Going Against the Wind Chapter v1c9

Publisher: 鲜欢文化有限公司 Authors: 蓝淋
Chapter 9
Warnings: pain, dubcon.

He went back to school, even making it to the second class. The first class was Ouyang's English class, so there wouldn't be rollcall anyway; as long as the class president didn't report it, his perfect attendance as a top student wouldn't be damaged.

But for some reason, he suddenly felt that this sham was somewhat meaningless.

"Hey." Qian Zhi elbowed him, smiling wickedly as he said: "You got it*?" [*literally, to be in one's hands or to take possession of]

Xiao Xuan raised his eyebrows, "Of course."

"How was it?"

Xiao Xuan raised his beautiful eyebrows and coughed once, pulled out his textbook, leaned back against his chair, and stretched his long legs out under the desk.

"Let's hear it, why are you suddenly silent, unless you couldn't do it more than once?"

"How is that possible!" Xiao Xuan immediately squinted his eyes, "It was stronger than ever, okay?"

"Oh oh oh..." Qian Zhi didn't care that the chemistry teacher was still at the podium, writing column after column of chemistry formulas, and hurriedly leaned close, "The first time was already so compatible? Did it feel that great? Just how great was it? Did you use any special props?"

"That I didn't, I just added some drugs into the water, and then..." He didn't know why, but he suddenly didn't really want to discuss it with others, "And then it just felt so good."

"..." The corner of Qian Zhi's mouth twitched, "Fuck, you're too vague, aren't you?"

"How detailed should I be? This is personal privacy, I'll get shy." Xiao Xuan flipped his textbook very seriously, appearing like he was attentively listening to the lecture.

Qian Zhi huffed out: "You're pretending again, then all that before wasn't private? Oh, I know, surely you didn't last for even five minutes, so it counts as private..."

Smoke came out the top of Xiao Xuan's head as he let him guess blindly, not bothering to explain.

Qian Zhi nagged for half the day like he was acting out a monodrama, and he couldn't help but get angry, "Hmph, you're really weird today, your skin suddenly became so thin*, there must be a problem!" [*meaning, Xiao Xuan became sensitive/shy]

Xiao Xuan was poked, and he couldn't help but retort: "Your skin is so thick that you have a problem, okay?"

"Student Qian Zhi."

The two people who had been too caught up and forgot to control their volume both ducked their heads.

"Why don't you explain this principle."

Qian Zhi summoned up courage and stood. The chemistry teacher was different from Ouyang; he was a pretty strict and merciless middle-aged man, his brow always furrowed*. [*into the shape of this character: 川]

"Sorry Teacher, I don't get it..." Even for a ruffian like Qian Zhi, his attitude when facing him was lower by three points.

The man furrowed his brows, "Come see me after school in my office."

Qian Zhi froze, then suddenly grinned cheekily. Xiao Xuan knew what he was thinking, and couldn't help but smile.

To be able to have dirty thoughts even like this, when compared to Qian Zhi, he truly could be considered as a completely perfect top student.

Qian Zhi started to devote his heart and soul to listening to the lecture, maliciously sizing up from top to bottom the stiff old man they didn't even dare to think about before. Xiao Xuan finally was free from nagging, with no one to bother him, and returned to his front of being a top student, smiling as he pretended to seriously read the textbook.

Qian Zhi was his closest friend, the two of them always chattered with each other, with nothing to hide; two boys in puberty, when it came to bedroom matters, from how many times they did it to how it was, it was more of a boast to friends that left out no details.

Although this time the things that he could boast about were truly quite abundant, but he just didn't really want to say it; thinking of Ouyang's shriveled back, all his morning classes went by smoothly, even squeezing time to secretly finish writing the report he'd forgotten over the weekend. After class, he even had time to take care of the annual handover matter for the student association. Last night, he fooled around late into the night, using up quite a bit of physical strength; now he was a little sleepy, but it didn't affect his intelligence and efficiency.

Meanwhile, Ouyang's situation was hard to say.

Xiao Xuan couldn't help but wonder several times how Ouyang was right now; thinking of image of the man brokenly curling up under the blankets, he would get a little absent-minded, but though the thought of making a phone call flashed into his head, it was immediately dismissed.

