I Trick Even the Lames to Stand Up for Me Chapter c13

Publisher: jjwxc Authors: Hēi Māo Nì Nì
Ch13 - Saving a white-eyed wolf
Translator : KuroShinji

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Saving a white-eyed wolf

Gu Ye smiled. "Not now, not necessarily so later."

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin ZiHao awkwardly smiled. "How could I do such a thing? You think too much."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and didn't make any further comments. Flipping through the information sheets that Xia Xiang had given him, he promised, "I'll take a good look at them, but you don't have to accompany me when I study. I will certainly get good results this time, I promise."

"I believe in you!" Xia Xiang replied with a sunny smile.

Lin ZiHao and Liu YiWen felt as if they had lost face. From Gu Ye's attitude, it was clear that he didn't have a good opinion of them. When Li ZiHao left, he cast a sarcastic look at Gu Ye. This guy, where did his confidence come from? He actually dared to say that he would get good results this time? Him, who has been a study slag for ten thousand years, saying that? Does he intend to get help from the ghosts he enslaved?

Lin ZiHao was not the only person who thought this, as the entire class also thought that Gu Ye was promising the impossible. Gu Ye always ranked last in the whole grade. Even Qian Zhen, who always slept in class, scored better than him every time, and it was always Gu Ye who dragged down their class' average score.

Two girls advised him, "Gu Ye, I think it's better to let Xia Xiang tutor you. He's very smart and his grades have always been good."

"Yeah, Liu YiWen and Lin ZiHao are not bad either. They ranked in the top ten in last year's final exam. You see, you can improve more if you ask them for help."

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Seeing the students kindly advising him, Gu Ye didn't retort but just smiled. The two girls also felt helpless. Gu Ye had changed a lot since the last holiday and he was more eye-catching now. Furthermore, he often smiled and appeared cheerful. Girls wanted to talk to him now, but for some reason, they always felt alienated and couldn't come close to him.

When Lin ZiHao returned to his seat, he thought of Gu Ye's gaze on him and opened his drawer after a moment of hesitation. Hidden inside it, under his textbooks, was the thing he had prepared in advance. He was a little afraid of Gu Ye.

Seeing that the mock exam was getting closer, the students put their minds on studying and no longer cared about Gu Ye's studying problems. Finally, exam day arrived and Teacher Yu mobilized the students' enthusiasm accordingly before the exam started, saying things like if they do well in this exam, it will be the foundation for their development later in their life. Gu Ye looked at his naive classmates with numb eyes, wishing he could brandish a broadsword or something and cut these bitches for being too gullible. He also thought that it was fortunate that Teacher Yu had chosen this profession. Had he been an MLM promoter, people's lives would be finished.

After the motivational speech, the students booted up their tablets according to the teacher's instructions. There were around three thousand students in their year and the examinee numbers were not arranged according to their classes. Gu Ye's number was 2000, Xia Xiang was 0009, and Zhao PengYu was 1338. Their numbers were arranged according to their performance in the last exam.

Zhao PengYu was amused when he saw Gu Ye's examinee number. "Hahahaha! You're still behind me even after adding all thirty classes! This time, you're in the group of study slags, but rest assured, you're the best looking study slag among all the study slags!"

Gu Ye dissed him in return, "A person who will go through a peach blossom disaster still want to mock other people?"

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"Fuck! Dude, don't do this, man!" Zhao PengYu suddenly felt scared. "Is this true? Don't scare me, ah! I don't even have peach blossoms, how could I have a peach blossom disaster? Wouldn't that mean I'll be impotent later?"

"Ccskjsr, wjxf regf cba ab agjnfi bc jcs yglvufr lc atf oeaegf." Xe Tf abbx jcbatfg ibbx ja Itjb UfcuTe'r obgftfjv. Mffilcu ecfjrs, tf ilutais rijqqfv atf jgfj. "Qfii, atlr rfji mjc ja ifjra qgbafma sbeg mtfjq ilof."

"Ktfc rijq wf j ofk wbgf alwfr obg qgbafmalbc!" Itjb UfcuTe'r fzqgfrrlbc kjr ylaafg. "Gjvvs, tla wf bcf wbgf alwf!"

