A Round Trip To Love Chapter v4c3

Authors: Lan Lin 藍淋
A Round Trip to Love V4 C3
“What are you doing here?” After a few seconds of silence, I asked with an undisguised frown of annoyance.

“It is Sis Xiao Lu who gave me your address.” He hummed a reply that is not an answer to the question I asked. The tip of his pretty straight nose is oozing fine beads of sweat, the face that was drooping slightly lifted up in a slow motion, meeting me in the eyes. The kind of expression he is currently displaying can accurately be described as submitting himself to a death sentence.

“Come on in!” I sighed and shifted to the side to beckon him in.

Sitting on the bed, I raised my gaze at him: “Make yourself at home!” He stood stiffly in the middle of the room, not even making an attempt to put down the package he is holding in his hands.

“As for what happened yesterday …… I need to apologize ……” He stewed the apology in his head for a long time before finally saying it out loud, his face blushing as he spoke with difficulty.

“You know what? Just forget it.” I waved my hand in a generous gesture, dismissing his apology while being surprised at finding myself in a genuinely good mood. Perhaps a good night’s sleep was indeed what I needed to revive my lousy mood from the past few days. Seeing him standing there still in a daze, I laughed out loud: “Hey, aren’t you tired of carrying something so heavy?”

“Huh!” Only then did he seem to snap back to reality, grunting an exclamation. Realizing his own awkwardness, he scratched his head and laughed at himself in self-embarrassment.

“Well, help yourself to a drink, I’m going to take my medicine, I’ll leave you to make yourself at home!” With that shared laughter, the atmosphere transformed into a much more relaxed mode. I made a gesture towards the drinks cabinet, took my medicine from the cupboard and unscrewed the lid of the bottle with some effort.

“You live by yourself in such a big place?” His eyes glanced around while he drank some bottled water, his face full of undisguised astonishment.

“It’s not all that extraordinary!” I replied indifferently. The only reason I would even stay in a house of such mediocrity is because of its proximity to the school, otherwise I would not even look at it – the family business is thriving and has made my life very privileged since I was a kid. I would not complain about the fact that it helps for me to have a quiet and private place to hang out with chicks too.

“What a luxurious lifestyle.” He commented with a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth.

I shrugged and ignored him, pulling out a cotton swab and started to carefully apply the medicine to my arm. The cold potion shocked my senses as it came in contact with my skin, and I inhaled sharply.

“Are these all yours?” While I struggled to disguise my pain in front of him, and desperately hang on to my suave image, I heard him ask this question with a great deal of excitement. He was so excited to see those few Japanese CDs that I had strewn all over on the floor, his eyes totally focused on them.

“Yeah!” I forced myself to hold back the pain and hide the cringes, keeping my breath from sounding shaky – you this little shit, please get it clear what the purpose of your coming here is! Do those crappy CDs contain more appeal than me?

“This is awesome!” He exclaimed happily, and did not care if my floor was clean or not, kneeling down to examine those CDs one by one, exclaiming, “X-Janpa’s, GLAY’s, MR.Children’s …… and Lunasea’s! And it’s the original Japanese version! Qin Lang, you’re amazing!”

Nuts, what do those crappy CDs have to do with me being awesome? This kid is unbelievable. Just a few minutes earlier when he entered the door, he was all solemn, as if he had come to attend his own funeral, but now, a few lousy CDs have intrigued him so much. However, his present appearance, eyes curved with a smile, red lips cracked into a beautiful arc, all pure and innocent, hidden underneath a facade of stubbornness and pride, actually spread a sense of excitement and happiness in the air throughout the room.

“You’re better off the way you are now!” Seeing him in great excitement, I could not resist the urge to tease him, “It’s much cuter than when you’re drunk and smelling of alcohol!”

“Yeah!” He was so excited that he likely did not even hear what I said. Had I asked: “I’m going to drag you out on the street and sell you off now, okay?” He would just nod his head and say, “Yeah!”

“There’s a big drawer next to the speakers, go open it!” Infected by his enthusiasm, I felt the desire to turn up that excitement by another notch and voluntarily gestured over towards the speaker.

“What is it?” He lovingly put down the CD in his hand and shifted towards the direction I pointed, and after a brief silence of about three seconds, he screamed in astonishment as I predicted: “You’re not a CD pirate, are you, Qin Lang? So many? And almost all of them are not commercially available?”