The second day after the affair was a sensitive period; this one day's actions were enough to indicate each person's attitude. If he didn't intend to seriously date Ouyang, dragging things out would only cause more trouble.

During lunchtime he still couldn't help but think, making a phone call and asking after him couldn't be a big deal; when he left, Ouyang seemed to be uncomfortable.

Ouyang didn't have experience in sex, so seeing as it was the first time, last night's actions had truly crossed the line, without much gentleness to speak of; adding on the effects of the drug, perhaps he was sick at home right now and couldn't even crawl up. To not even receive a sympathetic phone call at this time, it was rather too pitiful.

Even though they should break off relations early on after sleeping together, but there was no need to do it so cruelly; after all, Ouyang had always been very kind to him, and he was his teacher, still quite different from his previous one night stands.

Phone loosely gripped in one hand, Xiao Xuan was just debating whether or not to dial that number, Qian Zhi hurriedly strode over while holding his meal tray.

Qian Zhi, who had gone to the office and came back, completely did not have the despondence that one should have after being scolded; rather, his face was radiant, unable to hold back the moment he set down his plate, "I've suddenly realized that Teacher Yu is pretty good looking too..."

Xiao Xuan couldn't hold in his sneer, "Save your breath."

"I'm serious! I didn't even notice before, when I took a closer look today, his figure is really not bad, and his ass is perky..."

"...Are you sure you can digest after you eat him?"

"Ai, it's these stiff ones that taste special when you eat them, the soft types are easily tiresome. Isn't that it with Teacher Ouyang? That kind of personality is too ordinary, they're all over the streets; it's enough if you try it once, who would be interested in the long run."

Xiao Xuan thought for a bit, nodding in agreement with him: "That's true."

After afternoon classes were over, Qian Zhi didn't keep the promise of going with Xiao Xuan and the rest to the club; rather, he was fully equipped, ready to be the first person to eat the crab.

"Don't cry if you hit the wall, the chemistry teacher seems to have practiced taekwondo. If you get beaten up, you'd better run," Xiao Xuan warned him.

"Heng heng, how could that be, it's the ones that are hard to get that are interesting." Qian Zhi had high morale, "Hey, change phones with me."

Xiao Xuan raised his eyebrow, looking at Qian Zhi who stretched out his hand with practiced ease, "Okay."

Powering off was not a solution; when they didn't want others to harass or disturb them, they would exchange phones. Picking up phone calls like this from old lovers with whom they had become embroiled, as long as they insisted on something like, "I am not XX, I'm just borrowing his phone to use, try calling again next time," then it would be fine.

That night, Xiao Xuan met once again with friends from whom he had been "long separated" for more than a week; it felt like finally having a banquet after eating a lot of porridge and vegetables, making one so busy attending to everything that there was slight indigestion, and he tossed Ouyang's matter to the back of his mind.

It wasn't until the second day of class, he found out that Ouyang was still on sick leave, that he remembered.

"Here's your phone." Qian Zhi didn't have a bloody nose or a swollen face, but his condition wasn't much better; it was said that Teacher Yuyang threw him over his shoulder, throwing him so that his two souls and seven spirits only had one breath left.

"Hm, here's yours too." On account of their friendship, Xiao Xuan managed to hold back from laughing in his face, "Oh right, just how many people did you provoke, and what kind of people are they? There were tens of phone calls. I almost died, my ears were about to rot away, I'm not changing with you next time."

"Hmph, is it because you're not as welcomed as me, so you're jealous of me?" Qian Zhi was still hanging on stubbornly, "It only rang a few times all night, your charm must be too limited."

"However limited I am, at least I've never failed," Xiao Xuan provoked him mercilessly this time, "What about you? How is the chemistry teacher's footwork? I've heard that he can break a wooden plank with one kick, you must have seen it for yourself yesterday, huh? Maybe you even understood it with your own body?"

Qian Zhi swore dissatisfiedly, then suddenly remembered something, "Oh right, Teacher Ouyang called you."

"Oh?" Xiao Xuan raised his eyebrows, starting to look through his call history, "How many times?"

Qian Zhi raised three fingers, "Just three times. He's really so reserved and polite, when he heard that you weren't there, he didn't ask anything else. The last time, as soon as he heard my voice, he immediately apologized."