Xia Xiang appeased him. "You don't even have any peach blossoms at school, so what are you afraid of? You better focus on the study sheet I made for you, the exam's tomorrow."

Zhao PengYu was rendered speechless. The world of study tyrants is terrible. Life is not important, exams are the most important thing!


The next day, Gu Ye went to Class 30, his examination room. Opening the door and stepping in, the examinees in the room who were as rowdy as chickens about to be slaughtered suddenly became quiet.

Gu Ye looked at these people and said cheerfully, "Yo, all acquaintances, ah."

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They were of course Qian Zhen, Si HongXing, and whoever was left of their cronies. Recently, Qian Zhen had been acting low key and in turn, Si HongXing had stepped up his game and became the No. 1 bully in Wu Middle School. Just now, these two gangs had been discussing how to cheat on the exam when Gu Ye entered, causing their expressions to instantly change.

Si HongXing immediately stood up. "Boss, here, I've wiped your seat clean!"

Si HongXing took someone's uniform and wiped the table with the number 2000 spotlessly clean and pulled out the chair before gesturing to Gu Ye like a servant. "Boss, please have a seat."

After hearing about Gu Ye from their boss, the rest of the cronies were all in awe of him and started calling him "Big Boss". "Boss, I heard you like milk tea. I've been holding onto this for a while, but it's still hot."

Gu Ye took the milk tea and squinted his eyes while walking toward his seat in the last row. He then sat, and like the moon surrounded by stars, the other students encircled him. Qian Zhen and his gang just watched them, afraid of making eye contact with Gu Ye, this crow's mouth.

Soon, the bell rang and two fierce-looking male teachers came into the classroom with papers in hand.

Seeing the problem students in the room, their faces turned colder, thinking that if any of these students dared to break the rules, they would surely throw that student out of the room by the neck like chickens. It had to be noted that the teachers had a deterrent force.

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Mr. Ma said seriously, "The first exam is Mathematics. No whispering and no unnecessary movements are allowed. After you get the paper, keep your heads down and answer the questions. Answer the ones you can and for the ones you can't, either move on to the next question or just draw a circle."

Gu Ye suddenly remembered the original Gu Ye's test papers were full of circles. It turns out this was what happened. This teacher is really something!

After getting the paper, Gu Ye kept his head down and started to answer the questions seriously. In his previous life, he was a science student and he had done many of these questions before. While focusing on the paper without raising his head, he had already answered half of the exam, and Teacher Ma noticed that his behavior wasn't like before. Turning around and walking near Gu Ye, the teacher was shocked to see him answering all the questions correctly!

Mr. Ma looked at Gu Ye's problem solving for the multiple choice questions, and it turned out to be a standard step-by-step calculation formula. The writing was very neat and good-looking. Just from a glance, one could tell that he had been practicing calligraphy. He then compared Gu Ye's writing from before and was shocked. Could someone change so much in such a short period of time?

"Can I have this calculation paper when the test is over?" When Gu Ye was about to hand in his exam, Teacher Ma came to Gu Ye and asked.

Gu Ye nodded. "There's no use in me keeping them anyway. If Teacher wants it, you can have it."

Mr. Ma smiled and encouraged him, "Continue to work hard for the next exam!"

The paper was sent to Gu Ye's homeroom teacher, Mr. Yu. "That Gu Ye from your class is really a crouching moron hidden badass. See how neat his answer sheet is, he will surely get full marks on this paper."

"Really?" Teacher Yu excitedly put down his cup and put on his glasses before taking a look at Gu Ye's test paper. Happily, he said, "This kid, why didn't he show such talent before? He's like a changed person this month, sensible and hardworking. I hope that his effort will bear fruit. The college entrance exam is around the corner, and it'll be the first big challenge of his life."

A young female teacher who was also in the room joined in and sighed, "I heard he's Gu DeCheng's son, is that true? Having a stepmother isn't easy for children, either."

Hearing this, all the teachers present felt like they "understood" something. The life of a child in a rich family wasn't easy. Only when they're about to take the college entrance exam would they show their true ability. Mrs. Gu was forced to carry the blame without her knowing.