“These are just part of my private stash!” I was laughing at how his little mouth had been unable to close from excitement, “If you like it, pick a couple and take it back with you to listen to! Just don’t ever claim that I don’t understand what you’re singing!”

“Oh!” He laughed out with a slight blush of shame, “I was intentionally antagonizing you at that time, why do you still keep it to heart!”

“Take your time choosing!” I nodded at him and started applying the salve to the wound on my shoulder. Damn, this is tricky, struggling to see and feeling my way around it slowly. A little carelessness or a slight use of too much force can cause my entire face and eyebrows to scrunch up in pain.

“Qin Lang, how about these two ……” He was in the midst of picking through the CDs, when he turned around in time to witness the pitiful expression on my face.

“Does it hurt a lot?” He finally put down the CD in his hands and strode over.

No, it doesn’t hurt, in fact it feels freaking great! As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind taking a few more hits – I thought bitterly in my heart. I gave him a blank stare, grudgingly complaining under my breath and wondering what sort of intelligent being would ask an idiotic question such as this.

“Come ….. I’ll apply it on for you!” Looking at my struggles, he picked up a cotton swab.

“Finally your conscience is pricking at you!” I thought to myself as a sudden elation overtake me at hearing his offer. I patted the area next to me on the bed: “Come and sit here then!”

He carefully applied the lotion onto a cotton ball, a little clumsily, but with an expression full of concentration.

“Here? Is it?” He blew gently into the wound first, with a look like he was soothing a little puppy.

“Just hurry up and apply it on, it’s ticklish!” His seriousness made me feel all weird inside, and in order to suppress some unknown impulse that is suddenly overcoming me, I whispered urgingly.

“Oh!” He was still being very careful, not noticing my anomaly in the slightest.

As he applied the medicine with such intense concentration, his young body leaned close, his arm bare from his rolled up sleeves was resting right on my equally bare chest. His dry, soft hair swept into my face from time to time, emanating a distinctive clean smell of youth, gently assaulting my senses. I felt my skin tightened and heat up.

“Hey!” I could not help but whisper to him, gazing at the youthful, handsome and slightly childish side of his face.

“Yeah?” He replied perfunctorily and continued to apply the medicine to my wound. Not hearing a response from me, he looked up curiously, “What’s the matter?”

I did not say a word, instead I continued looking straight at him. He turned suddenly and the abrupt movement caused the cotton ball in his hand to rub roughly over the wound.

“Ah! It hurts!” I squint my eyes and called out, “Do you even know how to do this? You’re so clumsy!”

“Do it yourself if you think I’m incapable!” Not sure if he was annoyed or just trying to escape the embarrassment of what he’d just done, he threw away the cotton ball in his hand and smoothly tried to push me away.

“Hey! Be careful, brat!” Afraid that he would hurt me even more by pushing straight into my wound, I quickly shifted to the side. He saw me slump and reached out to pull me, but he did not expect me to trip over the edge of the bed, and his body came crashing down onto mine.

“Ah!” I met out a startling wail. Even though my bed was soft, it was groaning from the combined weight of two persons. He tried to get up but his hands were pressing on my wounds, and I grunted in so much pain that I did not even have the strength to moan.

“Are you …… are you okay?” He froze himself in the same position, afraid that any further movements would aggravate the situation, so he laid quietly on top of me.

“I’m still alive!” I let out a deep breath and pulled my crushed hand out from under his body.

Not even sure whether my own words were said out of jest or sarcasm but he did not say anymore, and the room became so quiet that both our heartbeats were audible. With his face buried under my neck, his warm breath stirred my pulse, and I could hear him swallowing his saliva with a slight uneasiness.

“Yi Chen ……“ I called his name softly and placed my hand tentatively on his waist. He shivered a little and his body curled up. I slowly lifted his t-shirt and caressed his lean back.

“En ……” he mumbled something through his nose like a confused little animal, like he was caught up in some emotion he never felt before.

Silly boy, just this innocent level of physical contact had already overwhelmed him. His passive and jerky reaction seemed to suggest that he had never had the experience of being touched and caressed before. Something akin to being moved by this realization began to stir in my heart, and I gently tilted his head over.

His ebony pupils are deep and shining, hiding an unknown panic, but inescapably obvious under my scrutiny. His eyelashes quivered, all the usual toughness and stubbornness disappeared under the unexpected tension, and all that remained is a piece of pure and true simplicity.