"Is that so..." Xiao Xuan didn't say anything else, pondering on Ouyang's mood. Qian Zhi was right; this kind of weak and ordinary person was truly nothing special, but he was just a little pitiful.

Xiao Xuan thought, the next time Ouyang called him, he should use a slightly better tone to coax him.

But after he got his phone back, Ouyang didn't even ever call him again.

By the time Ouyang's two sick days were over and he had come back to teach class, although the two still had to see each other, but Xiao Xuan realized that Ouyang had already stopped looking at him.

He naturally wouldn't call on him in class either; occasionally they would make eye contact and he would quickly look away; when they met outside class, if he took the initiative in saying, "Hello, Teacher," Ouyang would vaguely nod his head that could be counted as a greeting, the hurriedly walk past.

When he went to ask questions, other than the necessary explanations, Ouyang wouldn't even say another word, basically not speaking to him at all.

Ouyang was clearly always such an obtuse person, but this time he seemed to understand very quickly. It only took one day's time and three phone calls to confirm his attitude.

Xiao Xuan also couldn't say whether this was good or bad. Such a neat and clean finish was the result he had hoped for, but the feeling wasn't right. Ouyang had really given up, not bothering him, making him feel like he had been the one abandoned by the good-tempered man.

Ouyang was completely estranged from him and obviously close to Zhuo Wenyang; that person was also a top student who closely followed the rules, just as he was back then, the perfect example of Ouyang's favorite student.

Zhuo Wenyang was aloof and handsome, not a very approachable person, apathetic towards everything; it only seemed like he had an Electra complex, preferring to get close to mature and gentle men.

Xiao Xuan watched the two of them discuss lessons together; much like the way Ouyang had guided himself at first, he guided Ouyang in the same dedicated manner. Even if he knew that Ouyang's patience and good intentions were impartial to all, he still felt very uncomfortable.

During lunchtime, Zhuo Wenyang once again brought his plate and fixed himself to Ouyang's side, making Xiao Xuan almost unable to bear it.

"Qian Zhi, do you have a way to fix up Zhuo Wenyang?"

"...He's part of the Zhuo family, it's probably not that convenient. What'd he do?"

"I can't stand the sight of him."

"Huh? Zhuo Wenyang didn't even mess with you." Qain Zhi crammed the lamb and vegetable roll into his mouth, "It can't be because of Teacher Ouyang?"

Xiao Xuan grunted once.

"Didn't you already lose interest?You've already thrown him away, isn't it perfect that someone will pick up."

"Hey!" Xiao Xuan suddenly wasn't very happy.

"What?" Qian Zhi was a little shocked. "Ah, so you haven't had enough? Why didn't you say so earlier!"

"What do you mean?"

"Seeing you so hung up these last few days, I was afraid that you were harassed, I helped you send an anonymous warning letter."

Xiao Xuan choked on a mouthful of water, choking as he coughed out: "...Ke, what did you write?"

"Something like, 'If you keep clinging onto XX and don't let him go, your homosexual orientation will be made public! Have a sense of shame!' The typical format." Qian Zhi honestly let out a laugh, "It's not like you've never written it before."

"Oh..." Xiao Xuan raised his eyebrows.

"What? You really want to keep playing?" Qian Zhi hurriedly pressed his palms together, "Then I was too meddlesome, my apologies."

Xiao Xuan grunted, "Hm," disapprovingly shaking his head, and continued to cut the short ribs on his plate, "It's not a big deal."

"I thought that someone like Teacher Ouyang who you can grab by the handfuls from the street, after so long, you've gotten tired of him."

"Hm, pretty much."

"But this isn't much of a pity, is it? Next time I'll help you take note and choose someone better."


As he ate he lifted his eyes, seeing Ouyang sitting far away on the other side of the cafeteria, his back to him. He could only see Ouyang's back, the old dark gray sweater wrapped around his thin back, the unfashionably high collar, and his hair that was cut in a cheap barbershop was a little uneven.

Now other than seeing Ouyang's front profile and downcast eyes during English class, other times he could only see his back.

Ouyang was now avoiding him everywhere; when saw him walking by, he would lower his head and circle around distantly, not even choosing his dishes from the same window during mealtime.

Xiao Xuan ruffled his beautiful hair, gradually unable to continue eating.