After the exam, the third year students had no time to nervously wait for the results as they still had countless worksheets to be done and not enough time.

It was only by the end of March, the time for another holiday, that the results finally came out.

Instead of only being distributed by the teachers via their students' report card, the results would also be posted on the bulletin board. This was simply a form of public punishment for those who didn't do well. When he knew that the results were about to be announced, Xia Xiang couldn't stop himself from nervously rubbing his hands. "Gu Ye, let's take a look too!"

Gu Ye smiled, unperturbed. "My fortune tells me that I did well."

Xia Xiang : "….Be a bit more serious, will you?"

"I'm very serious. You don't have to take a look. You're in the top five this time."

Xia Xiang's eyes brightened, but he still wanted to go and confirm the news. At this moment, someone suddenly shouted downstairs, "Number one is Gu Ye! Gu Ye! That idiot Gu Ye!"

The third year students' campus boiled up instantly. Countless students popped their heads out the windows like mushrooms after the rain and looked at the people downstairs. "Really? What the fuck?! No way in hell!"

"No way! If Gu Ye can pass the exam, even pigs can fly!"

"No way! If Gu Ye really got the number one spot, I will eat shit live!"

"I will do a fucking headstand while shitting! This must be a mistake!"

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No one believed that Gu Ye would score first in the exam, and even Xia Xiang had his eyes widened in shock. But after a moment, he cried out happily, "Gu Ye! Number one! You got number one! Excellent! You're not stupid, they're the stupid ones!"

"Gu Ye got first place on the exam?" Zhao PengYu heard the news when he returned from playing basketball. He happily sprinted to where Gu Ye was before sitting on Gu Ye's desk and saying, "Treat me. You have to treat me to a meal after the holiday!"

Except for his two roommates, the other students couldn't accept the results. "I can accept it if it's anyone else, just not Gu Ye!"

"Yes, Gu Ye was so stupid before yet he got first place this time. There must be something wrong."

"Why don't you go and ask the teacher to display his exam papers."


Zhao PengYu heard all the "Gu Ye is so stupid" comments around him and immediately became angry. "When Gu Ye doesn't do well on the exam, you call him stupid. When he does well on the exam, you say that there must be something wrong. Well, since you guys are so smart, why don't you get first place then?"

Seeing him so irritated, Gu Ye pulled his hand and said softly, "It's fine. They will shut up soon."

Zhao PengYu was still indignant. "Just do as you did that night and beat them up!"

Gu Ye said in a carefree manner, "There are many ways to shut them up, but things in this world won't always go as we want them to. Won't we just exhaust ourselves trying to explain it to them? It's better to spend that time on the people we truly care about rather than wasting it on them."

"Fucking hell! Are you Buddha?"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and brought his hands together in a prayer before saying devoutly, "I have Buddha in my heart."

Zhao PengYu then retorted, "Big bro, you're a Taoist, man! Won't your master scold you in your dreams or something?!"

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At this time, Lin ZiHao found out that his rank had dropped more than 300 places, making him very uncomfortable. When he saw Gu Ye's name on the top spot, he felt a stinging sensation the longer he stared at it. He didn't believe that Gu Ye could truly do that well in the exam. If he was always this smart, then why was he always at the bottom of the rank in the previous exams? Thinking of Gu Ye's ability, Lin ZiHao was instantly convinced that Gu Ye didn't study at all, but instead used a ghost to tell him the answer. Doing that would only take him minutes, after all.

Even if Gu Ye did save him, he had also already paid him 800 yuan! 800 yuan! That was all he had! Lin ZiHao looked down on Gu Ye from the bottom of his heart, and now that Xia Xiang was also close to Gu Ye, he also looked at Xia Xiang with the same regard. Rich second generations are a rich second generation, after all. If he wasn't rich, how could Xia Xiang hire a tutor and thus score really well every time?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Lin ZiHao left the crowd with a tight expression and a clenched fist. A few minutes later, he went to Mr. Yu, who was about to go to class and announce the results. With a gloomy expression, he said, "Mr. Yu, I want to talk to you about Gu Ye. There's something wrong with his exam results, he cheated. Gu Ye cheated using a special means."

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