Investment Life Chapter c1

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 捂脸大笑
The raindrops hit the window and were swept away by a brush of rain. The light from the headlights were flooded by the heavy rain, leaving only a shadow, and the flashing road signs flew passed like a horrible ghost.

“Shen Jiankun, you can tell me clearly!” The voice was very loud, familiar, and full of anger. The body trembled slightly, and the eyes were dark and cold.

“I said, money can be returned together! There is news that the stamp duty is coming soon…” The wheel slammed through the speed bump, and the strong bumps were accompanied by the rubbing of leather.

“Can’t afford it? What do you mean?!”

He tightened the grip on the phone, and the heavy breathing echoed in the car.

“30 years old? I am not 30 years old?! You have a brother and a younger brother!… Don’t let his mother pull the Song Bureau, don’t let his mother pull the money, tell me!” The roaring sounded back to a whisper, soft and painful, full of apologies… The beeping sound of the phone rose in the ear.

Something slipped from the eyelids, and a light suddenly penetrated the rain curtain, piercing the ripples in front of him, and hitting it straight toward him. There was a scream in his ear, and the sharp sound of the tire slipping. The glass shattered instantly, the iron bar was inserted into the skull, and the knees and ribs were crushed and torn, the pain was overwhelming.

“Oh …” A shudder, and Chen Yuanming opened his eyes. The pain was so realistic, the shadows followed, the cold sweat slipped down his spine, and the clothes on his body were wet. He gasped hard and tried to escape from the nightmare, but the heavy cotton quilt was pressed against his body, like a huge stone, even his fingertips couldn’t move at all.

He gasped for a long time, letting the pain sweep across his body until the other two voices disturbed the silence. One deep and one shallow, two breaths. The heavy one was slightly stunned. From time to time, he licked his mouth, his lips gave a slight rubbing sound, and the other was soft. It was just a steady breath, and it was as quiet as anyone who fell into a sweet dream. Accompanied by these two voices, Chen Yuanming finally relaxed his body and escaped from the nightmare.

The pain in the delusion faded, leaving only the sticky sweaty feeling, the bed was all soaked, and his body was cold as if dipped in ice water.

After hesitating for a while, Chen Yuanming reached into the quilt and learned that Susuo’s clothes were undressed. It was early January, and it was warmer than the warm season. However, there was no warmth in the room. The cold wind swept through the window and smashed it into his face. The temperature in the room was almost the same as that in the bed. The duvet was old cotton, thick and heavy, and it was always hot, it even tormented him more by cold sweat.

Under the influence of the chill, his brain gradually recovered, but the movement became slower. This room was only ten square feet. The small bed was squeezed in the corner next to the window. It was only three or four steps away from the other big bed. If you were not careful, you would wake up the two people on the bed.

The autumn clothes were very large, but when they were taken off, the neckline still caught the gauze wrapped around the head, bringing real pain. Chen Yuanming did not make any noise, and gently put two wet clothes on the pillow.

The moonlight shone through the thin curtains, and the bright silver light like a street lamp fell on the pillow, reflecting a thin arm. The skin color was a bit dark, almost no meat could be found on the wrist bones, the fingers were very long, and the middle knuckles were dry and convex. Only from here could you see the appearance of an adult.

Looking at this hand, Chen Yuanming was a little embarrassed. In his impression, this hand should be bigger and more powerful. The back of the hand was covered with blue veins, because the joints of the early years were somewhat deformed…

It should have been a man’s hand. Not a boy’s.

The cold wind ran into the quilt along the elbow, making the uncomfortable duvet more cold. The buckwheat husk pillow gave a rustle, and the hard state touched the wound on the top of the head. Chen Yuanming slowly retracted his hand and tightened his quilt.

It’s been the seventh day. Since the end of the game, there have been a lot of things in his head. Many people, on the contrary, have become strangers around him, as if they have been away for decades. He once thought that he had smashed his head and gotten some mental illness, but continuous and real nightmares made him unable to deceive himself.

In the dream was a car accident, slow and repeated over and over again, accurate to the tragic car accident of the second. He could still clearly remember that the Audi A6L, which was driven by the oyster ash, was heading for the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway along the 318 National Highway. He had driven it many times, and he could close his eyes and open them. But that phone, the heavy rain, the stalled truck ruined everything. In a car accident, he died, and even the whole body could not stay intact.

However, everything was so ridiculous. Because now, at this moment, it was 1991.

In this era, he should not have Audi in his memory, should not have “FAW-Volkswagen”, should not have the words “318 National Road”, “Chengdu High Speed”. But the memory in his mind was so realistic, the reality was creepy, he seemed to have finished his life, and just like an old tape, was quickly reversed back to side A.

What was it from the normal trajectory that let him fall into an endless nightmare, who was it? Was he himself? If that was true, who was he now?

The thoughts in the brain were overflowing, and the wound on the head was faintly painful. In this pain and confusion, Chen Yuanming slowly picked up his body and closed his eyes.

The author has something to say:

Note: On February 6, 1991, FAW and Volkswagen jointly established FAW-Volkswagen. In 2005, the Audi A6L was produced.

Chengyu Expressway was opened to traffic in 1995.

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