Xiao Xuan leaned back in his car and sat for a while, before he heard Zhong Li's modified vehicle roaring down the street with a "chug chug chug."

Letting out a sigh, Xiao Xuan pushed open his door and got out of the car, seeing the silhouette reflected in the car window under the street light.

His hair was a little longer, bangs soft and almost covering his eyes, yet it made him look even more obedient. Xiao Xuan couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, pulling back his hair, revealing his deep black eyes.

The black Benz that was inconspicuous in the night reversed skillfully, leaving without a sound. Xiao Xuan remained in place and rolled his pant leg up slightly, then ran into the apartment building, quickly running up five flights, letting himself sweat a little, gasping for breath more quickly, like his usual appearance, as though he had come over by foot.

Xiao Xuan knocked on the door, and he quickly heard the faint sound of slippers shuffling closer on the other side of the door. The door opened, revealing the man's plain and gentle face.


Ouyang immediately revealed a shocked expression, dazedly looking at him for a while, before coming to himself, hesitantly: "Do you need something?"

Xiao Xuan cutely and politely smiled, "Can I come in and talk?"

"..." The man's hand was still on the door; his face that was clearly always weak, was at this moment was unexpectedly insistent, "Do you need something?"

Ouyang hated him to the point that he would shut the door in his face. Thinking of this, Xiao Xuan couldn't help but be a bit anxious, yet he remained smiling, "Teacher, I heard that you lost your portable disc at school. I found one at the lab, I don't know if it's yours?"

Ouyang couldn't help but let out an "ah," expectedly revealing an impatient expression, "Really?"

His portable disc contained many prepared lessons, with many important documents that had been collected and analyzed with much difficulty; he clearly remembered putting it in the office drawer, yet when he needed it today, he couldn't find it no matter what.

Seeing Xiao Xuan hand over the small case with the familiar blue tag, Ouyang hurriedly took it, hastily turning back into the house to confirm, and Xiao Xuan naturally followed him in.

Hurriedly connecting the hard drive to the computer, then taking a look at the contents that popped up, Ouyang let out a long breath, saying a little weakly, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Teacher." Xiao Xuan's eyes curved into a smile as he looked at him.

Ouyang was alone at home, but he wouldn't wander around in only an underwear like some men; rather, he had changed into a thinly worn undershirt, and old pants of which he had cut away the part below the knee, which although cleanly washed, still looked shaggy.

Seeing the elegantly dressed Xiao Xuan standing before him, Ouyang gradually lowered his head, looking at his own toes that stuck out of his old slippers.

"Take a seat."

Xiao Xuan had helped him this much, so no matter what he felt grateful; although he was very hesitant, but he still went to pour a cup of hot tea and found some snacks like sesame rolls and peanuts for Xiao Xuan to eat.

But other than this the two people didn't have anything to say, only quietly watching the television.

"Teacher, that day when you called, did you need something?"

Ouyang sat up straight, vaguely saying, "It's already nothing."

"Is that so..."

The two people fell back into silence, sitting side by side like this, far apart. Although Ouyang didn't say a word, but his restlessness could be felt, like he couldn't wait for him to leave.

"Teacher, you don't have anything to say to me?"

Ouyang immediately smiled bitterly, looking at the table, "What can I say."

Xiao Xuan looked around with his large eyes, "Then Teacher, did you see the proposal for the school's anniversary? Third years also have to put on the final show, and the English play will start rehearsing this month, I just finished writing the script. Teacher, if you have time, can you come and direct us..."

"Xiao Xuan." The man's interrupting voice sounded like he had reached the end of his forbearance.


"Later, you shouldn't come here again."


"Don't you know the reason better than anyone?" That a face which had always been so gentle, could unexpectedly also turn red and stiff because of anger, Xiao Xuan only felt that it was very unusual.


"After that situation happened, judging from your attitude, I already understood, so you didn't need to say anything, I wouldn't do anything that would disturb you. Why did you still have to write that anonymous letter?"

Even though he was very restrained, the veins on Ouyang's forehead still stood out, his lips even trembling a little, "Now that you already wrote those humiliating words, why did you come to find me now? Even pretending like nothing had happened... Making a fool of others, is it that amusing?"


"Or is it that you have some explanation?" The corner of Ouyang's eyes turned red as he looked at him, "Did you write that thing or not?"