As if seduced by his innocence, I could not help but gently lean in and gently brush my lips over his slightly dry lips. His childlike expression appeared to be captured in perpetuity as he instinctively closed his eyes out of excitement and nervousness. Please, can my heartbeat stop being so loud? It’s so humiliating! Kissing a girl is as quick and easy as having a fast food meal, but why am I acting like this right now? Luckily Yi Chen’s eyes were also closed tightly, and he could not see my face which was also burning up.

It is a completely different feeling than the sweetness of kissing a girl. Even if it was only a quick brush of the lips, it was a clean and sunny scent of a teenager. Seeing that he had not returned to his senses, I could not help but stick out the tip of my tongue and lick it over his, tracing the shape of his thin, stubborn lips.

He could not suppress a whispered moan and tugged at his own hands, not knowing what to do.

Such an innocent and pure reaction set off the gentlest ache in my heart, but it also made me even hotter. The hand that had been caressing his spine crept up to his chest and cupped the two pointed tips on his chest, before he let out a moan, I kissed him deeper, sealing his voice. His innocent tongue was unguarded and I caught him instantly, and he responded with a small, unconscious moan to such an intimate entanglement.

Unaware how much time lapsed as I drowned in this unprecedented experience. He suddenly, as if realizing something, pushed me away and stood up in a panic, panting heavily.

Idiot, could it be he was so nervous that he forgot to breathe during the kiss? Or was this simply his first experience? Seeing the way his hair was in disarray, the way he was greedily breathing in air, and the few silver linings on his lips, I could not help but chuckle out softly and quietly lick my own lips, relishing the taste of the kiss.

“What are you staring at?” Seeing his expression gradually turning angry, looking like he was ready to pounce on someone, I quickly turned against him and looked at him askance, “You looked so intoxicated earlier that I thought you’d like it.”

He opened his lips, but did not say a word. Somewhat exasperatedly, he picked up the baseball cap that had fallen off from his head earlier and bellowed a hateful: “I’m out of here!”

“Not staying for a while longer?” I smiled and waved my hand, “I won’t see you off then, come visit again sometime!”

He breathed heavily, opened the door with a jolt, and was about to slam the door when I called out, “Hey! I forgot to tell you!”

Barely able to stay still for a minute longer, he turned his head and asked grudgingly, “What is it!”

“I wanted to tell you that it tastes good, it’s quite delicious!” As I nibbled on the apple he brought over, I stared purposefully at his lips that I had kissed until they were swollen and smiled pointedly, my meaning more than obvious.

“Bastard!” He blushed even harder, probably going mad with my teasing, slammed the door and streaked out.

“Hahaha!” I lay my body down on the bed and laughed out loud. The messy sheets retain the kind of sunshine flavor that Yi Chen left behind. I leaned my face against it and gently rubbed against it, a faint tenderness seeping up from the bottom of my heart.

In a good mood, I continued to lie in bed with my eyes open, my mind clouding over, and then I climbed up and pulled open a drawer to put a CD on. Only when it played did I realize that I picked MR. Birdcage.

In the evening at about eight, Shen Chao’s call came: “Qin Lang are you still alive, if you have nothing much to do, you should come on over, a friend came with a brand new album, it should be very good.”

In my current state of being wrapped up like a rice dumpling, I cannot go out to meet pretty chicks anyway. After a few phone calls made to those spoiled and whiny chicks to keep them pacified for a while, I shakily crawled my way to Shen Chao’s bar.

“One whole night has past with you giggling to yourself for no apparent reason, are you sure you took the right medication this morning?” Shen Chao reached over and prodded my forehead, “No fever, huh?”

“Fuck you, you’re the one with the fever!” I slapped his hand away, I’m just in a good mood today!”

“There’s no need to smile like a fool even if you’re in a good mood!” Shen Chao smiled as if he understood: “Did you do something bad again? Hmmm…”

“Hmmm, No?” I could not help but laugh: “I just taught a little bit of a lesson to the guy surnamed Cheng, the one who got drunk in the bar, the one you met!”

“That Cheng Yi Chen, right?” An eye glared over at me, “You’ve gone too far this time, there’s a limit in fooling around with people!”

Huh? Did I hear that right? He’s teaching me moderation? I have not even told you what’s going on, and you’re condemning me? Shen Chao, when did he become so righteous? And unpredictable?

