I Turned Into a Little White Face After I Returned From the Apocalypse Chapter c9

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: 某片叶子
Chapter 9: Rules of the Game
After the Nanfeng meeting ended, Ming Chen, for the first time, went to the house next door where a certain person had been placed.

"Wang Meng, I'll have to trouble you to sort out some basic information regarding Nanfeng District and then send a copy to the person next door. Remember to specifically mark the places where outsiders can't go."

Ming Chen initially felt that he was afraid of restlessness from Su An who'd been brought back by the boss.

When Ming Chen walked to the door of the next house, he became more convinced that he was right.

After a while, this guy had become a demon.

"What are you doing?" Ming Chen's face was black.

In the lobby on the first floor, Song Qian cried without tears and held his book. The other guy's head was over the book and it was unknown as to what he was doing. From time to time, he pointed to a certain position in the book, and then Song Qian had to take things out.

Just like this, there were already a lot of piles on the ground.

Since the beginning of the resource games, Ming Chen has never seen a person so light-hearted when dealing with supplies!

"Vice-Captain!" When he saw Ming Chen coming, Song Qian felt he'd seen his saviour, and his eyes were almost shining as they stared at him.

How eagerly he looked forward to someone saving his book!

The material's in Su An's book haven't arrived yet. Although he was a little arrogant, he was still a decent person.


This book was organised so neatly! The catalogues were arranged strictly in alphabetical order, and the materials went from small to large. Squares were with squares and circles were with circles. It was particularly nice to look.

It was almost like someone had obsessive-compulsive disorder!

Once Su An saw that he finally spoke up, he was too lazy to continue torturing Song Qian.

"I'm hungry. Your captain promised to feed me. Is it impossible to give me a meal?"

"Since you're hungry, go cook. Isn't aunt Sun in the house? If you can't cook, tell her what you want to eat and she'll take care of your diet." Ming Chen was patient with him, "If you're not going to eat, what are you doing? "

Song Qian collected the materials from the ground one by one, knowing that, to his vice-captain, the most unpleasant thing was wasting materials. He didn't want these things to set the other person off.

Su An had not an ounce of care for death: "I went to the kitchen to see. There are only potatoes and greens. I want to eat meat and steamed sea bass."

Song Qian interjected and explained: "Didn't you just enter the game for the first time? I thought about telling him some basic information and precautions. Who knew that he'd suddenly say he was hungry, went to the kitchen and was dissatisfied, so he wanted to see if there was anything delicious in my book."

Song Qian did not dare show anything more.

He already knew that the person in front of him had captured his captain's fancy. Although his character wasn't good, who asked their captain to like him?

Nanfeng didn't have many awesome people like their captain. It was for this reason that Su An now basked in the spotlight. It was for this reason that Song Qian planned, so long as it wasn't a matter of principle, to try and follow this person.

Even if he didn't want to follow!

This guy's pride and arrogance received full marks, and Song Qian had even explicitly implied that he didn't want to give the book to the other party, this guy!

"I'm your captain's person. If you don't listen to me, that means you don't listen to the captain."

"I didn't expect Nanfeng to have such a big team but not even anything delicious. What's your captain doing?"

"Ah. Nanxu-Gege, when you're not with the team, they bully me. You still want to support me? I'm going to starve to death."

"Will you give it? Or not?"

With the cries, noise, and shouts over and over again, dare Song Qian not give it?

If the anxiety of the person the captain liked was provoked and he ran away, how would he explain it when the captain came back?

So things developed into the scene found when Ming Chen arrived.

After listening to Song Qian's explanation, Ming Chen waved his hand to let him go.

"You've worked hard." It took some energy to care for such a person.

Then only Su An and Ming Chen were left in the hall.

"I don't know where the captain was looking to take a fancy to you, but he actually brought you back and settled you down in Nanfeng." Ming Chen raised his hand and pushed his glasses up, his voice calm, "but since you've come to Nanfeng, you must obey the rules of Nanfeng, otherwise there'll be no crying and begging for mercy when you're driven out. "

"Tell me then."

"First, this house will be your private space in the future. No matter what you do, no one will control you here. But when you leave this house, for the places you can and can't go, I'll have someone send you the information, and I hope you'll read it carefully. "

"But I want to live with Nanxu-Gege so I can feel safe." Of course, this was impossible.

Su An knew all the way down to his toes that his request could not be accepted. The reason why he proposed it was just to express that he missed his outstanding qualities master.