Xiao Xuan immediately apologized: "Teacher, I was wrong, I'm sorry."

Ouyang was shocked for a moment, then smiled mockingly at himself, "So it really was you, I originally thought..." He paused for a moment mid-sentence, like he didn't know what to say. He only took off his glasses, lowering his head to wipe them for a long time before putting them on, saying in a low voice: "But that's right, other than you, who else would know."

Xiao Xuan secretly sighed in relief. Admitting that he had done it made him seem honest and open, childish.

Otherwise, if he let Ouyang know that this matter was a joke among friends, and it had already been a long time since only one person knew, it was hard to know what would happen.

"Teacher, I was just momentarily too nervous, I only did that impulsively. I didn't consider your feelings, I was wrong..." He could make a completely false matter sound extremely honest.

Unexpectedly, Ouyang wasn't furious; after standing blankly like a puppet for a good while, he only smiled a little resignedly, "Forget it, you're still a child... you don't understand."

"Why don't you go back," Ouyang seemed to have calmed down, smiling at him with difficulty, "Honestly, I can't blame you, you're so young... Of course you'd be scared in that situation."

Xiao Xuan hadn't thought that he would turn around and absolve him, only letting out an "ah," unable to reply for a moment.

"But you don't need to worry, Teacher won't do anything to you. If you still feel uncomfortable, I... I can also stop teaching your class." Ouyang smiled a little embarrassedly, "If we don't meet, wouldn't that be a little easier?"


"Thank you for making a special trip to bring me the portable disc." Now, Ouyang's tone was a lot softer than before, and even the strength of anger had vanished, "Let's leave it at that, in the future you don't have to force yourself to come over."

"Teacher, I still have a question to ask you."

By the time the man raised enquiring eyes to look at him, Xiao Xuan straightforwardly asked, "Do you like me?"

Ouyang's face immediately flushed red, his whole face an expression of unexpected shame and anger, "You... you say these words..."

"Teacher, I only want to know the truth. If there wasn't any weird attempt, why not say the truth?"

Ouyang was stunned for a long time by the charge of "attempt," before falteringly moving his lips, revealing a disheartened expression.

"So you've noticed," he didn't look at Xiao Xuan, the hand that he had put on his knee trembling slightly from resignation and despair, "I do like men."


"Xiao Xuan you, you must be very popular with girls. Although saying this is very inappropriate, but I," he pushed his glasses that hadn't slid down at all, "I'm the same as them, I've always admired you, you're so outstanding."

Xiao Xuan had become anxious from waiting, yet Ouyang seemed unable to speak, only speaking in a restrained voice after a long time: "You might find my words very ridiculous. We're so far apart in age, and I'm a teacher, but I still can't control myself... I'm attracted to you."

Although he had always known, but hearing Ouyang say it himself, that ecstatic feeling spread through his back again, momentarily so excited that he trembled a little.

Ouyang stopped again; when Xiao Xuan felt his back grow hot with anxiety, he laboriously continued to confess: "Originally I wanted to keep hiding it, keeping an ordinary teacher-student relation, but afterafter that thing, I can't keep deceiving myself and others."

Ouyang broke off once again, clearing his throat, "By your side I can't keep calm, and I can't act like nothing had happened, do you understand?"

"You're saying, you've always secretly liked me, and it's still the same now?"

Ouyang flinched a little from being stabbed, furrowing his brows like it hurt, momentarily not speaking.


"..." Ouyang's face darkened, forcing himself to smile, "It's a little disgusting, isn't it?"


Ouyang also let out a, "yeah," taking off his glasses, wiping it with the corner of his shirt, and putting them on again, "Actually, I don't anymore, you don't have to worry... so, why don't we put an end to this..."

Seeing him anxiously interlock his fingers as he sat with his head lowered, shoulders trembling slightly from restraint, Xiao Xuan felt a kind of unprecedented pleasure from abuse.

He didn't know what had happened to himself. Controlling this kind of man in his palm, honestly was not something he could be proud of, but he couldn't help but want to torment him.

"Why don't you go back, it's getting late..."

The man's voice was full of shame from humiliation, yet Xiao Xuan's back had long gone hot from excitement, no longer able to control himself, reaching over, ruthlessly grabbing onto his hair to pull him over.

