I Know Everything Chapter c153

Publisher: Qidian Authors: Jun Xiu Cai
Chapter 153: Let’s have a drink before singing!
At night, Han Dong’er and Sun Yan stood outside of the recording room as they listened to the rehearsal but everyone was tired after an hour of rehearsal.

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu was in school during the day while Han Dong’er, Sun Yan and Zhao Changshou was rehearsing the other song in Zhejiang studio.

After coming out, Chen Huan drank some water as he thought about the points he was unsatisfied with and was prepared to make some changes.

They rehearsed this song for a week but it always felt a bit lacking.

“Is it because grandpa doesn’t put enough emotion and too constricted?” Han Donger was a professional after all and knew what was the problem, “He gives his all but he’s too cautious and completely doesn’t have that heroic spirit at all. For example, the ‘lalalala’ after the second verse doesn’t have any charm to it.”

“We can’t do anything about it. He tried many times but just can’t do it.” Chen Huan shook his head, “He just doesn’t have that carefree attitude, even if he won many round in a row recently, he didn’t change much.”

“Can you try it again?” Han Dong’er asked with a frown.

“Let me think about it.” Chen Huan said.

Zhao Changshou also came out of the room at that time and he himself knew what was the problem so said in embarrassment, “Sorry Teacher Lu, you wrote such a good song but I’m unable to bring the charm out of it.”

“It’s okay, we just have to practice more.”

Chen Huan definitely wouldn’t blame him.

Because the last time he sang ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’, many people said he bring out the utmost of the song and he was depressed for a few days due to it.

He only participated in the competition to have fun and make his wife happy to begin with so it wouldn’t be good for him to have too much pressure on him.

“This little girl rehearsing with me must have suffered a lot, right?” Zhao Changshou said distressingly after watching Shui Qianyu holding her hands in the room, “Such a delicate little girl is suffering because of this useless old man, I feel really sorry.”

“Grandpa…” Chen Huan then suddenly thought of something so he immediately asked, “Did you bring alcohol when you were at home?”

“I did!” Zhao Changshou immediately replied, “My wife knows how to make good wine, I used to drink the rice wine she brewed when I tired after a day of work, it was great… since she knew she might forget things, she brewed a lot of wine these past two years so I could drink them in the future.”

Fondness appeared on Zhao Changshou’s face when he thought of that.

Han Dong’er was fascinated by this and her eyes started to tear up.

This old couple is so loving!

Chen Huan felt also touched but he didn’t forget the matter at hands, “This is great… Sun Yan, go buy a bottle of Wuliangye and let Grandpa drink two sips of it before we rehearse again.”

“huh?” Sun Yan who was eating melon seed, opened her mouth wide in surprise, “Why? Are we drunk singing?”

“Alcohol can numb the mind and can also stimulate people.” Chen Huan said, “People who drinks alcohol are generally more free. Maybe Grandpa will be able to relax after drinking and match the mood of the song.”

“Will it work?” Han Dong’er was a bit skeptic.

“Let’s just try it.” Chen Huan said, “Grandpa has no problem with his singing, expression and etc… He’s just not relaxed and easygoing enough so we can only see if this method can solve it or not.”


Zhao Changshou also decided on it, “Little Yan, I’ll trouble you for it… you don’t have to buy Wuliangye, you can also buy a 3 yuan bottle of Erguotou.”

He really felt guilty.

The rehearsal at Zhejiang TV didn’t have any problems and it went smoothly.

It was only this song that he was unable to grasp the essence. He was getting anxious since the final approached.

At this state of the competition, Zhao Changshou didn’t only sing for his wife but he also bears with the effort and expectation many people.

Especially those of Chen Huan and Han Dong’er.

They had helped him since the beginning so Zhao Changshou was absolutely unwilling to disappoint them with his performance.

Zhao Changshou would not allow himself to fail even if Chen Huan and Han Dong’er didn’t put any pressure on him to begin with and didn’t ask him to win the championship.

Chen Huan basically had to write a song for him every one or two weeks and Zhao Changshou knew he must have put a lot of effort to be able to produce that kind of quality. He couldn’t let Chen Huan’s effort go to waste.

There was also Han Dong’er who accompanied him at every rehearsal and helped him out with his pronunciation and breathing so he could sing ever better.

They went out of their way to help him and didn’t receive a single penny.

Zhao Changshou came from a peasant background so he was a simple man.