As Su An expected, Ming Chen ignored the request and directly said the second point.

"Second, since you have also entered 《Resource》, you should also understand the preciousness of materials. I hope that there will be no such waste of materials next time."

Ming Chen's gaze swept over the debris on the ground that had not been packed up.

Bored, Su An's lips turned down: "If there's no waste, I won't waste. I won't waste anything of yours. I'll go directly to Nanxu-Gege. He said that he wanted to feed me and would definitely give me anything."

To Ming Chen, Su An's sentence about letting the captain raise him could be ignored.

"The third point I want to say is this: as the leader of Nanfeng District, the captain has more things to do than you think. It's impossible for him to be with you all day long. Since you like him, please understand. Don't always trouble the captain with trivial things. "

"...humph." Su An quietly shivered.

The fuck, like? What a pity, he didn't like that tough man who just wanted to fight. Sorry, although it was troublesome, he still had to make trouble. What should be cooked would be cooked. Otherwise, how could he consolidate his status as a male pet and become a salted fish successfully managed by others?

"Last point." Ming Chen didn't know of the small abacus in Su An's heart, and continued to say, "In the real world, everything needs resources. Since you've entered the game, no matter how low your level is, you have to make some contributions to Nanfeng each month."

"What contributions?"

Ming Chen didn't answer directly, but asked: "How much do you know about the 《Resource》 now?"

"I haven't had time to learn too much." Su An did'nt conceal anything at this point, "Game levels are roughly divided into several types: Single Level, Double Level, and Team Level. Among them, each level is divided into several types: Decryption types, Escape types, Confrontation types, and Survival types. "

"Indeed, but there is one more thing you didn't say. That's the intivals between levels."

Hearing this, Su An suddenly had a bad hunch.

Sure enough, the news that Ming Chen gave him completely destroyed the dreams Su An had fostered about not entering the game.

"For the average person, the game has the materials they want, so they will naturally actively participate, but there are also some people who want to be lazy." Having said this, Ming Chen glanced at Su An.

"Therefore, the interval between each game is determined by the difficulty of the level. The initial levels must not exceed five days. The higher the levels you participate in, the more time you can rest. Ten days, fifteen days, thirty days, and so on. "

"One of the game levels is an exception."

"Large Team Levels. This level has more than one hundred participants, and it's mandatory for everyone to participate. The last five days of each month is when this game is on. Of course, the type of game is random."

Su An's expression gradually collapsed with Ming Chen's explanation.

Mandatory game! What to do, he felt like he wanted to fight the zombies again. [Smile.jpg]

"Okay, I get it. What about what you were saying before about contributions?"

"For the contribution, I don't care how many times you plan to participate in a game, but you must give the team at least 500B of resources every month."

This number was in a relatively reasonable range calculated by the people of Nanfeng after many comparisons.

For newcomers with good luck, 500B of resources could be obtained in two or three games. Even if they could get a spell, there were plenty of the two basic Light techniques.

Su An didn't know how many resources others had. Anyway, when he heard this number, he thought about the number of 40G in his book, and he relaxed.

Ok, ok. His days as a salted fish could continue to be maintained.

"Okay, now that the rules are over, let's begin the formal training!" Ming Chen clapped his hands and stood up.

Su An: "..."

Ming Chen: "..."

Ming Chen: "What's wrong?"

"Tr... training?!" Su An couldn't believe what he'd heard. At the 502, his buttocks seemed to be glued to the sofa. There was no intention to get up.

Seeing Su An like this, Ming Chen finally frowned.

"Of course there's training. You've already participated in a game, and you know that the NPCs in each level are the plot task during the day that turn into zombies to attack people at night. I don't know how your Novice Level went this time, but unlike in the Zombie Town where you can avoid them, other levels aren't so kind. Most have you fixed within a certain range, and when night comes, you have nowhere to hide. "

"Tell me, if you don't train, how are you going to deal with the zombies then? Just with your soft fists?"


Bruh, Su An is one of the most shameless bullsh*tters I've ever seen. I like it.

Translation Notes:

Ming Chen's face was black: His face isn't actually black. Think of it like a dark expression.

At the 502: "The 502 Bad Gateway error is an HTTP status code that means that one server on the internet received an invalid response from another server." Basically Ming Chen said to get up because they were going to train but Su An had planned to laze about so wasn't going to get up. The order didn't compute.

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