But seeing his expression suddenly turn into one of pain, he felt like he'd used too much force, and the next second he changed to holding the back of his head, pushing him down, then covering his mouth before he could react.

The man's lips that were slightly parted from shock were soft to the touch, a little dry, with a slight taste of tea leaves; when they were kissed, for some unfathomable reason, they were very appealing.

Xiao Xuan increased the strength of his sucking, simply trying to stick his tongue in as well; once their tongues touched, the man startled, but before he could flinch back, he was held fast by Xiao Xuan, and he could only make a vague nasally "wu" sound.

Even that small sound of resistance made Xiao Xuan feel very excited, and for some reason he just wanted to kiss him, this kind of ordinary and weak appearance, even though it was a little wretched, was also very cute; unconsciously, his lower body began to grow hot.

After kissing deeply once, their lips parted slightly, and he wanted to kiss again, feeling like nothing was enough, Xiao Xuan simply harshly held the man's lower jaw, sticking his tongue in more deeply.

Ouyang's sluggish reaction as he couldn't wrap his mind around what had happened, compared to Xiao Xuan's excellent kissing skills, seemed clumsy and slow, only arousing one's sadism.

Xiao Xuan bit his lips even less mercifully, and when his tongue moved inside his mouth, Ouyang could only stiffen; soon even his back began to tremble, intermittently letting out a vague cry of resistance. They were just kissing, but he was so nervous that his whole body was burning hot.

The more it was like this, the more Xiao Xuan couldn't hold it in, suddenly pushing him down onto the sofa forcefully, his hand reaching into his pants.

He had enjoyed this feeling a few days ago as well, but now he was not merely thinking of that memory. The front of his pants was already erect, Xiao Xuan pressed down on him, hugging him with one hand, the other hand groping between his legs.

Being held tight by Xiao Xuan, Ouyang suddenly shivered once, beginning to struggle. This kind of fierce resistance truly could not be wishfully interpreted as welcoming resistance; Xiao Xuan held on for a while, but seeing that he was unwilling to submit, he could only let go first, moving his lips away.


The sweet talk had not yet left his mouth, when he was slapped in the face with a "pa." Although the slap wasn't that strong, but in all Xiao Xuan's life, this was the first time he had been hit. Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, he covered his face tightly with his hand, staring widely with his large eyes.

"What are you doing?" Ouyang's voice trembled with rage, "Does liking you mean you can play around as you want*? Have you ever thought of other people at all..."

[*I feel like I couldn't translate the full implications of what Ouyang was trying to say. The word he uses for "play around" also connotes manipulation; he's basically saying that his attraction to Xiao Xuan doesn't mean he's consented to Xiao Xuan messing around with him.]

Xiao Xuan found it strange that he surprisingly didn't feel angry, perhaps because it didn't hurt much, and the man's earnestly angry face because of such a small matter looked very cute. He had never been punished by a slap in the face, so although he was surprised, his desire to keep going was greater than his unhappiness.


"Let go." Ouyang's face was red with anger.

Xiao Xuan's head was as hot as his lower body, and immediately without hesitation: "Teacher, I like you."

Ouyang was shocked, dazedly stunned.

"It's true, teacher." Xiao Xuan seized the opportunity to hug him tightly without letting go, "At first it was because things happened too fast, I couldn't accept it then, so I impulsively wrote that letter. But over the last few days, I realized, I actually like Teacher..."

Seeing the man's skeptical expression, Xiao Xuan widened his black eyes, his sincere expression innocent and likeable, "Teacher, do you not believe me? Things are already like this, but I still came here to find you. If it's not because I've realized that I actually truly like you, why would I do this?"

The lines were cheesy, yet Ouyang believed; he was speechless for a long time. The pleasant surprise had come too suddenly, the rims of his eyes gradually reddened slightly, earnestly looking at him, his lips trembling.

"Teacher." Xiao Xuan gazed at him, his large eyes full of unspeakable sincerity, "Do you still like me?"

Ouyang's hands shook for a while, then he reached out to touch his head, but he seemed to be restraining something, his eyes reddening as he didn't speak.

Xiao Xuan had completely immersed into his role, even his voice had become naturally impatient, "Teacher, if you also like me, then why don't we be together?"