“I’m the one who’s wrong? Aren’t all these taught by you, brother?” I picked up the bottle disdainfully.

“How dare you accuse me of misleading you?” He violently snatched back my bottle and exclaimed indignantly, “That ring was never returned, was it? I told you you had an axe to grind! I don’t know what you’re up to, and I can’t tell him you have it. I felt so sorry for him seeing him pitifully crawling on the floor searching for it and looking like he is just about to cry out.”

Huh? The ring? Oops, I really forgot about that.

Yesterday I was given a random punch by him, so naturally I did not have the chance to take it out while I was stewing with anger. And today, he was so eager to escape from that situation that he even forgot to take away the CDs that he chose, how would he even remember any rings.

“Hehehe!” I accosted him and pulled out the ring on the way out, “I carry it with me in case I find the chance to return it to him. Didn’t you say he’s been around for two days? Just give it back to him later!”

“Watch out, if he finds out you’ve been hiding it for so long he might just cut you in half!”

“No no no!” The way he was blushing so furiously under my kiss today, I just need to ‘remind’ him a little so he would not be so arrogant.

“Go out and have a look, he is probably still out there! Don’t make him mad again!”

I slowly grind out of Shen Chao’s office, veering towards the corner where there was a hazy and thin figure of a young teenager, clearly that of Cheng Yi Chen under the dim lights.

“I see you again so soon? Did you come for a drink?” I wanted to ridicule him with a couple of sentences, but the thought of the touch of his lips earlier and that heart rushing moment, I actually had to choke back two breaths caught in my throat.

When he heard me call him, he raised his head looking strangely dazed. There are faint water stains on his cheeks, and it actually looked like he had just cried.

Besides the last time he was drunk, when have I ever seen him show such real weakness? Shocked at his uncharacteristic demeanor, I quickly took out the ring in an attempt to rectify my mistake: “Are you looking for this? Here, take it back!”

No sooner had the ring been pulled out, then, he lunged straight at me and snatched it up in his hand. The rapid movement even made a few marks on my hands from his nails. Looking at his hands again, they were black, and I wondered how long he had been groping on the ground.

“Are you okay…” The expression of his face, filled with anxiety, is making me equally anxious, “I was going to give it back to you the last time I saw you…… and as you know, you retaliated so violently and then you clean forgotten all of it, didn’t you?”

“Thank you!” He stared at the ring in a daze, his mind obviously full of thoughts, and then, as if suddenly remembering my existence, he found his tongue and expressed an extraordinarily raw words of gratitude: “I’ve been looking for this for a long time, it’s extremely important to me!”

“ No need for thanks, and you’re welcome.” I was stunned. Why had this guy suddenly become refined and humble? It was really uncomfortable.

He barely smiled, and as if he had exhausted his strength, he sank into the sofa chair with his fingers rubbing the ring relentlessly, and visible tears fell not quite subtlety down in silence.

He’s crying? Again? What’s gotten into him? I am glad I did not tell Shen Chao what happened earlier in the day, otherwise seeing this scene of heartbreak displayed right in front of him, is going to make him and anyone think that I actually raped him.

This situation is way too odd, to say the least. During the day, he is the epitome of life, kicking and cursing at anyone he deems fit, while displaying a shy yet fresh demeanor, so how is it at night he can actually cry more miserably than a girl.

My God, could it be that Shen Chao was actually right, this is the legendary so-called schizophrenia!

I immediately shivered at this revelation and peeked over at him. I felt a surge of relief as I watched him pull out a piece of tissue and wiped his eyes, it appears that this horrific cry of agony was coming to an end.

“You …… this ……” I leaned in and took a glance at the ring, stuck for words, “Did your lover give this to you?”

“Yes.” After a long moment of silence, he looked up at me with a damp moisture in his tone.

“There’s no need to be sad, there’s grass everywhere and anywhere on this earth, so why love a flower unrequitedly? Look you’re crying so hard and she doesn’t even know, if it’s really impossible, you might as well be happy and get another one……” I peeked at his face while babbling these nonsense, and it was clear as day that his heart was getting choked up. Damn it, who the hell is the bitch that did this to him? Didn’t Su Xiao Lu say that this guy is too stubborn to be a stickler for girls? So what sad and sobbing tale of love lies behind this barrage of tears?

“Thank you!” It seems that my words actually worked, as he thanked me for the second time tonight, and the gratitude in his eyes was quite sincere!

