroes who laid the foundation for the Fierce Tiger Gang. It took me so long to speak kindly to you, but you rejected a face-saving offer. You know, you are just a bereaved dog expelled from the Fierce Tiger Gang. You're not qualified to bark at me here."

Gu Yuan stood up with his hands behind his back.

"Yellow-toothed child, you are crazy. Dare to be so arrogant in front of me? Since you want to die, I will help you."

Having said that, Chen Hai burst into anger and immediately struck.

Tiger Fist Fierce Tiger Coming Out of The Mountains!

His body flashed as he delivered a direct punch. There was a tiger roar. His fist was carrying the horrible murderous spirit and a burst of air-breaking sound.

Horrifying Qi and blood erupted from his body, extremely hot, as if a tiger came to swallow the enemy in front of him.

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