"...We can't."

It was a completely unexpected response; Xiao Xuan felt like he had been slapped a second time, and he again stared at him with wide eyes like a kitten.

"T-teacher, could it be that you don't like me anymore?"

Not receiving the response he'd imagined, Xiao Xuan didn't know why, but he began to panic, tightly hugging Ouyang, "Teacher, teacher..."

He had always been full of confidence, but at this time he suddenly felt very nervous, grasping onto Ouyang's hands and wanting to kiss his lips.

Ouyang somewhat weakly turned his head to avoid him, "Ai, you're such a child... you're truly too young... you don't know anything, if Teacher treats you like this, it'd be too irresponsible."

As he spoke, Ouyang also became pained, "Being with a man...is not an easy matter, it's very stressful, waitwait until you're older, you'll understand."

How could Xiao Xuan care for that much? He simply began to act cute*, "All this isn't important, I only want to be with you."

[*literally, to act like a spoiled child]

"Ai, Xiao Xuan, I'm different from you, at my age, if it's love, that's serious, it's not as simple as playing around..."

"I'm also serious, Teacher." Xiao Xuan widened his eyes.

"Between men, there are so many hardships when it becomes serious. You're still young, how can you understand?" Ouyang smiled bitterly, looking at him, "In a few years, you will regret, and you might even feel like I deceived you..."

"I won't, Teacher, I am still two years from being an adult, but I'm more mature than most people, I completely have the judgment of an adult."


Although he had the intention of messing around, and they had already successfully slept together, but facing Ouyang like this, he unconsciously became earnest.

His desire to kiss him became so urgent that he couldn't even want for one second; disregarding what Ouyang would say, Xiao Xuan hugged Ouyang tightly and pressed him down onto the sofa, kissing those slightly evasive lips. This extremely honest and gullible person in his arms, even his uneasy resistance made him feel like it was very cute.

Ouyang kept struggling with difficulty, but Xiao Xuan still could feel that Ouyang liked him, already to the extent that he couldn't free himself. Knowing the unconcealable feelings that the man beneath him had towards himself, he only felt even more excited, his lower body swelling painfully.

"Teacher, I really like you..."

Xiao Xuan spoke loads and loads of half real, half fake lines; these sentences made Ouyang's heart tremble, yet honestly, he only used them for lubrication*.[*Meaning, to make things easier for himself]

He clearly had not fallen in love, but he had already prepared the sugarcoated words for the future.

Ouyang's resistance gradually could no longer suppress his own emotions; Xiao Xuan could do anything he wished, so he took off Ouyang's shirt and placed it under his body, pulled his pants down to his knees, exposing his bottom.

But he had only unzipped the zipper, yet he could no longer hold back from wanting to enter him. This time he had prepared a condom in advance; using the lubricant on the surface, without much foreplay, he simply forcefully entered.

Ouyang's back convulsed from pain, lowly crying out, but hearing Xiao Xuan constantly say he liked it, he desperately tried to endure it.

He didn't know that, in truth, the sugarcoated words during sex were utterly worthless; hearing the continuous, "I love you," he received a lot of comfort.

After it was over, Xiao Xuan panted as he pulled out slowly, tying the used condom, throwing it into the trash. He really wanted to do it a few more times, but if they kept going and Zhong Li came back, that wouldn't be good; furthermore, Ouyang's face was covered with cold sweat from pain, his face pale.

He really liked this kind of private, affair-like pleasure; his mood brightened; so he kindly threw both the shirt under his body and the pants that Ouyang had dirtied into the washing machine, even helping Ouyang shower.

Being hugged as he washed his body, Ouyang was evidently very grateful, revealing an expression of happiness to the extent of bewilderment.

Xiao Xuan used water to wash his injured lower body for him; when his fingers touched his injury, he flinched, gasping; after repeating this several times, Xiao Xuan unconsciously felt pity, lightening his strength, acting with great care.

"Does it hurt?"

The man shook his head. Xiao Xuan felt that even that side profile as he endured the pain was incomparably cute, and he couldn't help but lean closer to kiss him.

"Next time I'll be gentle."


"It's because I like Teacher too much, so I couldn't hold it in, and I was a little rough..."

The man smiled; hearing him speak like this, even the pain seemed to become something to be happy about.

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