“It’s okay, it’s okay, just be happy!” Seeing that he had finally stopped crying, I shushed him in great relief.

“Qin Lang, is your friend okay?” As we were talking, Shen Chao came over with a fruit platter, seemingly afraid that I would not be able to set things right, and came over to smooth things over.

“It’s fine, what could be wrong with Yi Chen!” I smiled and patted him on the shoulder. He flinched hesitantly, looking at me with some confusion, as if he felt a little weird the moment he heard me say his name .

“My name is Shen Chao, I’m the owner of this shop, if you encounter any trouble here in the future, just come to me, Qin Lang’s friend is my friend!” Shen Chao smiled and held out his hand.

“Thank you!” Yi Chen seemed to hesitate for a moment, before asking, “The last time I was here and got drunk and in trouble, you were the guys who helped me out, right?”

Shen Chao looked at me strangely, I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders – what is this kid playing at? Now you are finally asking? If this body filled with injuries and wounds are not because of protecting you, don’t tell me I did it to myself? And the punch you threw after that for no apparent reason, are you trying to deny it all?

“That’s mainly thanks to Qin Lang, I was mostly a spectator!” Shen Chao shrugged his shoulders at me and waved his hand, which essentially means – you can keep this weirdo for yourself to handle, I shall not be accompanying you.

“Qin …… Qin Lang!” He stammered my name a little, like he was not used to calling me directly by name, completely different from the way he called me during the day like he was calling his own pet dog. The style of dignified speech is simply too contrasting: “I can’t thank you enough for the two times you’ve helped me, especially today, you helped me retrieve this ring ……”

“Alright, alright, if you really feel it’s a great favor, then just keep the gratitude in your heart!” Seeing that he is still on a thanking binge, my head was gradually getting dizzy.

My initial desire to give this kid a couple of kicks to remind him that I am still his senior and that he needs to respect me, is now replaced with such a mouthful of polite language, that made me even more dizzy: “Honestly even if you feel compelled to keep thanking me, I will not ask you to give yourself to me in return, please! Let’s just have a drink!”

I spoke without taking any pauses in between for a break, and it startled him, and after a moment he unfolded his lips and smiled very gently.

If it was a woman in front of me, I would immediately show off by reciting a proverb about pearly whites. However, it is a man in front of me now, and although that smile with tears in it is also darn alluring, I can only pretend to have no interest in appreciating it. I’m used to seeing his unbridled pride and even his smile, but I never thought he would be so gentle and bashful. This guy is really fickle. Or perhaps love is a thing that molds ones personality, and falling out of love would surely make a huge difference in ones behavior.

He ordered two cocktails and drank them quietly, occasionally listening to what I asked before chatting succinctly. I really want to know what is the story behind what went on with that bitch that made him so sad, but I am afraid of triggering something that looked to almost push him to a point of a mental breakdown. I did not expect to see a side of this kid to be so warm and decent, and I continued watching him with a little bewilderment.

“Qin Lang, you have accompanied me for so long and said so much, I feel so much more comfortable!” After the drink he picked up his jacket and appeared to be ready to leave.

“Are you okay with all that drinking? Do you want me to drive you?” Seeing him wobble, I couldn’t help but reach out and give him a hand.

“No!” He shook his head gently but did not attempt to shake off the support I gave him, “Go stay with your friend, I’ll just walk by myself.”

“Then be careful!” Since he said so himself, I was not going to persuade him. Moreover, the fact that he is being spawned by love had me plunged into a ridiculous mood of inexplicable fire, and I ended up taking it all out on Shen Chao.

“What? He’s gone?” Discerning the look on my face, Shen Chao knew nothing good was going on, and dodged a safe distance away, but that did not keep his mouth from being idle: “Were I not right? He’s a classic case of a schizophrenic, added with amnesia! Dude, all that stuff you did for him seemed to have drifted away from his memory. I don’t think he even remembers it.”

“Nobody would think you are dumb even if you aren’t talking so much!” I did not even know why I am directing my frustration on Shen Chao, as if a night of being depressed by Yi Chen’s alienated personality need to be vented out no matter what.

Shen Chao was startled by my seemingly overreaction and did not speak again.

“I’m sorry, man, I’ve been drinking too much and I’m a little tired!” After an interval, I apologized softly in the direction of Shen Chao. He turned his head with his mouth still gaped open, and nodded at me with a measure of tolerance.

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