Since they worked so hard, he must not let them down and must work equally as hard.

Not to mention drink a bit before singing, he wouldn’t hesitate even if he had to swim in the cold water of winter and sing.

Chen Huan sat down to rest as Sun Yan went to buy the alcohol.

He was thinking about the most classic version of this song.

The three performers, Old Luo’s was a bit better but his duck like voice wasn’t that good.

The other two were even worse than Old Luo.

But the three of them together could bring out that heroic spirit from the song that the others singers couldn’t.

The reason was actually very simple and also due to a little accident.

The songwriter took two of them to drink before they recorded the song.

They got tipsy before they came back to record the song.

They wanted to feel the song at the beginning but ended up singing it as they laughed.

They didn’t to feel it the more they sung and be happier the more they sung. They were so high as they sung that even sung the wrong lyrics.

They felt it was good they listened to the song again but there was some mistake that made them uncomfortable.

But the songwriter slapped the table and said, “No need to record it again, this version is great!”

That how the classic Chen Huan heard happened.

Now, Chen Huan hoped to imitate them and have the grandpa numbed by alcohol so he could relax and show more of his personality.

He didn’t have to be heroic. It would already be much better than now he could just relax and let everything go.

The alcohol was soon bought.

Sun Yan still listened to Chen Huan and bought Wuliangye. It would be smoother for him as it wouldn’t burn his mouth and throat.

Zhao Changshou never drank Wuliangye before so poured some in to small glass after opening it and took a sip.

Chen Huan didn’t know if he cry or laugh, “Grandpa, drink a bit more first.”

“Huh? Wouldn’t it be a waste if it doesn’t work?” Zhao Changshou looked at the bottle with a pained expression.

“Don’t worry about it and don’t stress. If it doesn’t work, take it as drinking for relieving stress.” Chen Huan calmly said.

“Yeah, let’s do it grandpa!” Shui Qianyu encouraged him after wrapping some tape around her fingers.

Xiao Shuishui’s performance this time was really impressive.

Playing guzheng continuously would hurt the fingers, especially since she was only 14 years old. (Author wrote 16 here but I think he had a brain fart.)

But tapping the fingers made it easier to get swollen.

Especially the last few days due to the repeated rehearsal so her fingers were extremely sores.

Therefore, she would soak her fingers in iced water to relieve the swelling and pain every time she took a break.

Even the ‘Facial Paralysis Fairy’ Han Dong’er couldn’t help but admire her and this gave the little great satisfaction.

Zhao Changshou saw Shui Qianyu trembling fingers so he made his decision and bottomed a whole glass of alcohol.

“How do you feel?” Chen Huan asked him after a moment.

“The alcohol isn’t too strong but it’s still okay.” Zhao Changshou replied, “However I prefer the wine brewed by me wife and cheap beers, I couldn’t even beer to drink them when the time difiicult…”

Seeing that he was about to fall into memory lane, Chen Huan quickly interrupted him, “Grandpa, come on, let’s start the rehearsal! You can start with the ‘la la la la la’ and slowly get into the mood.”

“La la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la…”

As he sung, Chen Huan’s flute and Shui Qianyu’s guzheng slowly merged together.

The Grandpa’s emotion transferred into his singing as the music instruments accompanied him.

He hands started to subconsciously move as he was completely immersed into it.

A small smile appeared on Han Dong’er face as she saw them play together.

Sun Yan stared incredulously at them as she muttered, “He really did by drinking some alcohol? Why does it feel much better than before? This song is really nice and makes people feel that heroic spirit!”

“Chen Huan is so resourceful.” Han Dong’er softly replied, “I knew he could do it!”


Sun Yan didn’t try to refute her this time as she clenched her fists in excitement, “With such a perfect performance and song, Dong’er, the championship should be guaranteed, right?”

“Perfect?” Han Dong’er shook her head, “He improved from before but Grandpa still needs to practice so he can reach even better state of mind.”

“Oh, you mean have him drink a few more glass, got it!” Sun Yan said with a grin, “He must be the only participant in the show that need to drink before he sing, right?”

Han Dong’er gave her a deadpan look but she thought it was funny inwardly.

It wasn’t a simple thing to use alcohol to get more emotional.

If it wasn’t for Zhao Changshou’s mild and humble personality, it would be a headache if he started to sing some rubbish when he got drunk!

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